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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: jmpatel1983

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Oral presentation preparation for seminar or project Prepared By: Dr.Jaydeep Patel, Lecturer, B.K.Mody Govt. Pharmacy college, Rajkot : Oral presentation preparation for seminar or project Prepared By: Dr.Jaydeep Patel, Lecturer, B.K.Mody Govt. Pharmacy college, Rajkot PowerPoint Presentation: Seminar is a small group meeting called to strengthen and clarify existing knowledge. SEMINAR Seminar cont..: Seminar cont.. Participating students prepare the content from the teachers lectures as well as from other sources-journals, internet, reference books, magazines,etc . The content is delivered before the class. The student and teachers raise issues and for further clarification Seminar cont…: Seminar cont… Strengths- Students learn to independently. Students seek clarification and reinforcement of knowledge. Students develop communication abilities. Weakness- Not suited to new topics All topics cannot be covered if time constraints PROJECT: PROJECT Significant practical activity having a educational value and aimed at one or more definite goals of understanding, involves investigations, solutions, problems, manipulation of physical materials, planned and carried out to completion by students and teacher in natural real life manner. Project Cont…: Project Cont… Strength- Freedom to choose and work Provide challenges leading to creativity Encourages sytematic planning and designing for a solution. Weeknesses- Improper planning and implantation may cause deviation Needs resources and time for student Too much ambitiousness may results in to incomplete project. PPP design procedure: PPP design procedure Select Contents for preparation of PPP Write objectives to be acheived Prepare storyboard Select and edit visuals for PPP Validate story board Prepare Powerpoint Story boards: Story boards Story boards contain sequence of slides containing Introduction,development,principle or mechanism,construction,Procedure, working,Applications,Category,Use, Result and conclusions etc … Story board: Story board Prepare on paper as part of planning Incorporates text graphics visuals animation video for each slide and hyper linking of slides PowerPoint Presentation: Rough visuals or text or chart or table animation(File name) or video description etc…. Backward hyper link to slide no:… Forward hyper link to slide no….. References—Source of visuals/text animation/video/file/website address etc..Instruction to graphic designer/background/font etc Slide No…. Design Guidelines: Design Guidelines Three Components Content Design Delivery CONTENT: CONTENT When writing your content decide on two or three main points and make sure that everything else that you write leads to those points. Make your content logical, simple and clear. Figure out what your audience needs and wants to know and tailor your content for the audience… DESIGN: DESIGN Regarding design your number one is concern legibility Don’t put too much text on slide and keep it large enough to read easily. Design cont..: Design cont.. Text must be legible and clear This is 20 point text. This is 28 point text. This is 32 point text. This is 36 point text. This is 44 point text. This is 48 point text. This is 60 point text. Minimum Text height Design cont…: Design cont… ‘Follow 6 BY 7 Rule’ Limit your self to six lines of text per slide and no more than 7 words per line Design cont…: Design cont… To emphasize a point use bold fonts,a different color for the font,italicize the text or underline it… Sometimes all four could be combined Color can be a powerful tool use it moderately Design cont…: Design cont… Use dramatic letters to emphasize content Tensile strength Compression Design cont…: Design cont… The text color should contrast highly with background color Avoid Red text on Blue background Blue text On Black background Green text on Red background Design cont…: Design cont… Image should work to clarify the text Use visuals to supplements your content Avoid using unnecessary visuals Slide should be as visual as possible PowerPoint Presentation: ARRANGEMENTS The visual/graphical or verbal elements of the slide should be arranged in a pattern that captures viewers attention and directs it towards the relavant details Pattern similar to alphabets C O S Z L AND T PowerPoint Presentation: Horizontal line helps in moving eye from left to right matching direction of reading. Design cont…: Design cont… Use hyperlink for effective nevigation To enables you to jump other slide quickely To switch to another presentation To open another file such as word document or excel spreadsheet To display webpage To open an email to someone Design cont….: Design cont…. Use animation in PPP Animation could be used to abstract concept or a process which can not be seen from outside. Animation created in adobe flash proffessional could be inserted in to powerpoint slide Such animation displayed in loop Design cont..: Design cont.. Custom animation in PPP Group text box.shapes,arrows toghether to display in steps or one by one Do not animate slide title Do not attach unneccessary sounds Before using in to a class,ensure that animation is running properly… DELIVERY: DELIVERY Don’t forget winning delivery Engaging your audience with eye contact and your overall energy is important Know your important points and emphasize them with your voice and amount of time you spend on them Delivery cont…: Delivery cont… Two’s a Party;three’s a crowd If you just read your slides,you are putting power point between you and the audience and they will resend it. Instead use the slides only as supports for your presentation Delivery cont…: Delivery cont… Use tell ‘n’ show slide Design instead of Show ‘n’ tell PowerPoint Presentation: Making a presentation is an art and We all can do that! Thank you

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