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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: magician10k

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Personal Information Name: Alaa Hamwi Age: 14 years old. Sex: Male Address: Jeddah, SA Ph.No. : Occupation: intermediate School Student.

Chief Complaint: Feel pain in my mouth History of Chief complaint: Last week

Past Medical History and Drug History: C.V.S: No R.S: No G.I: No Diabetes: No Bleeding disorders: No Medication: No Allergies: No

Past Dental History: Routine check up only

Family History: Patients family have no significant illness. Social / Personal History: Patient is in elementary school. He brushes his teeth twice daily.

General Examination: Vital Signs: Pulse: Normal Blood Pressure: Normal Respiratory Rate: Normal

Extra-oral Examination: Head: NAD Face: NAD Eyes: NAD Nose: NAD Ears: NAD TMJ and Muscles of Mastication: NAD Lymph nodes: NAD

Intraoral Examination: Soft Tissue Examination:

Labial and Buccal Mucosa: NAD Oro-pharynx: NAD Labial and Buccal sulcus: white lesion Salivary flow: NAD Dorsal and Ventral surface of Tongue: NAD Hard and Soft Palate: NAD Salivary gland duct orifice: NAD

Provisional Diagnosis:  Aphthous Ulcer Differential Diagnosis: Aphthous Ulcer Traumatic Ulcer Radiation Ulcer Chemical Ulcer

Investigations:  Iron/folate/Vitamin B12 levels  Anti-nuclear antibody titer to screen for systemic illnesses.  Biopsy. Final Diagnosis:  Recurrent Aphthous Ulcer.

Treatment Plan: ● Avoid spicy and sour food till heal ● Drink plenty of fluids ● ● Regularly rinse your mouth with warm slightly salted water Keep your mouth clean

Treatment Plan: ● Pain killer as paracetamol ● Apply antiseptic get to the ulcer ● Medicated mouth wash

Emad Kanjo 0913356

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