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Published on October 8, 2009

Author: felipecerda


P2JW281060-4-A00100-1001FF7FFFF 10/08/2009 AZ,EE,MW,NY,SC,SW,WE **** C M Y K Composite BG,BM,CH,CK,CT,DA,DE,DM,DN,DR,FW,HL,HW,LA,LG,LK,NA,NM,OR,PA,RI,RO,SB,SH,TD,TU,UT,WO P2JW281060-4-A00100-1001FF7FFFF * * * * T H U R S DAY, O C T O B E R 8 , 2 0 0 9 ~ VO L . C C L I V N O. 8 4 HHHH $2.00 DJIA 9725.58 t 5.67 –0.1% NASDAQ 2110.33 s 0.3% NIKKEI 9799.60 s 1.1% DJ STOXX 50 2424.84 t 0.5% 10-YR TREAS s 20/32, yield 3.175% OIL $69.57 t $1.31 GOLD $1,043.30 s $4.70 EURO $1.4680 YEN 88.64 Offshoring Your Pregnancy In the U.S., the cost of conceiving a New Math Boosts Health Plan child with a Budget Office Says Senate Bill Will Trim Deficit; Democrats Still Split on Key Details surrogate can be By Janet Adamy dents, up from about 83% cur- shifted their focus to what the daunting. And Jonathan Weisman rently. The bill will cut the defi- bill will look like rather than Take Two cit by $81 billion over the 10-year questioning whether a measure Estimates of the Senate Finance Increasingly, The latest Senate health bill period, owing to trims in Medi- can succeed. Committee health-care bill hopeful parents are will cost $829 billion over a de- care spending and new taxes. But plenty of potential pit- Clare Arni The widely awaited report falls remain. Democrats are still PREVIOUS REVISED cade and slightly reduce the fed- heading to India. D1 eral budget deficit, congres- paves the way for the Senate Fi- divided over core elements, in- 10-year $774 $829 sional budget crunchers said nance Committee to approve its cluding whether to create a pub- cost billion billion Wednesday, marking a major bill in the next few days. lic health insurance plan and step forward for Democrats’ After appearing in peril in Au- how to pay for the overhaul. The Percent insured* 94% 94% plans to overhaul American gust, the health-care overhaul hospital industry, a key ally, says What’s News– health care. The nonpartisan Congres- sional Budget Office found the sweeping measure will cover has cleared a series of hurdles in recent weeks that have given Democrats increased confidence they will pass a bill. Lobbyists on Please turn to page A4 n Measuring the economic impact Effect on deficit *By 2019 $49B lower Source: Congressional Budget Office $81B lower i i i i i i 94% of nonelderly legal U.S. resi- both sides of the issue have of health care .................................A2 7 Business&Finance World-Wide 7 T he Justice Department is investigating allega- tions that IBM has monopo- n Democrat leaders pressed for stimulus extensions. Amid concern that the econ- ‘The Trials They Will Hurl at Me Are Real Farces’ Drought lized the mainframe computer omy isn’t creating jobs, Pelosi market, broadening an ag- gressive government search and Reid went to the White House to lobby for an exten- Of Credit for anticompetitive behavior sion of a tax credit for first- in the technology industry. B1 n The EU signaled that it time homebuyers and for tax credits for employers who hire Hampers would accept a settlement pro- new workers. A push toward a posal by Microsoft and wrap up its antitrust case against new jobs bill could open Demo- crats to GOP charges the stimu- Recovery the company by year end. B9 lus package isn’t working. A4 The CBO estimated the fiscal A year after the U.S. econ- n Alcoa reported a third- 2009 federal deficit at $1.4 tril- omy was brought to its knees by quarter profit, buoyed by lion, the largest as a percent- the bursting of the housing bub- cost-cutting efforts and glim- age of GDP since World War II. ble, credit for consumers is still mers of increasing demand being aggressively ratcheted for aluminum. The results re- n Gates forwarded a request back. versed a string of losses. B1 for more troops in Afghani- stan to Obama amid increas- n Stocks ended little changed By Tom Lauricella, ing skepticism over the war as investors paused after two Jason Zweig and on its eighth anniversary. A8 days of gains. The Dow Jones Conor Dougherty industrials slipped 5.67 n The U.S. is asking Iran to im- points, or 0.1%, to 9725.58. C1 mediately free two jailed for- Total consumer credit out- eign nationals, even as Washing- standing, which includes every- n An outside review of Citi- ton pursues nuclear talks. A12 thing from credit-card debt to group’s management team n Iran accused the U.S. of a loans for recreational vehicles, gave strong overall marks but role in the disappearance of fell $12 billion in August, or at a said some shuffling of senior one of its nuclear scientists 5.8% seasonally adjusted annual executives might be needed. C1 during a Saudi pilgrimage. rate, the Federal Reserve re- n Latvia’s woes prompted ported Wednesday.It was thesev- Agence France-Presse/Getty Images n A Nobel Prize in chemistry currencies to fall against the enth straight month of declines, was awarded to two Ameri- euro, as revised GDP mea- the longest stretch since 1991. cans and an Israeli for ribo- sures indicated economic fra- Thedrop is a stark demonstra- some research being used to gility throughout Europe. A9 tion of how banks and other lend- develop new antibiotics. A5 ers are scaling back, owing to n ConocoPhillips will slash n The Senate health bill will their own exposure to the strug- spending and sell about $10 cost $829 billion over a decade gling real-estate market. But it billion worth of assets as it and slightly reduce the bud- also reflects a reluctance by scales back operations in the get deficit, the CBO found. A1 Americans to hold big loads of face of weak demand. B4 DEFIANT ONE: Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, walking to a meeting in Rome, denounced a court ruling that debt at a time when the job mar- n An Italian court struck n GM is falling short on sev- will likely require him to stand trial on corruption charges. ‘Long live Italy!’ he said. ‘Long live Berlusconi!’ A10 ket remains in bad shape and the down an immunity law protect- eral goals it plans to meet by value of their homes has fallen. ing Berlusconi, likely restart- year end, including worker Revolving credit, consisting ing two corruption trials. A10 reductions and the sale of fail- mostly of credit-card charges, ing brands, its CEO said. B2 n BlackRock is a contender for the prestigious job of help- n The Supreme Court seemed inclined to permit a cross to re- main standing in California’s GOP Faces Multiple Hurdles fell at a 13% annual rate, the Fed said. Nonrevolving credit, which includes auto loans, slid Mojave National Preserve. A5 by $2.1 billion, or at a 1.6% an- ing state regulators size up risk in insurers’ investments. C1 n Two federal regulators n Democrats defeated a GOP effort to remove Rangel from the House tax-writing panel As It Aims for a 1994 Replay nual rate. That was smaller than the previous months’ declines, but it came in a month when the Please turn to page A6 criticized parts of Rep. Bar- over alleged ethical issues. A5 ney Frank’s proposal to over- By Gerald F. Seib that a new president’s party al- and Democrats lost 22 of those haul financial regulation. C3 n Aid workers delivered food most always loses seats in the spots. Incumbentsstand afar bet- and water for the first time to A big question hangs over first election after he takes office, terchanceofhangingonin apolit- n Getting a look at your credit n The Commerce Department Indonesian villages cut off by American politics: Could next and leaders of both parties now ical storm than do newcomers. In score, for free ..................................D1 began an investigation into quake-triggered landslides. year be 1994 all over again? agree Democratic losses appear addition,Mr.Obama, forall hisre- whether to impose antidump- That was the year a bitter de- inevitable in the 2010 congres- cent troubles, hasn’t slumped in ing duties on imports of some n The USOC’s chief said she bateoverhealthcareledtoadisas- sional election. Even some high- popularity as far as President Bill Cutting Debt steel pipes from China. A6 will step down in the wake of trous congressional election for profile Democrats, such asSenate Clinton did then, at least so far. n Canada launched a dispute- Chicago’s defeat in the contest Total consumer credit Democrats, in which they lost 54 Majority Leader Harry Reid and And while Democrats’ fund-rais- settlement process at the to host the 2016 Olympics. A3 outstanding, change from House and 10 Senate seats and Banking Committee Chairman ing lead has slipped in recent WTO over the U.S.’s country- a year earlier n Diplomats from nations ceded control of both chambers Christopher Dodd, face tough weeks, they have built up an ad- of-origin labeling law. A9 across the Americas told Hon- to the Republicans. fights. vantage in campaign cash. $150 billion n Gianni Versace has closed duras’s government to rein- Things have started to look The election is still a year Perhaps as important, Demo- its boutiques in Japan, a sign state ousted President Zelaya. similar under Democratic Presi- away and pressing issues such as cratic leaders have warned law- 100 of how one big luxury market dent Barack Obama. His poll rat- the health overhaul, the lagging makers earlier this time to start n A Justice Department poll 50 is starting to lose its luster ings slipped through the summer economy and the future of the Af- preparing for a tough fight; in found that most children in with some luxury brands. B1 months, his party was damaged ghan war could tip the balance. 1994, by contrast, even some 0 the U.S. are exposed to vio- n U.S. retail-vacancy rates by a bruising health-care debate, Yet, there are some little-under- prominentDemocratsdidn’t real- lence in their daily lives. hit a multiyear high in the third and the latest Wall Street Jour- stood forces that suggest a full re- ize until late in the game that they –50 quarter, adding to pressure n Three earthquakes rocked nal/NBC News poll shows the job- peat of 1994 is unlikely. were in trouble. on shopping-mall owners. A2 the South Pacific, generating approval rating for the Demo- For the moment, all but nine No one has less room for com- –100 a small tsunami. There were cratic-controlled Congress has House Democrats have said they placencythanthe49HouseDemo- –150 n The head of the FCC said no reports of damage. A12 slumped to 22%—almost pre- are defending their seats, far crats who won their seats in 2008 2007 ’08 ’09 the agency is looking for cisely where it was at this time in more than in the 1994 cycle, when in districts carried by Republican ways to make more airwaves n The EPA is launching a Note: Seasonally adjusted the 1994 election cycle. 29 incumbent House members in presidential nominee Sen. John Source: Federal Reserve available for next-generation probe into whether the Combine that with the fact the party vacated their seats— Please turn to page A14 wireless networks. A6 herbicide atrazine causes cancer and birth defects. A5 n Dell is planning to intro- duce a smart phone using n Guinea’s opposition de- There Once Was a Football Game Sun Runs Oracle Google software on the manded the country’s military AT&T cellular network. B9 leader step down before it will n Amazon trimmed $40 off hold talks with the junta. A12 With Nantucket... Twice as Fast i i i the price of its Kindle e-reader n Died: Irving Penn, 92, fash- and introduced a version of ion, celebrity and still-life the device with international photographer, in New York. Island and Rival Martha’s Vineyard Won’t Play wireless service. B9 7 This Year, Putting Tradition’s Future in Doubt 7 as IBM’s Fastest Computer Vital Signs By Jason Gay Average annual spending n Americans are still NANTUCKET, Mass.—For Win Toys, hobbies, etc. spending on their kids. the first time in nearly half a cen- Clothing for children under 2 Even during the worst re- tury, Nantucket and Martha’s cession in decades, U.S. fam- Vineyard won’t play each other $600 ilies spent the same amount of money on cloth- in football this fall. One of the fiercest and most idiosyncratic rated the route from the ferry dock to the gridiron in either $10 Million ing for young children last high-school rivalries in America Vineyard purple or Nantucket 400 year, despite cutting way is suspended because of hard Whalers navy and white. When If your database application back on overall apparel times, missed signals and the en- the Vineyard won, firetrucks does not run twice as fast on spending. In 2008, families croachment of other sports, would loudly greet the ferry on SUN hardware. IBM, you’re 200 also shelled out $144 more with no firm plan to resume. its return, their lights swirling welcome to enter. per household on extras “It doesn’t feel right,” said and horns blazing. The contest 0 such as toys and play- has been chronicled in the pages 16-year-old DuVaughn Beck- ’00 ’02 ’04 ’06 ’08 ground equipment, as com- ford, Nantucket’s starting run- of the New Yorker and Sports Il- pared with 2007. ning back. “Regardless of lustrated. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics whether we won or lost, it was “We don’t have a lot of tradi- Follow the news all day at the game we looked forward to.” tions left,” said Michael McCar- The two Massachusetts is- thy, a guidance counselor at the CONTENTS Opinion ..................A15-17 lands have played each other in Vineyard's high school and > Currents .......................A13 Sports ...............................D8 former assistant football coach football at least once a season Health & Family .......D4 Stocks in the News ..C6 Heard on the Street ..C10 Style ..................................D6 since 1960. Opposing fans trav- who has played Nantucket and See website for details and official rules: Award for first Leisure & Arts ...........D7 Technology ....................B9 eled to the host island on a char- also watched his sons play the eligible, successful applicant only. Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. Offer expires January 1, 2010. Media & Marketing ...B5 Weather Watch .....B10 tered ferry, disgorging passen- Whalers. “This game wasn’t for Personal Finance ......D2 World News .........A8-12 gers at the terminal like spirited the tourists. It was for island Copyright © 2009, Oracle. All rights reserved. s Copyright 2009 Dow Jones & Company. All Rights Reserved invaders. Cheerleaders deco- Please turn to page A14 Composite CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW BLACK P2JW281060-4-A00100-1001FF7FFFF 6803066

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