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Published on October 8, 2007

Author: Nathaniel

Source: authorstream.com

Optimised PR:  How to harness the power of search engine optimisation and marketing to build better relationships with your online audience whilst protecting and enhancing brand integrity and assets Nicholine Hayward Marketing Director Optimised PR Why am I here?:  Why am I here? Search engine optimisation and marketing specialists Developed search engine friendly newsfeed Traffic to our web site doubled The penny dropped Just as many people want news as services Your web site is your voice online as well as your shop Search is the key to making yourself heard Visibility = Audibility:  Visibility = Audibility Search engine users associate the top positions with the leading brands So what does your visibility say about you? Can you be found for your name, brands, products, straplines or associated issues? If you can’t, who can? Bloggers? Competitors? News sites? The wrong visibility can seriously damage your credibility ‘But we are Cartier!” Search is the solution:  Search is the solution Optimising for products, services and brands Optimising for relevant issues, events and offline marketing campaigns Using paid-for and natural listings more strategically Making your site visitor, as well as search engine friendly Disseminate news and information online as well as offline Ensure that ‘brand supporters’ have better search engine visibility than ‘brand detractors’ What do they want?:  What do they want? Keyword research: a wealth of intelligence What people want to know, not what you want to tell them Measure awareness and demand Segment and profile your audience Monitor trends and market dynamics Spot new opportunities Assess the competition Develop more effective creative campaigns For example::  For example: 610427 mobile phone  31835 mobile phone deal 24887 free mobile phone 23906 contract mobile phone 23075 nokia mobile phone 18271 mobile phone offer 17814 mobile phone shop 16369 orange mobile phone  15694 new mobile phone  11795 samsung mobile phone 8431 mobile phone insurance Putting search to work:  Putting search to work Making your site search engine friendly Using the paid-for listings to get your message across quickly Integrating with offline marketing activity Giving your site the content that people are looking for Tracking visitor behaviour Making your press releases search engine friendly and distributing them online Implementing and syndicating a newsfeed Creating and optimising a corporate blog Monitoring negative publicity or unauthorised use of brands or trademarks Search engine friendliness:  Search engine friendliness To make sure people can find you when they look It means re-engineering your site’s code and content Or building a campaign or issue-specific micro-site Traffic is free but results can take months Clickthrough rates are higher, but you have less control So SEO is best for a long term visibility strategy Optimising for issues:  Optimising for issues Nobody buys a can of baked beans online But 50% of all searches are non-commercial You can provide advice, information and ideas Build rapport with your online audience Add data to your CRM knowledge base And sell more baked beans For example::  For example: 10348 healthy eating  1453 healthy eating recipe  1148 healthy eating for child  824 healthy eating plan  726 healthy eating for kid  645 healthy eating diet  459 healthy eating tip  385 healthy eating food  295 healthy eating advice Speculative optimisation:  Speculative optimisation Optimising for events that haven’t happened yet For example: ‘Madonna and Guy divorce’ Not many people will be looking yet Add ‘happy’, search engine friendly content If rumours start, searches will increase The official site will have better visibility than gossip sites And better control over Madonna’s PR Tactical Pay Per Click:  Tactical Pay Per Click A sudden event, unexpected crisis or time-sensitive promotion Pay per click gives you flexibility and immediate visibility To get your message or your side of the story across In the very place that people are looking… The search engines Offline integration:  Offline integration Just as your web site is a key channel for your business Your online PR activity is a vital part of your marketing Optimise your site for campaign-specific content And generic search terms To streamline the fulfilment path And boost response rates Either via the organic or paid-for listings Visitor-friendly content:  Visitor-friendly content Give people the content they’re looking for First, find out what your target audience is looking for Next, make sure your site gives it to them Navigation – menu structure Content – product information, FAQs, glossary, About Us, Search engine friendly Press Office Can protect confidential content For example::  For example: 5988 bp 326 bp share price 310 bp business ethics  310 bp petrol station  298 bp route planner  293 bp share 278 bp amoco 246 bp garage 237 bp route finder Search friendly news:  Search friendly news First, find out what kind of news your audience wants Next, establish who would publish or distribute your news Make your press releases search engine friendly Implement a newsfeed on your site Subscribe, syndicate and submit to maximise exposure Track the resulting visibility and traffic Email newsletters:  Email newsletters A quick and easy way to build rapport and gather data Take your news content (i.e. newsfeed) Create a newsletter template Flow the news into the template Email to your database Track the most popular stories Reoptimise your editorial Get into blogging:  Get into blogging Almost any search delivers at least one blog Bloggers enjoy enormous power and visibility Companies are changing their policies Setting up your own blog couldn’t be easier But managing it isn’t quite so simple Make it credible Make it content rich and spiderable Protect against spamming Supporters/detractors:  Supporters/detractors Offline equity doesn’t equal online visibility Offline PR doesn’t guarantee online mindshare Monitor what the Web is saying about you Blogs, forums, news, community sites, competitors Consider a monitoring and reporting service Outmarket, outwit, outweigh Executive Summary:  Executive Summary Search engine marketing can help you optimise your PR, by helping you to: Get your message across to whoever is looking Build better relationships with your online audiences Enjoy better results from your offline campaigns Protect and enhance your brand assets and integrity How can I help you?:  How can I help you? For a free assessment of your site’s search engine and visitor friendliness, visit Stand B20 For a free subscription to our Internet Marketing newsletter, visit www.weboptimiser.com For a quick chat about your Search Engine Marketing, call me on 0207 953 7150 Or email me on nicholine@weboptimiser.com

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