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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: opticsindia

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Optics & Allied Engg. Pvt. Ltd., established in 1985, located at Bangalore, India as one of the leading manufacturers of Polymer Lenses, Light pipes, LCD/LED Backlights , Reflectors, Diffusers and Lenses for LED Lighting both in Glass as well as in Polymer.

1 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

2 One stop solution for Optical Components, Polymer Optics, LED Lighting Lenses, Light pipes, LED Backlights, Technical Plastic Parts ,High precision Moulds, QC inspection Equipment . www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Our Mission …….. 3 Offer total solutions to Existing and Potential customers through Safe and Good manufacturing practices and ensure “Total customer satisfaction” in the areas of, Polymer Optics/Precision optical Components Precision Tools & Moulds. Precision transparent and Engg Plastic Parts Post moulding operations like printing , Laser engraving and Vacuum Metalizing. Assembly of sub systems and Opto Mechanical Parts. www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Our Journey... 4 1985 OPTICS & ALLIED ENGG PVT LTD : incorporated with Glass optical components and Instruments to Aerospace, Defense Establishments. 2001 Diversification to “Polymer Optics” manufacturing for Camera , Sensors & Low Vision Aid lenses. 2003 Expanded precision molding to processing all types of Engineering /Technical plastics. 2004 3 2009 Added Precision TOOL ROOM Facility Started Manufacturing of Led Lenses and Backlight much awaited import substitution for domestic customers. www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

ACHIEVMENTS…. 5 Received “Defense Technology Spin off Award” from Hon’ble Prime Minister during Y-2002 for Manufacturing Polymer Aspheric lenses as LOW VISION AIDS First of its kind in India . •Achieved ISO 9001-2008 certification in Y-2010. •Certified Injection molders by Underwriter’s Laboratories since Y 2005 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Optics Capabilities… 6 Lenses: From 6mm to 300mm Windows: Diameter up to 900mm ,thickness -200mm Filters ( Color Glass) : Schott, Hoya Filter glasses available Prisms: Right Angle, Dove Prism, Retro reflector, Penta Prisms, Equilateral ,wedge Interference Filters: 340nm to 1600nm Bandwidth 6-50nm Dia.10mm to25mm Beam Splitters: Plate as well Cube Beam splitters available T/R 50:50 and 70:30 Plastic lenses: Dia 6mm to 100mm MOQ 5000-10000 Nos Plastic LED Lenses: Dia. 10mm to 40mm Angle up to 60° Plastic Metalized Reflectors : Parabolic and Spherical with Vacuum Metalized Coatings : BBAR, Single & Multi layer , Gold Coating for IR, Mirrors , Dielectric etc Material : BK-7, Fused Silica, Pyrex, Zn Se , Germanium , Si ,Zerodur, Safire etc. Nano Machining for special Application, We can machine the part up to 5 Micron Accuracy and 15nm surface finish. Laser marking on Metal and Plastic will be undertaken as Job Work www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

General Facility……. 7 High Precision optical Polishing machines Centering & Edging Machine for lenses. Vacuum Coating facility to manufacture mirror, filters & ARC Coating and Plastic reflector Metallizing Etc. Assembly area to supply sub assembled parts Plastic Injection Molding Tool Room to manufacture Molds Testing facility: Spectrophotometer, Monochromatic light source, Stain Test, Video Inspection System, Spherometer Profile Projector, Video Measuring System, Digital Micrometer and Verniers, Bevel Protectors, Digital Height Gauge, www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

New Optics Facility…… 8 Zemax…Optical Software. Glass / Prism Cutting Machines. Rough Grinding Machines. Curve Generators. High Speed Lapping and Polishing Machines. Low speed High precision polishing Machines. Auto Centering and edging Machines. Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines. Optical Thin Film/Vacuum Coating Machines. Optical Cementing Equipment. www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Optical Machines…. 9 High Speed Polishing Machines Centering Machine Curve Generator www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Optical Thin Film Coating… 10 Balzer Coating plant Polymer Metalizing Plant www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Optics Testing Equipment… 11 NIKON Auto Collimator www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Optical Testing Equipment….. 12 OPTICAL TEST STATION (OEG Germany) Perkin Elmer Spectro Photometer UV-IR www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Optics Testing Equipment's.. 13 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

LED Lenses Testing Facility .. 14 Goniophotometer Spectrophotocolorimeter with Integrated Sphere www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Large Optics Capability….. 15 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Large Mirror Mounts.. 16 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Optical Components…. 17 Color Glass Filters Prisms Optical Lenses / Achromates Aspheric Lenses Flat Optics Achromatic Lenses www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Optical Instruments… 18 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Polymer Optics… 19 LED lenses , Polymer Optics & LED Backlights www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Light pipes & Polymer lenses… 20 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Precision Molds… 21 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Technical capabilities…. 22 Product Design / GD &T / Mold flow studies and Shrinkage analysis. Suggest / Recommend molding resins / grades / colors/ Sources. Tool Design- Conventional 2/3 Plate / Hot runner, single / multi cavities/ Sprung cores/ Multi stage ejection. Tool manufacturing from medium to complex. Injection Molding of Engineering plastics. Reverse Engineering from sample part to 3D scanning and creating 3D models. www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Design Capabilities…. 23 •3D files in NATIVE PLATFORM •Translation platform •2D files. •3D scanning •Mold flow analysis. --- PRO-E or SOLID WORKS IGES or STEP Auto CAD Out sourced. available •All our tool Designs will be in 3D and tool element details in 2D. •Provide assistance in Product design. •Tool Designers and CNC Programmers www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Technical Plastic Parts… 24 Aviation light cover Technical Plastic Parts Light pipes www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Molding Facilities……… 25 Machines from 30T-150T •German Make 30T to 130T Machines for Transparent part and Lens Molding (7 Nos) • Other Machines for technical Plastic part Molding in Color ( 6 Nos) www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Molding Facility … 26 L&T make De-humidifier with dryers- 3 Nos. L&T make Mould Temp Controllers- 8 Nos. Soft water plant to the molding machines and molds. Antistatic air Guns to remove static charges from Clear molded parts while packing. Hot Runner controllers. Compressed air for ejection and cleaning. Managed by Qualified & experienced team of Engineers & Technicians. www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Tool-Room facility….. 27 3 axes CNC Milling machine CNC EDM –Machine Conventional Milling machine Precision surface grinding machine Radial Drilling machine. High Speed Turning Machine. www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Metrology Equipment… 28 •Non Contact Video measuring System •Digital height gauge, •Digital Verniers/ Micrometers •Surface table. •Profile Projector www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Core competence Mirror Polishing for lens & Clear Part Molds 29 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

LASER ENGRAVING … 30 •Engraving Surfaces - Metal / Plastic • / Painted / Plated. •Any details in any font •Images in jpeg /.pdf files. •Smallest font size = 1.00 mm •Engraving depth min = 0.01mm •Engraving depth max = 0.20 mm •Max size = 150mm X 150 mm •On cylindrical surfaces •Max dia =150 mm •Ideal for circuit drawings / Instructions •Name plates / •Part identification www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

BACKLIGHTS FOR LCD Displays 31 •CUSTOMIZED SHAPES •CHOICE OF COLOURS •SINGLE / MULTIPLE LEDS •MAX DEV TIME = 2 WEEKS •MIN THICKNESS = 2.0 MM •For Energy Meters and Digital Displays •Capability: 12 Million/Annum www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Complex Molded Parts 32 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

We support Assembly parts…… 33 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

Our Esteemed Partners …. 34 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

We are expanding… 35 We have moved to New Building at Prime Industrial Area Near Electronic City,Boomasandra1stPhase, Bangalore having 30,000 Sq. ft Building on a 70,000 Sq.Ft Plot to support expansion in Precision Optics, Polymer Optics, Technical Clear and engineering Plastic parts, High Precision Molds and Opto Mechanical Parts Address: 9Q, Jigni Link Road, Boomasandra 1st Phase, Bangalore 560099. Ph. +91-80-4904 4904 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com .

We have shifted to Our New facility 36 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

37 www.opticsindia.com : info@opticsindia.com

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