Optical Multi Touch Technology

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Information about Optical Multi Touch Technology

Published on October 11, 2013

Author: darshanvithani

Source: slideshare.net


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1 of 26 DarshanVithani ME CSE Department, Parul Institute Of Engineering and Technology 4 October 2013 Optical Multi-touch Technology

2 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Multi-touch Table

3 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Contents Introduction to Multi–Touch Technology Description of MT Devices Various Sub System H/W & S/W Required Usage of Multi-Touch devices

4 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Introduction Multi-touch technology is an advanced human- computer interaction technique that recogonises multiple touch points and also includes the hardware devices for implement it

5 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Description The multi-touch device is a user interface device that will allow a user to interact with a computer through use of a multi- touch display. it is a substitute to the keyboard and mouse In this user can directly interact with the system with their fingers and not only this but with multiple touches at the same instant.

6 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology How Does a Touchscreen Work? A basic touch-screen has three main components: Touch sensor; Controller; Software driver. The touch-screen is an input device, so it needs to be combined with a display and a PC or other device to make a complete touch input system.

7 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Touchscreen Technology Resistive Capacitive Optical

8 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology TERMINOLOGY  Diffuser: Screen surface for projection.  IR Lasers: Laser emitting IR Beam.  IR Led: Led emitting IR.  Blob - A bright luminescent object  Blob tracking - Assigning each blob an ID (identifier).  TUIO - A protocol used for communicating the position, size, and relative velocity of blobs. (Tangible User Interface Object)  CCV: An open source software for blob tracking. (Community Core Vision)  MT: Multitouch

9 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology  FTIR :Frustrated Total Internal Reflection  DI: Diffused Illumination  DSI: Diffused Surface Illumination  LED LP: Led Laser Plane  LLP: Laser Light Plane TECHNIQUES

10 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology FTIR :Frustrated Total Internal Reflection

11 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Diffused Illumination

12 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Diffused Surface Illumination

13 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology LED LP

14 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology IR LASER PLANE

15 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology BLOCK DIAGRAM OF TABLE

16 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology BLOCK DIAGRAM OF WALL

17 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Implementation on Wall

18 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Camera Sensor & IR Bandpass Filter

19 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Input Subsystem: The Camera  We can use a simple web camera that can be easily available in the market.  It can be made capable of detecting IR by simply removing the filter from the lens

20 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Output Subsystem: Projector  We can use a simple web camera that can be easily available in the market.  It can be made capable of detecting IR by simply removing the filter from the lens

21 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Computer Subsystem  A personal computer with 20 GB free hard disk space, 1GB RAM and PIV + processor can be efficient enough.  The Windows XP/7/8 operating system was chosen because the CCV package is highly supported in Windows.  It is also support Mac OS ,linux Debian , Ubuntu & Fedora etc

22 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology Application Development  Adobe Flash / Flex / Air  Browser & Web (HTML/CSS/Javascript)  C/C++ (CCV/OpenCV/OpenGL/OpenFrameworks)  Java (Android/Processing.org)  C# (.NET/Silverlight/WPF)  Objective-C (Cocoa/iPhone)

23 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology APPLICATIONS  Personal Computing  Advertising  Graphics  Audio Mixing  Video Playing  Computer Gaming  Slide Presentations ……and many more!

24 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology CONCLUSION  Multi-touch technologies have a long history. Mostly multi Touch devices have limited resolution, are relatively complex, and don't easily and inexpensively scale up to large dimensions.  Optical Multi-touch technology use FTIR technique that is simple and easy to implement . It provides any resolution displays supported with high graphics.  In this research , it requires a significant amount of space behind the interaction surface. Instead of this we can use Raspberry Pi & its introduction covered by Pranav Pathak.

25 of 26Optical Multi-Touch Technology REFERENCES [1] Low-Cost Multi-Touch Sensing through FTIR by Jefferson Y. Han [2] Buxton, W., Hill, R., and Rowley, P. 1985. Issues and Techniques in [3] Touch-Sensitive Tablet Input [4] Donald Hearn ,M Pauline Baker, Computer Graphics C version, 2/E [5] Pearson Education ,2003 [6] Buxton, Bill. 2008. Multi-Touch Systems that I Have Known and Loved. [7] URL: http://www.billbuxton.com/multitouchOverview.html [8] How to build a multi touch by Harry Vaan Der [9] Opensource,MultitouchDisplay,http://www.technologyreview.com/Infotec [10] OpenCV on the Raspberry Pi , http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=6354

26 of 26 Thank You Darshan Vithani, 4 October 2013

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