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Information about Optical disk drives(odd)

Published on September 23, 2014

Author: DivyeshRakholiya2

Source: slideshare.net

Optical Disk Drives(ODD) Prepared by: Divyesh Rakholiya Email: divyesh.rakholia@gmail.com

Table of Contents Introduction Different types of ODD Jumper Settings Troubleshooting

What is ODD?  Optical disk drives can read and write data from and to an optical disks  The optical disk is so named because its technology is based on light  As the disk spins, a laser beam follows a spiraling trail of pits and lands in the material of the disk  The pits reflecl light differently than the lands, while a device translates the reflective difference to bits of “on/off’ or 1 and 0  The bits from bytes that carry the digital code of the data stored on the optical disk

Different Optical Disk Drives are CD Drive DVD Drive Blu-ray Drive

CD(Compact Disc)  Compact discs are optical storage devices used to store and distribute various forms of data such as software, music and movies  The CD stores more data than the floppy disk  The CD holds up to 700 MB of data  A CD drive is required to read or write data from or to a CD  It is also cheap and reliable media  It’s a round disc with a hole in the center that stores data

Different types of CD Drives CD-ROM drive: reads data from a CD CD-R drive: it can read data from a CD and can also write data to a CD-R disc CD-RW drive: it can read, write and also rewrite data

Inside a CD Player

DVD(Digital Versatile/Video Disc)  DVD is a form of digital storage  Its used to store music, video, games and multimedia applications  Its similar to a CD in appearance and structure  It offers higher capacity and better quality as compared to the CD  The storage capacity of a DVD is seven times that of a CD  A DVD drive is required to read or write data from of to a DVD

sectors each track is divided into pie-shaped wedges cluster two or more sectors combined tracks data is recorded in concentric circular bands

Blu-ray Disc(BD)  Blu-ray is the name of a next generation optical disc format  Its Developed jointly by Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), consumer electronics and media manufacturers  Its enable you to record up to 25 GB of data or up to 2 hours of high definition video on a single sided, which is almost six times the capacity of a DVD  This disc has single or double layer format  A single layered BD has the capacity to store 25 GB of data and a double layered BD can store up to 50 GB data  Blu-ray players are used to play blu-ray disc

BD-ROM (read-only) - for pre-recorded content BD-R (recordable) - for PC data storage BD-RW (rewritable) - for PC data storage BD-RE (rewritable) - for HDTV recording

Jumper Settings  MA- Stands for master. It connects the DVD drive as a master devices. This option is selected when the DVD is the only one connected to the IDE cable.  SL- Stands for slave. It connects the DVD drive as a slave device. This is the default option.  CS- Stands for cable select. This ensures that the optical disk drive is set with the status of master or slave depending on the cable connector used to connect the drive.

Troubleshooting the DVD Drive  ODD not able to read the disks  BIOS Cannot Detect the Drive  Power LED is not glowing in the DVD Drive  The Tray of the DVD Drive is not Opening  Cleaning of DVD drive using lens cleaning kit

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