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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: stevemiller123

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PowerPoint Presentation: Opportunities for Transparent Displays NanoMarkets, LC January 2014 © 2014 NanoMarkets, LC www.nanomarkets.net PowerPoint Presentation: 2 ABOUT NANOMARKETS NanoMarkets provides industry analysis of advanced materials markets in the energy and electronics sectors. We have been covering these activities for a decade Our work includes market, company and technology analysis, market forecasting and due diligence. Offerings include reports, custom consulting , seminars/webinars and in-house training. NanoMarkets is based in US, with extensive contacts all over the world ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC www.nanomarkets.net PowerPoint Presentation: 2 ABOUT THE REPORT NanoMarkets believes that the market for transparent displays is about to expand dramatically. “Smart glasses,” such as Google Glass and augmented reality (AR) applications have focused attention on displays that can simultaneously display information and function as windows on the real world.   Display firms have begun to respond to these major trends with novel types of transparent displays. To do so they have had to invent new technologies. Transparent TFTs are especially challenging, with the most likely material solution being ZnO , though other options are possible.  Hiding backlighting in transparent LCDs is also an issue, creating opportunities for transparent OLED displays; but these have their own challenges too.   In this report, NanoMarkets identifies where the revenues will be generated by transparent displays over the next eight years.  In addition to leading edge applications such as smart glasses and AR, this report also considers near-term applications for transparent displays in more mundane applications such as retail and automotive.   And in addition to granular eight-year forecasts of the transparent display market, this report also discusses the product/market strategies of transparent display makers, both large and small. www.nanomarkets.net ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC PowerPoint Presentation: 2 RELATED REPORTS Transparent Conductors Markets 2013 Markets for Metal Meshes as Transparent Conductors-2014 Transparent Electronics Markets-2012 Markets and Opportunities for Transparent Displays: 2014 to 2021 www.nanomarkets.net ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC Transparent displays: IS This a New mass market?: www.nanomarkets.net Transparent displays: IS This a New mass market? The display industry looking for the next thing that will allow it to stave off slow growth and maturity High level of interest in wearable computing and augmented reality likely to open a new market for transparent displays Mobile applications, a vanguard for transparent displays Scope for transparent displays in retail and marketing applications is small yet certain Other potential opportunities exist in automotive display, military HUD, casino gaming space, museum displays, and smart appliances segments. ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC Transparent displays: a New mass market? : www.nanomarkets.net Transparent displays: a New mass market? ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC Opportunities For technology providers: Opportunities For technology providers ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC www.nanomarkets.net 1 2 3 Opportunities for material firms: Opportunities for material firms ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC Material firms are expected to augment the industry’s move to transparent displays becoming mainstream UDC is a classic example of how a materials firm can capture new market opportunities in the transparent OLED space and leverage its existing knowhow to build a sustainable business model Metal oxide TFTs based transparent display products are expected to fare better than those based on silicon Opportunities also exist in the transparent displays segment for manufacturers of alternatives to ITO Longer term sustainable demand for materials once the transparent displays business takes off www.nanomarkets.net Opportunities for system integrators and resellers: Opportunities for system integrators and resellers A number of markets exist where transparent displays will be used under special circumstances which will create opportunities for system integrators and resellers Retail and advertising space offer great opportunities to customize display solutions and offer these as a part of integrated system Crystal Display Solutions (UK) is one firm that has developed expertise in supplying various forms of transparent displays for a wide range of customers ranging from retail stores to museums Primary suppliers of transparent displays can move up the value chain by understanding the customization requirements of their end-users LG, Samsung and Planar offer open-frame transparent LCD architecture that can fit in a customized fixture ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC www.nanomarkets.net PowerPoint Presentation: Firms Description Samsung (Korea) Leading developer and integrator of transparent LCD solutions for retail and advertising; yet to make commercial debut with OLED based transparent displays. Currently working on transparent display panels for mobile application. Offers medium to large sized transparent display panels; large sized panels targeted at advertising billboards and refrigerator door . Being the largest supplier of active matrix OLEDs, Samsung is likely to become a major player in the domain of transparent displays as well. LG (Korea) Early mover in transparent display segment. Currently offers a complete range of LCD based transparent displays. Offers only LCD based transparent displays solutions at present; however being a prominent player in the OLED lighting space and a part of consortium to develop large transparent OLEDs, LG is likely to grab a slice of the transparent OLED space as well in the future. Offers 26 to 47 inch transparent LCDs; product range extended to offer transparent display solutions for digital signage . AUO (Taiwan) Likely to address markets such as retail, advertising and the museum space. Developer of a 65 inch P650HVF01.0, a highly transparent display, which is claimed to have an especially impressive color saturation. firms to watch in transparent displays ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC www.nanomarkets.net PowerPoint Presentation: Firms Description Planar (United States) Established supplier of large LCD displays for business and signage applications. One of the early firms to offer LCD based transparent displays for retail store cases. Offerings are based on propitiatory technologies such as ERO and UCIC. Google (United States) High likelihood of transforming the entire transparent displays industry by creating an entirely new market for wearable devices; reported alliance with Samsung for transparent OLED technology for Google Glass. Acquisition of WMM Labs can prompt Google to offer transparent dials on its range of smart watches in the coming years. Apple (United States) Apple can play a crucial role in revolutionizing the transparent displays industry if the firm adopts this type of display in one of the iterations of the much talked-about smart watch and iPhone. UDC (United States ) The only material firm to specifically target the transparent displays space and undertake active research in the transparent OLED space. Close ties with Samsung can enable both the firms to undertake strategic moves to develop commercial grade transparent display panels in substantial volume. Developed a proprietary transparent display panel name TOLED, which can achieve 70-85% of transparency when turned off. firms to watch in transparent displays ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC www.nanomarkets.net Transparent display material market ($ Million): Transparent display material market ($ Million ) ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC www.nanomarkets.net Computing and Applications expected to be the biggest market for TDs Wearable and Retail likely to be next big markets after Computing PowerPoint Presentation: 3 CONTACT US www.nanomarkets.net facebook.com/pages/ NanoMarkets / twitter.com/ nanomarkets linkedin.com/in/ nanomarkets nanomarkets.net/ rssfeeds Address: NanoMarkets, LC PO Box 3840 Glen Allen, VA 23058 Telephone / Fax 804-270-1718 804-360-7259 Email / Web info@nanomarkets.net www.nanomarkets.net ©2014 NanoMarkets, LC

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