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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: CARDIAgeing

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OPPORTUNITIES FOR AGEING RESEARCH Eight things every researcher should know Dr Roger O’Sullivan


No. 1: CARDI3 Mission Statement: Advance the ageing research agenda by identifying, coordinating, stimulating, and communicating strategic research on ageing and older people as a means to improve the lives of older people in Ireland (North and South) especially those who are disadvantaged.

No.1: CARDI’s Approach 4  All-Ireland perspective  Identify, stimulate and co-ordinate rather than do research  Cross-discipline focus  Research to inform policy and practice  Promote the value of cross-sectoral working  Commitment to disseminating ageing research

No. 2: An Ageing Society - Social Context a) Demographic b) Political c) Economic d) Technological 5

No.2 (a): Number of People Aged 60 + 0 100000 200000 300000 400000 500000 600000 700000 800000 900000 1000000 1977-79 1986-87 1996-97 2006-07 60-74 75+

No.2 (a): Number of Oldest Old (85+) 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 60000 70000 80000 ROI NI IOI 1977 2007 7

No. 2 (b): An Ageing Society - Politics and Policy8

No. 2(c): An Ageing Society - Economics 9

No. 2(d): An Ageing Society - technology 10

No 3: Ageing Research is a diverse family  Ageing research is not only about science and medicine  Ageing research – a continuum Basic Biology Disease Studies Health Technology & Services Demographic & Longitudinal Studies Socio- economic factors Policy & Practice 11

No.3: United Nations & IAG&G Framework: Priority Areas 1. Relationships of population ageing and socio- economic development. 2. Current practices and options for maintaining material security into older age. 3. Changing family structures, intergenerational transfer systems and emergent patterns of family and institutional dynamics. 4. Determinants of healthy ageing. 5. Basic biological mechanisms and age associated diseases. 6. Quality of life and ageing in diverse cultural, socio-economic and environmental situations. 12

No.3: United Nations & IAG&G Framework: Critical Areas 1. Social participation and integration 2. Economic security 3. Macro-societal change and development 4. Poverty 5. Social security 6. Healthy ageing 7. Biomedical 8. Physical and mental functioning 9. Quality of life 10. Care systems 11. Changing structures and functions of families 12. Policy, design, implementa tion, monitoring and evaluation 13

No. 4: Ageing Research in Ireland – the current state of play  Ageing research is relatively new on the agenda  Significant level of activity by small but growing number of researchers  Research dispersed and fragmented - little integration or co-ordination  Few examples of Ireland wide, cross sectoral or interdisciplinary research co-operation  Untapped relevant resources - both public and private 14

No. 4: Mapping Ageing Research in Ireland  Using the UN framework CARDI’s mapping exercise found a focus of research projects on: - social participation and integration - biomedical - healthy ageing and - care systems 15

No. 5: Growing Recognition of Research to inform policy & practice16 “Research is vital to the development of effective policies and programmes [to implement the International Plan of Action on Ageing]. Sustainable research infrastructures and cross sectoral cooperation should be strengthened and developed.” (UN - Economic Commission for Europe - Ministerial Declaration Nov 2007)

No. 5: Informing policy and practice  Understanding the challenges  Utilization not just production  Adapted rather than adopted  Good policy recognises the necessity for good data 17

No. 6: The value of Interdisciplinary research  Ageing transcends traditional academic boundaries  Development of knowledge by the connecting of boundaries  Recognising Older People as experts 18

No. 6: Challenges and opportunities of working across sectors and disciplines on ageing  Small level of literature compared to children  Time consuming  Different languages  Different methodologies  Professionals boundaries and status 19

No. 7: Networking and funding opportunities  The Paul Beeson Career Development Awards in Ageing Research for the Island of Ireland  Wide range of events e.g. CARDI/Sparc/ CEUD showcasing ageing research 4th December 2008 20 WWW.CARDI.IE

No. 8: Finally ...Recognising Opportunities for Ageing Research “Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognise them” Ann Landers 21

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