OPNFV/Functest: lessons learned and best practices for VNF test automation

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Information about OPNFV/Functest: lessons learned and best practices for VNF test automation

Published on October 12, 2016

Author: ValentinBoucher

Source: slideshare.net

1. June 20–23, 2016 | Berlin, Germany

2. Functest: lessons learned and best practices for VNF test automation V.Boucher, Orange, M.Richomme Orange

3. Agenda • Back to vIMS test case in Brahmaputra • Lessons learned • The future of VNF testing in Functest

4. Back to vIMS Test-case

5. Back to vIMS test-case • vIMS Functest test-case in Brahmaputra => Get a first complex VNF test case • vIMS test-case includes orchestration/VNF/Test • vIMS test-case fully open source including both VNF and orchestrator • vIMS fully integrated in CI pipeline

6. Back to vIMS test-case vIMS Clearwater architecture

7. Back to vIMS test-case VNF Descriptor (Cloudify Blueprint) : homestead: type: clearwater.nodes.homestead properties: private_domain: clearwater.local relationships: - type: cloudify.relationships.contained_in target: homestead_host - type: app_connected_to_bind target: bind homestead_host: type: clearwater.nodes.MonitoredServer instances: deploy: 1 relationships: - target: base_security_group type: cloudify.openstack.server_connected_to_security_group - target: homestead_security_group type: cloudify.openstack.server_connected_to_security_group See more : https://github.com/Orange-OpenSource/opnfv-cloudify-clearwater/

8. Back to vIMS test-case vIMS Testcase step by step Create user/tenant Upload OS Images Choose flavors Get external network 1 Environment preparation

9. Back to vIMS test-case vIMS Testcase step by step Install orchestrator components 2.2 Orchestrator deployment Create router/network Create security groups Create VM 2.1 Orchestrator deployment

10. Back to vIMS test-case Create security groups Create VM Create floating ip 3.1 VNF deployment Install and configure VNF software 3.2 VNF deployment

11. Back to vIMS test-case Create numbers 4.1 Test VNF Signaling testing 4.2 Test VNF

12. Back to vIMS test-case Push results of deployment duration and test results into result api 5 Push results DB RESULT API

13. Back to vIMS test-case Reporting status example

14. Lessons learned & Best practices

15. Lessons learned • Valuable test case to give a high level of confidence: • Creation of user/tenant/networks • Access to Internet, public APIs • Use of an orchestrator (Cloudify) to deploy a complex VNF based on Tosca descriptors • Spawning of more than 5 VMs cross connected • Association orchestrator/VNF makes sense for functional testing • Realistic test suite for signaling

16. Brahmaputra lessons learned • Success criteria • Orchestration + vIMS deployment • Tests not part of the criteria due to some issues • Not possible to run it on all the installers/scenarios • vIMS launched systematically • Timeout adaptations needed to reduce test duration • When previous tests failed (e.g. vPing) no need to try vIMS => improvement in Colorado • Issues detected and reported (e.g. access to public API) • Multi-tenant/Multi-sites would be also valuable

17. Future of VNF testing

18. Future of VNF testing • Functest test slicing => 1 category dedicated to VNFs • VNF part of the weekly loop i.e. not used anymore for scenario validation • Not scenario specific – shall work on all the scenarios…. • Potentially long duration test

19. Future of VNF testing • VNFs validation = 1 of the plugfest activity • Reference/consider Open Source VNFs to enrich VNF category • Goal develop test suite/ref open source VNFs to • Define ref baselines / harmonize test strategy • Create a “VNF library” • Initiate MANO stack testing

20. Future of VNF testing Proprietary VNF • Cannot be integrated to CI (license) • Can be tested in Pharos Community labs • Can be tested during Plugfests • Open source test suite even towards proprietary VNFs should be encouraged

21. Thank you

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