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Information about OPNAV N780

Published on November 15, 2007

Author: ozturk

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  ﴀ ﴀ RDML Rick Wren Head, Aviation and Aircraft Carrier Plans and Programs (N780) Tailhook OPNAV Update 10 September 2005 OPNAV N78 – Air Warfare:  Who we are Ship/Air Wing Team Post Command Requirements Officers What we do The “bridge” from requirements to procurement Why we are here OPNAV N78 – Air Warfare Carriers:  Carriers CVN 21 Why do we need it? What’s different? What does it mean to the warfighter? Future Force Structure Slide4:  CDR Bill Dooris “Billy D” F/A-18 Requirements N780C4 Slide5:  Imminent JHMCS AESA More MIDS BRU-55 ATFLIR NCTR Upgrade Imagery In & Out Multiple Tgts M2M F/A-18 Hornet Future ALQ Upgrade (A+, C,D) Web Enabled Cockpit? Night JHMCS Geo Registration In Cockpit Multiple moving tgts Slide6:  CAPT Jim Dalberg “JD” Joint Strike Fighter Requirements (N780C5) JSF :  ﴀ ﴀ JSF “First day,” long range, stealth, strike from the Sea Base Schedule First flight IOC How long before I fly it? Performance Range, Persistence Systems Slide8:  CAPT Bob Papadakis “Pappy” EA-6B/EA-18G Requirements (N780C3) EA-6B/EA-18G:  EA-6B/EA-18G ICAP III Selective, reactive jamming with geo-specificity VAQ-139 preparing for 2006 deployment with 4 jets EA-18G Fully funded and on schedule First Flight scheduled for September ’06 IOC 2009 Next Generation Jammer The next step for USN AEA Slide10:  ﴀ ﴀ CDR Dave Buttram “Ram” E-2 Requirements (N780C2) E-2:  ﴀ ﴀ E-2 E-2D Warfighting Impacts Fulfills Sea Power 21vision for Sea Shield/Strike Primary FORCEnet node Two generation leap in detection capability 250% greater detection volume Reduces “Shooter” overhead 200% improvement in AEGIS/CEC kills 600% improvement in F/A-18/AESA kills Fully enables NIFC-CA INFLUENCING THE KILL CHAIN HE2K E-2D Slide12:  ﴀ ﴀ LCDR Anthony Wright “Gretzky” Air-to-Ground Weapons (N780C8) A/G Weapons:  ﴀ ﴀ A/G Weapons Stand Off Outside Area Defense: SLAM ER / Air HARPOON Stand Off Outside Point Defense: JSOW A/B/C Direct Attack: DMLGB / Laser JDAM / Hellfire K/M/N / Laser Mav TST / Moving Targets / ASuW Termination of JCM and the Future of All-Weather, Land-Moving Target Attack Incremental Improvements & Small Diameter Bomb Questions?:  Questions? Back Ups:  Back Ups Slide16:  CVN 78 Concept Ship Zonal Electrical Distribution System New Propulsion Plants New Propulsion/Electric Plant All Electric Aux Services 4 EMALS #4 CAT Unrestricted Aircraft Elevators (3) Stbd Sponson Redesign Hangar Bays (2) Enlarged Flight Deck Footprint “Pit Stop” Advanced Arresting Gear Enhanced Flight Deck MFR/VSR Smaller Island Re-Positioned Aft & Outboard Composite Mast with Clamp Antenna JPALS Integrated Island Improved Survivability Dynamic Armor Protection Underwater Protection ESSM Enhanced Ship Self Defense Advanced Weapons Elevators Improved Weapon & Material Handling Heavy UNREP CVNX 1 Brought Forward from CVNX 2 NEW KPP CVN 21 Sustained SGR Surge SGR Service Life Allowance Interoperability Electrical Capacity Manpower Threshold 160 270 5%Wt / 1.5 ft KG Attain Critical IERs 2.5X NIMITZ 500 reduction Objective 220 310 7.5%Wt /2.5 ft KG Attain all IERs 3.0 X NIMITZ 900 reduction Slide17:  CVN 79 Investment Strategy SGR Wt/kg Wt/kg SGR Manpower Slide18:  WEIGHTS (long tons) Lightship 78,603 Margins 2,520 Lightship w/Margins 81,123 Loads 19,293 Full Load 100,416 Service Life Allowance (objective) 7.5% weight 2.5 ft KG (threshold) 5.0% weight 1.5 ft KG STABILITY U.S. Navy Stability Criteria Intact: 100 Knot Beam Wind at 10 M above waterline Damage: 60 Knot Beam Wind at 10 M above waterline (SS8) HULL STRUCTURE Navy Design Standards Hull: Steel Island: Steel/Composite Flight Deck: Steel PROVISIONS in days Ship 75 days Repair Parts 90 days MEDICAL FACILITIES Medical Operating Rooms: 1 Hospital Ward Beds: 53 Dental Operating Rooms 6 SURVEILLANCE Dual Band Radar (DBR) UPX-29 AIMS MK XII (IFF System) SELF-DEFENSE WEAPONS MK 15 CIWS Block 1B MK-29 GMLS with ESSM MK 31 Mod 3 RAM GMWS COMMUNICATIONS SYQ-26(V)6 NAVMACS II/SMS NMT Protected and Wideband MDRR Satellite Receivers USQ-167 CDLS SSR-2A GBS JTRS-M Cluster III TV-DTS SSEE Increment “E” SSES/SI URC-141(C) MOS RCS Turnkey EW & DECOY SLQ-25 SSTDS (Dual Tow NIXIE) SLQ-32(V)4 EWS SLA-10B MACHINERY SYSTEMS 2- Nuclear Reactors 4- 70,000 SHP Steam Turbines AUXILIARY SYSTEMS All-Electric Auxiliaries A/C Plants: 9 - 1100 ton RO Plants: 4 - 125,000 GPD Fire Pumps: 30 - 1,000 GPM COMMAND & CONTROL SSDS MK2 Mod 1C USQ-172(V) 4.X GCCS-M USG-2 with PAAA antenna and ECP 444 UYQ-86(V)X CDLMS (Links 4A, 11, 16, 22) ADMACS Block 2 DCGS-N J-UCAS MCS JSF OMS NSWPC (ISP&E) NAVIGATION SSN-6(V)6X NAVSSI Block 4 UQN-X Fathometer DSVL WSN-7(V)3 RLGN SPS-73(V)17 URN-25 (TACAN) TRAINING SYSTEMS BETL, ITCTI, USQ-T46C(V) BFTT and BEWT TSTS Concept Design Subject to Change CVN 78 Class Design Characteristics DIMENSIONS Length,LBP: 1,040 ft Length, Overall: 1,092 ft Beam, DWL: 134 ft Beam, Flight Deck: 256 ft Design Draft: 39.75 ft PERFORMANCE Sustained Speed: 30 + knots Service Life: 50 Years ACCOMMODATIONS Off CPO OEP Tot 508 363 3,789 4,660 Habitability: OPNAV INST 9640.1A AVIATION FACILITIES/EQUIPMENT Aircraft : 75+ Aircraft (F/A-18F, F/A-18E, JSF, F/A-18C, EA-18G Jammer, E-2C RMP, MH-60 R/S, UAV/UCAVs) Land/Launch Spots: (6) Helicopter Spots Hangar : (2) Bays, 684’ x 108’ x 25’ Aircraft Maintenance: O-Level and I-Level Aircraft Elevators: 3 Deck Edge JBD: (4) MK 7 Mod 2 JP-5 Fuel Capacity: (Classified) Catapults: (4) EMALS Arresting Gear: (3) AAG Barricade: (1) AAG Visual Landing Aids: IFLOLS, MOVLAS, LRLS, VISUAL Workstation, ILARTS Wind Measuring: MORIAH (NDWMIS) Air Traffic Control: JPALS, SPN-41 ILS, TPX-42A(V)14 CATCC/DAIR, SLQ-20B AESS: 60 Hz/400 Hz/270 VDC Weapons Elevators: (3) Upper Stage (7) Lower Stage (1) Upper Stage Utility Elev Weapons Capacity: Appx. 375, 000 cubic ft. Material Handling (9) Stores Elev. (1) Aviation Stores Elev. RCOH:  RCOH DESCRIPTION Refuel, repair, and modernize NIMITZ-class aircraft carriers to provide up to 50 years of service life. Recapitalizes these ships in lieu of procurement. CVN 68-class originally based on a 30-year design life with refueling at an estimated 14 years. Reactor cores show nominal 23-year life prior to requirement to refuel Conducted at Northrop Grumman Newport News Notional level of work is 3.2M man-days (SCN funding) Refueling (~40%) Repair/recapitalization of infrastructure and systems (~40%) Modernizing - HM&E, Combat Systems and C4ISR systems (~20%) Funding Profile Four years of Advance Procurement and Planning Full funding during the first two years of execution (65% / 35% split)

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