Operational Plan (Kaki Travel)

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Information about Operational Plan (Kaki Travel)

Published on September 7, 2016

Author: echizen94

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1. OPERATIONS PLAN Kaki Travel is a travel agent where we will provide a full travel package to the customers. However, Kaki Travel will not do everything on our own. Kaki Travel will only acts as a travel agent who handle the booking of the accomodations, order foods, book activities and hire a travel guide. The one who will provide and serve the accomodations, foods, activities and travel guide are the thrid party that Kaki Travel makes a deal with. Having said that, Kaki Travel is actually an intermediaries that connect the customers with the third party. The “back stage” and “front stage” of Kaki Travel’s operations are further describe in the next section. “BACK STAGE” OPERATION Based on the above diagram, customer will purchase the travel package from Kaki Travel. Then, Kaki Travel will make a contact with the third party consists of the owner of the accomodation, the activities organizer, the travel guide and also the catering to provide the

2. necessities to the customer. On the day of the travel, the customer will receive the services from the third party which is also can be considered as Kaki Travel’s business partner. “FRONT STAGE” OPERATIONS The front stage operations is the operations of Kaki Travel on the customer’s view. Based on the above diagram, the customer will only interact with Kaki Travel for the purchase of the travel package. In customer’s point of view, they will think that Kaki Travel is the one who provides them will all of those necessities. Customer will not know that Kaki Travel only acts as intermediaries who arranges everything according to the schedule but the one who provides and serves the customers on the travel day is not Kaki Travel but its business partner. BUSINESS LOCATION Kaki Travel will be based at Kaki Copy outlets in IIUM. The adress is LOT CX-E-1 & LOT CX-E-2, Center Complex, International Islamic University Malaysia. 53100 Jalan Gombak, Kuala Lumpur. All orders and booking can be made at the outlet. FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT Kaki Travel will only needs mini vans for the transportation to the travel locations. And the mini vans will be rented from the supplier.

3. PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS PROBLEMS SOLUTIONS Students have low budget for travelling Provide four travel package which cost lower than RM500 each High demand for small group travel package Provide a travel package for 2-5 pax per group Online booking system Establish a website for online catalog and booking

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