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Published on November 1, 2007

Author: Danior

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Status of OPERA/CNGS1 Physics motivation and Physics performance Tau search in SuperK:  Tau search in SuperK Slide4:  CNGS PROGRAM: Provide an unambiguous evidence for nm ® nt oscillations in the region of atmospheric neutrinos by looking for nt appearance in a pure nm beam Search for the subleading nm ® ne oscillations ( Q13 ) Discriminate wrt exotic scenarios : MAVAN and extra dimensions Beam: CNGS (approval 1999) nt appearance experiment : OPERA/CNGS1 (approval 2000) NUMI PROGRAM: Provide the proof of the oscillatory pattern via disappearance ( improve Dm² knowledge) exclude sterile neutrino hypothesis via NC measurements Detection of the nt appearance signal:  Detection of the nt appearance signal Two conflicting requirements: Large mass  low Xsection High granularity  signal selection  background rejection Detection of the nt and background rejection:  Detection of the nt and background rejection OPERA: Observation of the  decay topology ( à la CHORUS) high space resolution (micrometric scale) nuclear photographic emulsions Combined with lead target:  ECC (Emulsion Cloud Chamber) Basic Unit : the ‘Brick’:  Basic Unit : the ‘Brick’ Based on the concept of the Emulsion Cloud Chamber (ECC) Sandwich of 56 Pb sheets 1mm + 57 emulsion layers Solves the problem of compatibility : large mass for neutrino interactions high space resolution in a completely modular scheme The ECC is a completely stand-alone detector: Neutrino interaction vertex Kink topology reconstruction Momentum measurement for hadrons by multiple scattering dE/dx  pion/muon separation at low energy Electron id Energy measurement for electrons and photons Emulsion spatial accuracy (δx1 μm δθ  1 mrad) ( MINOS sampling : Fe 2.5 cm ) OPERA/CNGS1 : an hybrid detector:  OPERA/CNGS1 : an hybrid detector What the brick cannot do: trigger for a neutrino interaction muon identification and momentum/charge measurement need for an hybrid detector Discovery potential (4σ) vs beam intensity:  Discovery potential (4σ) vs beam intensity full mixing, 5 years run @ 4.5 x1019 pot / year Number of τ events 8.0 12.8 19.9 background : 1.0  0.8 events Sin22q13 sensitivity:  Sin22q13 sensitivity Assuming : 23=/4, m223 = 2.5 x 10-3 eV2 Nb of events ( 5 years running ) CNGS  T2K complementarity:  CNGS  T2K complementarity « on peak » Dominant @T2K « off peak » Dominant @CNGS e appearance with matter effect The OPERA Detector:  The OPERA Detector The OPERA Collaboration:  The OPERA Collaboration Italy : Bari, Bologna, LNF Frascati, l’Aquila, 20.5 M€ LNGS, Naples, Padova, Rome, Salerno Japan : Aichi, Toho, Kobe, Nagoya, Utsonomiya 31.3 M€ France: LAPP Annecy, IPNL Lyon, LAL Orsay, IRES Strasburg 3.0 M€ Germany: Hamburg, Muenster, (Berlin, Hagen, Rostok) 3.0 M€ Switzerland: Bern, Neuchatel 1.02 M€ Belgium : IIHE(ULB-VUB) Brussels 0.62 M€ Russia : INR Moscow, ITEP Moscow, JINR Dubna, Obninsk 0.10 M€ Total 59.54 M€ + Corea, China, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israël, Tunisia 36 groups , 165 physicists MOU funding commitment The OPERA Collaboration:  The OPERA Collaboration Management : spokesperson : Y. Déclais deputy spokesperson : K. Niwa Resource coordinator : L. Votano Technical coordinators: S. Buontempo, M. Spinetti Boards : Project Board chair : S. Buontempo Meeting every month @LNGS Study the technical points Follow the schedule of the installation Collaboration Board Chair : L. Votano Meeting at each collaboration meeting (3/year) Take all decisions Working group: Physics coordination : P. Migliozzi, Komatsu Scanning : S. Simone, M. Kodama Computing : J. Boucrot Project leaders: Magnet : M. Spinetti RPC : L. Stanco XPC, Veto: C. Gustavino HPT : C. Hagner brick wall : A. Franceschi TT : M. Dracos DAQ : J. Marteau Lead : D. Frekers emulsion : M. Nakamura BAM : S. Buontempo BMS : H. Pessard emulsion development: G. Rosa, Alignment : D. Autiero Conclusions:  Conclusions OPERA physics program still appealing: the  appearance channel is unique the e appearance channel is competitive (and complementary) with approved experiments within the next 5 years The program should be completed in time OPERA sensitivity is limited by statistics  full size detector and largest beam intensity requested Goal of the collaboration:  Goal of the collaboration Complete SM1 in august 2006  valuable physics run (1000 interactions)  CNGS beam and OPERA performances validation Complete SM2 in spring 2007  start acquiring statistics The construction of the detector is nearly completed but … to reach this goal OPERA need : increased support and real priorities to complete the installation a positive answer to the pending funding questions SM2 spectrometer (HPT) and target mass (22% emulsion missing)

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