OpenSSL User Manual and Data Format

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Information about OpenSSL User Manual and Data Format

Published on November 19, 2009

Author: ProjectSymphony



These are the slides used for presenting the OpenSSL - User Manual and Data Format by Vittorio Giovara.

OpenSSL User Manual and Data Format 1

Main Functions • Benchmark • Certificates • Digital Signature • Encryption/Decryption • Private and Public Keys • a lot of other stuff... 2

OpenSSL Symmetric Encryption 3

openssl enc • cipher • salt • key • initial vector • password • ... 4

password? 5

EVP_BytesToKey arguments results • type of cipher • key (des3, aes & others) • initial vector • salt • key length • data and data length • iteration counter • hash 6

openssl enc -des3 -in file.txt -out file.enc -salt -k mySillyPassword -md md5 7

D= 0 ... ... ... means “concatenation” HASH 2 (data)= HASH(HASH(data)) 8

key & iv 0 A4 0C 80 14 75 41 21 90 key iv 9

salt 10

salt without salt your dishes will always taste the same! the same applies to keys and initial vectors! 11

Demo 12


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