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Information about OpenSourceJun07

Published on February 6, 2008

Author: Dorotea


Slide 1: June 2007 Vee Herrington, Ph.D. Chief Librarian Winner of Library of Congress Federal Information Center of the Year Award--2005! Slide 2: Winner of the 2005 Library of Congress Federal Information Center of the Year Award! Library of Congress designated special library focusing on terrorism. Over 15,000 used the library in March (2007)—1000% increase in attendance in past three years. Over 40,000 web hits per month: University of Military Intelligence Value-Added Services Open Source Lab: 50 computers with access to Intelink (formerly OSIS) – with or without VPN software Rosetta Stone Foreign Language Cable News Instructional classes on open source: 300 students per month Virtual Reference Multi-Media room Videos, Music CDs and Video Games Free coffee, tea, cocoa and popcorn! US Army CW2 Christopher G. Nason MI Library Quote from what Movie?: Quote from what Movie? “I work for the CIA. I am not a spy. I just read books.” Intelligence does not have to be secret to be valuable! Reformation of National Intelligence: Reformation of National Intelligence Creation of DNI (Director of National Intelligence. (Negroponte, now McConnell) CIA no longer in the dominant intelligence position New approach to national intelligence calls for integration and innovation One reform objective involves making the best use of all-source intelligence, including from open sources, on the most difficult targets (The National Intelligence Strategy, 2005) Objective of Presentation:: Objective of Presentation: To provide an overview of the MI Library. To introduce open source information (OSIF) resources pertinent to Military Intelligence. Open Source Information System (OSIS) NOW CALLED INTELINK Commercial Databases Pathfinder ICON UMI AKO What Does a Library Have to Offer Military Intelligence?:  What Does a Library Have to Offer Military Intelligence? The “INTS”: The “INTS” Collection activities that produce classified products HUMINT SIGINT IMINT MASINT Intelligence developed from open, unclassified literature- This is the world of the research library! INTELLIGENCE (OSINT) is a process that answers questions for specific individuals: Open Sources Defined: Open Sources Defined Open source (OS) information is publicly available information (i.e. any member of the public could lawfully obtain the information by request or observation) as well as other unclassified information that has limited public distribution or access.¹ ¹ Director of Central Intelligence Directive (DCID). September 2000. Open Source Information Includes: : Open Source Information Includes: Traditional media sources Books, newspapers, journals, magazines FBIS--Foreign Broadcast Information Service-now called the Open Source Center (OSC)-- Foreign print, broadcast media. Internet Deep Web and Invisible Web Sites designed around a database—no static pages to index OS also includes:: OS also includes: Commercial (fee charged) online premium sources—thousands of them! Factiva, Lexus-Nexus, Dialog, ProQuest Academic Search Premier – full-text articles from journals, magazines, newspapers Oxford Analytica & StratFor – Current awareness with analysis Jane’s Information Group – Defense monitoring, etc. Gray Literature includes specialized reports, standards, dissertations, trade papers, white papers, etc. Why use OS for Intelligence Purposes?: Why use OS for Intelligence Purposes? Continuing 21st Century information explosion and the increasingly ready access to information via public domain media 8,000 commercial databases with potential intelligence value Worldwide periodicals have grown from 70,000 in 1972 to 116,000 last year. Open Source Center (OSC) –formerly the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) monitors over 3500 publications in 55 foreign languages. It is estimated that OSINT can address 80% of mission area information requirements. Value of OSINT: Value of OSINT Can be shared extensively without compromising national security. Classified information is incredibly difficult to disseminate to the tactical level—almost impossible below the federal level. OSINT products can be disseminated to the first responders, such as firefighters, police, hospitals, etc. Open Source: Open Source “The source of first resort”. Not a panacea, but rather a highly effective component of the intelligence toolkit. Eliot Jardines Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Assistant Deputy Director for Open Source Two libraries in one:: Two libraries in one: “Brick and Mortar” Library “Digital Library”: Anytime, Anywhere Access University of Military Intelligence Intelink-SBU (formerly Open Source Information System) ICON (Intelligence Center Online Network) AKO Intel Community, etc. The library is a gateway to Open Source Information (OSIF) We aren’t a typical library!: We aren’t a typical library! To help you locate materials for completing research and class assignments. To provide you with a comfortable, friendly, helpful atmosphere. You can eat, drink, talk, listen to music, watch videos, play chess or cards, have team meetings, print for free, call home, send a fax, write a briefing, or use Intelink/OSIS. We never tell you “Shhh”. We have few rules!! Customer Service: Customer Service Our mission is to help you be successful in your information needs. Reference Service (at the library or virtual) If we don’t have it, we will get it for you or at least steer you in the right direction. Please ask us. We know what we have and where to find it! Slide 17: The MI Library has 50 computers and access to OSIS. There are 50 computers in the library. MI Library Collection: MI Library Collection Over 25,000 items Primary subjects: Middle East and Terrorism Military Science Military Intelligence/espionage History: Wars and Battles Country Studies Reference (General Reference in all areas) Journals/magazines/newspapers Fiction and non-fiction videos and DVDs; Music; Video Games; Novels/Fiction Collection Historical archives Government documents Reference: Jane’s Collection: Reference: Jane’s Collection Jane’s World Insurgency and Terrorism Jane’s Sentinel Security Assessment Jane’s Electronic and Warfare Systems Jane’s Electro-Optic Systems Jane’s C4I Jane’s UAVs etc., etc. Jane’s All the World’s Armies We have over 76 different Annual Jane’s Books going back to the 1970s! Jane’s Books are the cornerstone of our Reference Collection— Now available online via Intelink Journals and Magazines: Journals and Magazines Counterterrorism & Security Report Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy Defense Intelligence Journal Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin (MIPB) Studies in Conflict and Terrorism Islamic Affairs Analyst We have over 102 active subscriptions. But, I’m not at Fort Huachuca! “anytime, anywhere access”: But, I’m not at Fort Huachuca! “anytime, anywhere access” MI Library Horizon Online Catalog University of Military Intelligence ICON (Intelligence Center Online Network) AKO Intel Knowledge Communities Open Source/ Intelink ICON Intelligence Center Online Network: ICONIntelligence Center Online Network Knowledge Management tool that enables Intelligence soldiers all over the world to communicate, collaborate and investigate. Hosts discussion forums Serves as a single point of entry to get to USAIC and other Intelligence Community websites. Hosts a variety of public and private web applications that support the Intelligence Community. ICON Tools: ICON Tools AI-CAT (Army Intelligence Comprehensive Analysis Tool) Repository to store, maintain, query and report on ISR requirements and related MI training information. Browse documents: FMs, Lessons Learned, SigActs, etc. Baseline Data: MI AUTLS (Army Universal Task Lists) & More Ad Hoc Queries: For tasks by MOS USAIC websites 111th MI Brigade 305th AKO Open Source: AKO Open Source MY Library (Self-Service  My Library) Databases: Search thousands of journals and newspapers at once and print-out the entire article. Test preparation Periscope Defense Database CountryWatch US Army Organizations Intelligence Intel Reference Files/ Knowledge Centers Entry point for G2 related sites Open Source Information System (OSIS)-> Intelink: Open Source Information System (OSIS)-> Intelink Need to be on a .mil or .gov computer Don’t need VPN software or OSIS password However, some sites once you are in Intelink will ask for an Intelink password. Not Anonymous If you access Intelink from home, you will need VPN client software and OSIS password. Anonymous OSIS I have a VPN connection Intelink/OSIS: Intelink/OSIS Funded by the Intelligence Community (CIA) Why should you have to go to so many different places to get the information you need? Intelink is becoming more “intelligent” and has the potential to become the primary source of intelligence that you use on a daily basis. Features: Features Searching Clickable Map Subscriptions Customization Storage Topics Blogs Intellipedia Intelink: Terrorism REFERENCES: Intelink: TerrorismREFERENCES Terrorism Knowledge Base The MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base (TKB ) is the one-stop resource for comprehensive research and analysis on global terrorist incidents, terrorism-related court cases, and terrorist groups and leaders.  I need info on all of the active terrorist groups operating in Iraq. Al-Qaida Tactics and Capabilities Analysis of Terrorist Emblems Intelink: OSINT Products REFERENCES: Intelink: OSINT ProductsREFERENCES Terrorism Reports Warning Intelligence on the Internet Review (WIIR)Every other week with excerpts of global threat articles, including terrorism. Region and Country Watch List (RCWL)Prioritized list, updated monthly, of nations of strategic warning concern. Strategic Warning Issues Review (SWIR) Quarterly overview on longer term global threats. Terrorism Open Source Intelligence Report (TOSIR)Weekly with excerpts of articles from newspapers and magazines. Insurgency Literature Review (ILR) [New]At least monthly overviews from journals, books, research, conferences, and websites. Also available with a password at Threats Open Source Intelligence Gateway: Intelink REFERENCES: IntelinkREFERENCES Commercial Databases: EbscoHost: Academic Search Premier: Find articles in thousands of journals, newspapers, etc. Jane's Online: Coverage of military & defense equipment. Oxford Analytica : Analysis of events, etc. Strategic Forecasting (STRATFOR): Intelligence Analysis Business Monitor Online: Great for Country Studies Economist Intelligence Unit : Country Reports, Country Profiles, Country Forecast, Country Risk, and business intelligence data Intelink/OSIS Sites ORGANIZATION LIST: Intelink/OSIS SitesORGANIZATION LIST Marine Corps Intelligence Activity : Cultural Awareness, country handbooks National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency DA-IIS Country Research Portal The Department of the Army Intelligence Information Services (DA IIS) has roadmapped the Internet by country National Ground Intelligence Center NGIC is the largest intelligence producer in the US Army. Its mission is to produce and disseminate all-source integrated intelligence on foreign ground forces and supporting combat technologies. Foreign Military Studies Office (FMSO) World Basic Information Library (WBIL) Current baseline information on more than 140 countries which has been selected and validated by reservists with area expertise. Access Pathfinder. Pathfinder (Unclassified) FMSO- WBIL: Pathfinder (Unclassified)FMSO- WBIL Data-mining and visualization tool. Pathfinder ingests nearly a million intelligence reports a day and maintains a 20 year archive. Monitors fast-breaking events and rapidly converts massive amounts of raw, uncorrelated information into the intelligence required by decision-makers and commanders in the field. Pathfinder has become a core enabling technology in the War on Terrorism Open Source Center Intelink Organizations: Open Source CenterIntelink Organizations Formerly the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Translations of political, military, and economic reports from 2,350 publications, 331 radio stations, 153 television stations, 112 news agencies, and hundreds of databases and Web sites in 210 countries and 73 languages. Monitor the Jihadist websites! Analysis Government or Research Document?: Government or Research Document? Defense Technical Information Center Search (DTIC)'s : Register for password. With password can access Private Stinet site at: Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL). Focuses on the collection, analysis, dissemination, and integration of new concepts; Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP); and solutions throughout the Army. STINET: You can download an entire thesis from one of the military academies. Project Foundry: Project Foundry Designed to provide short-duration training events to Military Intelligence soldiers deploying to OIF or OEF.  Is a DA G-2 initiative. Eligibility requirements:   You must meet THREE criteria: before applying for Project Foundry training events and funding:a) You must be Active Duty Army (or mobilized Reserve)b) You must be in an MI MOS, or filling an MI billetc) You must be deploying to OIF or OEF. If you meet these criteria, log onto the SIPRNET Project Foundry website, .  Here, you will find the training opportunities offered and a quarterly request form. Getting an Intelink Account: Getting an Intelink Account You only need an OSIS/Intelink password if you are accessing it from home. To access Intelink from home, go to AKO: The VPN software can be downloaded from this page. Slide 38: Questions?

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