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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: jakobmiller1723


Opening sequences: Opening sequences The Shining : The S hining The opening begins with a slow trumpet sound to build tension which is non diegetic as it is not in the story. The camera zooms in from an establishing wide shot to a canted angle the camera swerves the island in the river. A high hat is added to cause tension and make the audience on edge, after this a mellow eerie sound starts to play. There is a birds eye view on road, following the car, which makes the subject look powerless. The car driving along the road doesn’t fit the scene as it is in an exotic area of mountains and rivers. Also, the music is asynchronous to the car. Another wide establishing shot reveals more mountains and more of the road, to show where the subject is heading. The camera pans and follows the car to show a sense of being watched, this matches the thriller genre. The camera zooms straight into a long shot of the car to seem like they’re being followed, then it zooms past the car to get a clear view of the mountains . This contrast is significant because it makes the viewer on edge, then it makes them more comfortable. The camera resumes to a birds eye view of the subject. Throughout the opening sequence there are very slow paced cuts to show a very gradual build.   It is a very exotic mountain area; the two sides of the river seem to contrast as the left side makes for a good landscape whereas the right side is dried out and desert-like. The lighting is bright because the sun is shining which is significant because it shows that the antagonist is human so it doesn’t need a night time effect to be thrilling. Mission Impossible 2: Mission Impossible 2 The opening sequence is set in a desert which shows isolation and loneliness. On the other hand it could be suggesting that the character is relaxed. The character is the only one who is in the shot which suggests that he is the protagonist. The title is then shown a bright color symbolises fire as they are orange, red and white. There is a diegetic sound when the protagonist is speaking, however in the background you can hear non diegetic sounds. Asynchronously with the wind, the music gets louder and fast paced. Spanish music is introduced to help the viewer understand where the setting is. Ethan gets lots of screen time as he is the only person in the opening sequence. It starts with slow paced shots but gradually picks up as the title is shown. The opening sequence starts with a portrait of the protagonists face, this reveals the setting and somewhat of the character. It zooms in on the protagonists face to show that he has no expression. The next cut shows an extreme close up and we see his glasses which makes the viewer curious. The shot zooms out and pans to show his surroundings. The title somewhat gives away the opening sequence as it expresses a hard mission for the protagonist to overcome. Chronicle: C hronicle At the beginning of the opening sequence for Chronicle it is pitch black but we can hear a camera being set up as it has a distinctive sound. Once the camera is set, we hear the door trying to be unlocked by the boys father, this would be a synchronous sound. We hear the tape rolling which is a pleonastic sound because it is exaggerated. There begins dialogue between the teenager and the drunk father, which shows that the boy is vulnerable and his dad is irresponsible. There is a bang on the door which shows danger and fits the genre of thriller.   The camera is a consistent mid shot of the door in the view of the boy’s camera, the teenager and the door of which the dad is banging on . The shot type doesn’t change to signify that he is prepared for his drunkard father, showing that it happens regularly. Bright flash on the teenagers face to make him stand out . This makes him known as the protagonist.   It is set in a teenager’s bedroom to make the teenager seem trapped. The lighting is very low to symbolise that it is night time. We cannot see what the boy is wearing because it is a silhouette. Looper: L ooper It begins with a close up of a pocket watch to shows that Joe may be waiting for something or somebody. It then cuts to a close up of a man’s straight face that reveals that he is outside, The sound of the tick tock of a watch creates a sound bridge to show that the watch is being held by this man. The camera then pans around his upper body whilst A Conversation starts between the man in the picture and a woman on the phone then zooms away revealing a white sheet in front of him in a crop field which is a mysterious setting. Very suddenly and simultaneously , a man gets shot as he screams and hits the floor. The original man reloads his shotgun then throws it by the body which is dead, death is a convention of the genre thriller. It is set in a crop field with no surroundings to show that the action is secretive. This connects to the very dim lighting because it symbolises that it is set in the early hours of the morning, also it seems more mysterious if it is dark. He is wearing an earpiece which symbolises that he may be an agent of some sort, he also has a pocket watch which shows that he is a professional and perfectionist. This opening sequences has few cuts, an example is the cut from watch to face. The crops may have been darkened to contrast the sky and look more mysterious.  

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