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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: jakobmiller1723


The Full Monty: The Full Monty The opening sequence of The Full Monty contains mise en scene of vehicles, casual clothes and a pond, the effect of this is it gives a realistic setting as opposed to an unlikely setting. On the other hand the male stripper’s posters give a contrasting effect of sexual desire. It also opens with a two shot to show the two men on a car during a flood, this suggests that they are in trouble; however it is shown in a satire manner to show the genre of comedy. A tracking shot consists of the rule of thirds when the camera mainly focuses on Gaz, suggesting that he is the main protagonist. The editing consists of straight cut as the sequence is synchronous to the storyline. The storyline is fast paced. The opening sequences dialogue is non diegetic when showing Sheffield to set the scene. However there is a diegetic sound of police sirens to show that the town is filled with crime, which shows that a lot of illegal activity occurs in Sheffield. This opening is effective because the setting is realistic and also it presents who the characters are before it gets into the story. The Machinist: The Machinist A close up side show of a man talking opens the scene. It appears he is talking to his reflection however he’s talking to another man, the effect of this could be that the audience instantaneously believe he is insane. A slow piano instrumental is playing which creates a mellow, building tension. The location is in an office with low key lighting which is significant for an office; this may show that something bad is approaching. The next cut is a close up of the main characters face. A cross cut between him and the man he is talking to is made, the other man is sitting down and seems to be in charge as he is wearing a suit and looks sophisticated as opposed to the main character who seems mental as he is wide eyed, sweaty and wearing a tatty round neck t-shirt. The next cut is outside, aiming towards the building that the main character is walking out of it. The lighting is now lighter and the camera is low angle facing across the road. The man looks left and right of the road; this is shown with a close up of his face and an eye line match to a car approaching. He attempts to cross the road full knowing that the car could run him over, he appears mental. The car sounds its horn which makes a sound bridge for the cut of in front and behind him . Fast cuts represent that it is a thriller. The music changes and the man has caught eye of a stranger, at this point we realise that the main character is trying to get run over, the director is trying to show that he is unstable. The next shot is in the back seat of the car that the main character had seen to make his move, it is an over shoulder shot. The man runs out in front of the car and a synchronous sound of the breaks screeching matches his grunt of pain. The focus is blurred to show that he is unconscious, this technique suggests that he is still recovering. The screen fades black to indicate that there is going to be a change of scene. A low angle shot of the main characters feet are shown as he limps. A cut to a close up of behind his head shows that he is not thinking straight as he walks into a police station which is obvious because of the uniforms. A reverse shot of the main character and the policeman is done to make the conversation clearer to the audience. Insidious : Insidious The opening sequence opens with a spooky sound with a close up of a bedroom light with writing on it which fades, the viewer feels claustrophobic and worried. The camera then tilts and pans to show a high angle shot of a young boy in bed, this shows how the boy is defenceless. The location is in a boys bedroom which is effective because it shows that the victim is innocent. The lighting is very dark with light on the boy, this shows how he surrounded by darkness. The camera uses a dolly to move around the bedroom, it goes far too the right where we see a lava lamp. It uses continuity editing to go through a wall into another bedroom. The camera follows a track all the way through rooms, synchronous sound of a screech as a shadow of a woman appears, this creates the idea that the woman is haunting the house. The camera zooms in on a mysterious face, the mise en scene of this spooky ghost is a bridesmaids outfit and a candle to signify how or why she might have died. The screen fades black the a sound bridge of the music links the title but with a much more intense, high pitched sound. Saving Private Ryan: Saving Private Ryan The opening setting of Saving Private Ryan is a shot of barricades on the coast, where the enemies are situated. The angle is a canted angle, this shows that the characters are worried and also suggests that something bad will happen. The lighting is low-key which suggest negativity, such as death. It cuts to an establishing shot of a few boats; the camera is handheld to show shakiness of the characters, it also pans left. A close up of a mans hands to show that it is shivering cold. The scene then cuts to a medium close up of a man drinking a bottle of water. The camera then tracks backwards, revealing other soldiers on the same boat. We make a personal connection when the two soldiers are sick because it shows us their emotions. This is effective because it makes the audience feel weak and scared. Therefore, it will set the scene of a horrifying and disastrous battlefield.

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