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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: jakobmiller1723


Inception : Inception The setting is in the sea by come high rocks, ambient sounds of waves crashing to show that the setting is dangerous. The camera pans around to show the audience the waves moving towards a rock, it also reveals the exotic location with high key lighting. The camera then cuts to a close up of a young man lying on the ground unconscious. A slow paced music comes in as the camera cuts from the young man to a small child playing with sand; this is a mid shot which implies that the character is not significant. A close up of the man is then shown, which cuts to a long two shot of children playing, this signifies that it’s from the man’s eye line match. The camera yet again crosses cuts between the view of children and the tired expression on the man’s face; the children are wearing summery clothes to set the mood. A Chinese man then appears as a police officer to check the man lying on the ground, we see this from a low angle shot, and it then cuts to an establishing wide shot to the rocks near where another officer is. The camera goes inside a building full of strangers. The sound grumbles as a close up on a gun is revealed; subtitles are shown which implies that they are foreign. The young man is brought into the house with a long shot to show his strange surroundings and a sound bridge is made of grumbling. A reverse shot of the young man eating, the second cut is over the shoulder and the camera is aiming at the foreign leader. We know he is the leader because of how he dresses, suit and tie. The old man plays with a treadle; this is shown with a close up on the table. The scene has rhythm, slow modest soundtrack and cutting pace. The location inside the building is very peaceful but also a bit eerie as the people are secretive. The dreidel is shown then a close up of the old man is presented to show that he is very old. Kill Bill Volume 1: Kill Bill Volume 1 The opening sequence contains mise en scene of a wedding dress, but at first only the veil is in show, this may suggest that she was going to get married before violence occurred, this shows that the genre is thriller. Mise en scene also includes a tissue that has ‘Bill’ engraved, this may show that the antagonist is the one cleaning the brides face, suggesting a battle is going to happen. The blood from the brides face implies that she was violently attacked; this gives a theme of revenge. A high angle shot of on the bride shows her fear and worry, this makes her seem vulnerable. A tracking shot on the footsteps gives a feel of hostility, exaggerating that there is danger to come. Sounds of footsteps imply that a crucial part of the plot is about to begin, this is effective because it makes the audience pay attention. After this, heavy breathing begins which indicates pain and fatigue from the protagonist. Straight cuts are used a lot to keep the scene flowing. It starts in black and white to show that it is a piece from the past. Silence of the Lambs: Silence of the Lambs The opening has synchronous sound of a bird screeching in a forest and music. During the first shot, which is a long take and long shot, an old fashioned dialogue starts to play which sounds like its being played on an old tape. The location is very foggy and is in a forest, the camera tilts down to show a big slope. The lighting is very dull; this shows that the scene is lacking liveliness. A girl comes into view climbing the slope whilst pulling himself up with a rope, a pleonastic sound of the boy breathing is played. As the girl gets closer to the camera she goes from long shot to mid shot to close up. Along with a sound bridge, a cut is made as she rests then begins to run through the woods. The camera starts off from behind to make it seem like she is running towards the unknown. A match on action of her running through the forest is used to show her heavy breathing and expression. Continuity editing is shown as the camera gets a view of the girl running from the side. She arrives at a net obstacle which the camera does a 180 degree shot around . The effect of this sequence is to show how dedicated the girl is and that she is not just a nobody. The genre is thriller, this is presented by the setting and lighting of a dark forest. Saw: Saw A sound of water trickling opens the scene, a close up of a man beneath water is then shown; this makes the initial sound ambient. The picture then fades black then the title ‘Saw’. It then goes back to the original close up, the lighting is very dark and is hard to capture what is going on; this is significant because it makes the audience feel trapped. Quick panicking sounds from the man as he tries breathe sound bridges from the cut of a close up to a long shot. From what we can see the location is inside and the man is in a bath with dirty tiled walls. A second person’s voice is also panicking. A mysterious voice seems to surround the room, this signifies the antagonist. The lighting quickly goes from dark to very bright as the lights are turned on, this makes the audience uncomfortable. A close up of the first man is shown to show him squinting and in pain. He is wearing what seems to be pyjamas which shows that he is just a normal man. Cross cutting from the lights to the man shows why he is struggling to adjust to the light. The person who was the second voice is shown with a mid shot; he is very sweaty which shows that he is terrified. He is wearing casual clothes which signifies that he too is just a normal man. The next cut is very blurred, but then comes into focus to show how the man is finding it hard to focus. The title ‘SAW’ is in red which represents blood and alert, matching the genre of thriller.

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