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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: jakobmiller1723


Source Code: S ource Code The scene opens with a close up on distressed mans face leaning against a window, this shows that he is worried and makes the audience worried too. The camera begins to shake a little to show that he is adjusting to where he is because he is confused. The location is in a train which is significant because he can’t escape. This shows that he may be in danger as he looks around nervously. An over the shoulder reverse shot of him and a woman talking shows that he has company, the woman is friendly and is not a threat. The lighting out the window is light to show that he’d be safe on the other side of the window, outside is a surrounding woodland area in the middle of nowhere. There is an eye line match cut to a mid shot of a random man, this shows that the main character is weary. Next, the camera does an extreme close up on his shoe as tea is spilt on it to show that he is getting frantic, this is shown by a close up which shows his face as concerned. A mid shot of the woman who spilt the tea is shown to represent her as rude, this makes the audience uncomfortable. The main character is paranoid because a mid shot of another man is then shown. A two shot of the main character and his woman friend shows that they are friendly too each other and know each other personally. One of the lasts cuts are of a mysterious bag which shows that it may be significant in the future. PowerPoint Presentation: The opening sequence opens with a pan on a man running, the ambient sound of gentle breeze and sea is synchronous with the man running. There is a sound bridge from when the camera cuts from man to woman jumping in the sea to show that they’re in the same place at the same time. The lighting is dark which is significant because a beach tends to be bright and lively, this suggests that something bad is going to happen. The fact that it is at a beach makes it exotic and therefore has a stronger effect on the audience. The long shot of the woman shows that she is naked, this suggests that she is like bait to the shark that is yet to come. The next cut possibly could be an eye line match, it is an establishing wide shot of the sea to show that she is small and vulnerable. The next cut is almost like a jump shot because now the shot is close up of the woman as she comes above the water. A low angle shot is made on the woman to show that something mysterious is lurking beneath her. The shot then contrasts to a high angle shot to show that she is weak compared to what lies beneath. The woman and man are shouting to each other because they’re at a distance from each other, this makes the woman alone and in despair. Eerie music starts to play synchronous with the woman swimming, it starts to build as the shark gets closer to show that the shark is dangerous and strong. This is a shocking opening because the atmosphere changes within seconds. The effect this has on the viewer is the viewer always believes that there is danger lurking beneath the water in any point of the film. Layer Cake: Layer Cake This opening sequence contains a few settings; the location of a prison gives a sense of criminal activity amongst the characters. There also is a secret warehouse that the criminals use to store drugs; this shows what type of crime the film involves. Estate agents and accountants make a realistic effect as they are common places that ordinary people visit. A crane with a dolly is used to show the whole setting of where the crimes take place. The depth of field shows the whole gang. Daniel Craig is more focused on than the others because it implies that he is the main person. There is non diegetic sound of the protagonist narrating to describe the scene and what is happening. The music track is quick paced to imply that it is a thriller. The sound of ambulances is diegetic which makes the scene seem a bit more realistic because it is common. A lot of the opening sequence uses straight cuts to speed up the intro. Match on action is used when the protagonist leaves the office . The genre of thriller is indicated by fast cuts and also the music is fast paced. Dark Knight Rises: Dark Knight Rises The scene starts off with a high angle shot on an aeroplane with ambient sound of an engine running along with mellow music in the background. The camera lowers into an establishing wide shot of an exotic location with semi high key lighting. There is a cut to inside of the aeroplane to a mid shot of a man as someone else is talking behind him, the camera then turns into a long shot of the people behind him. The lighting is high especially the lighting which comes through the door which would be an edit. The people are wearing casual clothes to show that they may be henchmen, as opposed to the man with a black bag over his head. The camera goes to a high angle shot to show that the plane might be in danger even though the supposed protagonists don’t know it yet, in sync with this the music starts to pick up. The camera goes back into the plane as one of the good henchmen lean the antagonist out of the plane with a gun to his head, and then comes a mysterious sounding voice by the main antagonist who we haven’t yet discovered. The protagonist that sets the floor has a conversation with the main antagonist; the camera shows this by a reverse shot and using the 180 degree rule. There is a cross cut between these two characters to show significance in their conversation. The main antagonist is revealed with a low key lighting and wears a mask that covers most of his face; this is a typical representation of an antagonist. A quick cut of another establishing wide shot show the plane is still in a green area in the middle of nowhere. As the main antagonist reveals more, it switches between close up and establishing wide shot, this time the wide shot consists of two aeroplanes. Now, a low angle shot is shown on one of the planes to show that it is control of the antagonist . This is an effective opening because the protagonists and antagonists are trapped on a plane and have no choice but to fight for survival.  

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