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Information about Openid Drupalcon 2008

Published on March 10, 2008

Author: walkah



My talk on OpenID, Drupal's implementation and the future of OpenID in Drupal for DrupalCon Boston 2008

OpenID + Identity the future of user module

what is identity?

who are you?

James Ransom Walker


Director of Education

July 10, 1977


unique identifier

digital identity

walkah user/37 user/12 user/James_Walker

it’s a mess

what is OpenID?

OpenID is a free and easy way to use a single digital identity across the Internet.


globally unique

identifier (like a passport ID)

anyone can provide

users can choose



certificate-based authentication

two factor authentication


OpenID 2.0

directed identity

“anonymous login”



SREG Simple REGistration Protocol

AX Attribute eXchange

PAPE Provider Authentication Policy Extension

identity is central

semantic web

OpenID is not

OpenID is not an account

OpenID is not a trust framework

(although central to building one)

what about Drupal?

what’s in core?

Relying Party support

creates local accounts

associate multiple OpenIDs

OpenID 2.0

directed identity (works with yahoo!)

what’s not in core?

OpenID Provider support

(full) SREG support

Attribute eXchange

what can Drupal do better?

core support for...

multiple authentication systems

limiting authentication systems

weighting authentication systems

removing assumptions

users = username and password

and user/37 user/12 user/James_Walker

F T A proposal R D

OpenID provider


directed identity “”

wanna help?

thank you

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