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Published on March 8, 2014

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Eu-Med Homer Project - Piolot a updates - Malta presentation

HACK4MED Pilot A Updates Veneto Region Gianluigi Cogo Veneto PM Malta, March 12th 2014

Outline • Overview of activities • Preparation activities (Local workshops organization, Datasets and OD Portals, Datasets testing) • Hack4Med organization activities (Choice of venue, duration, team and sponsors; Choice of local award committee and awards; Contribution to communication; Organization of Call for ideas and Registration)

Hack4Med – Save the dates!  17 May 2014: Hack4Med event • Projects evaluation by local award committee and awards assignement  ??June 2014: Transnational awards • During the HOMER final conference in Turin • 5 Transnational award will be assigned by the transnational award committee

Hack4Med Pilot A - activities overview 2013 July Preparation • Guidelines • Local workshops • Datasets and OD portals • OD portals testing • Hack4MED organisation Hack4MED • Competition launch – Call for Ideas • Hackathon events (17 May 2014) • Evaluation Transnational Award Ceremony (XX June 2014) 2014 Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June

Activities covered  Guidelines’ final version approved • • Approval of Guidelines’ final version the 8th November (7th November was the deadline for comments by Pilot A partners) •  Submission of Guidelines’ final version the 31st October 2013 with agreement of territories involved February 2014: Guidelines’ updated version (date of events) Datasets & OD Portals • From 31December 2013 Partners participating in the Pilot A had OD portals in order to expose their datasets opened and federated  Datasets testing • February 2014: Partners, leaded by test datasets, tested datasets, according to the technological inputs provided by CSI Piedmont

Overview of Hack4Med upcoming activities

Partners’ upcoming activities (1) Deadline Activity 30 April 2014 Local workshops Held by partners with local stakeholders, in order to present the HOMER project and the Hack4Med objectives and to gather suggestions for Hack4Med

Local workshops: local progress Partner Veneto Region Pilot A local workshops already held 1 workshop in Venice (15/10/2013) with local public stakeholders 1 workshop in Padua (25/10/2013) with private stakeholders in collaboration with Confindustria 1 workshop in Venice (11/11/2013) with ICT students at Venice University 1 workshop in Venice (03/02/2014) with local public stakeholders Emilia Romagna Region 1 worhshop in Bologna (16/10/2013) at Smart City exibition 1 Pilot A presentation at the Open Data Day in Bologna (04/12/2013) 1 workshop in Bologna during Open Data Day in Bologna (22/02/2014) Piedmont Region None Corse Region None Decentralized 1 workshop (04/12/2013) Administration of Crete 1 worskshop (16/12/2013) Future Pilot A local workshops 1 workshop (04/04/2014) during Veneto Regione Open Data Day 1 workshop (28/03/2014) during SOD meeting 1 workshop (10/04/2014, 15.00-18.00) 1 Barcamp (26/03/2014, 15.00-18.00) 1 Barcamp (08/05/2014, 15.00-18.00) 1 workshop (12/03/2014, 13.00 - 15.00) with a local college of Ajaccio - 1 workshop (13/03/2014, 10.00-12.00) with University of Corsica 1 workshop (20-21/03/2014) 1 workshop (04/2014) to attract students, ICT researchers, developers and companies University of Crete None 1 workshop (20/03/2014) 2 seminars before the Hackathon event in University Institutions to attract students, ICT researchers, developers and companies 2 workshops with students, ICT researchers developers and companies Mediterranean University of Montenegro First workshop (27/01/2014) with ICT students and programmers Second Workshop (26/02/2014) with stakeholders and PA during IT 2014 conference in Montenegro. AGAPA - Andalusia 1 workshop in Sevilla (28/11/2013) with Public administration, Private sector, 1 workshop (15-30/03/2014) wtih University University and research, Associations and Local media of Seville 1 workshop (15-30/03/2014) wtih University of Cordoba

Partners’ upcoming activities (2) [Please, refer to the working group later] New Deadlines Activity 31 March 2014 Choice of location and duration (if more than 24 hours) 31 March 2014 Choice of sponsors (and indications about any awards offered and other contribution) 15 March 2014 Communication activities planning (website and social network) 15 March 2014 Call for ideas organization (web based, with polling system, through Hack4Med portal. Choice of launch date) 31 March 2014 Choice of local Hack4Med team 31 March 2014 Choice of local award committee and local awards 15 April 214 Registration organization (web based)

Hack4Med organization activities (Please, refer to the working group later)

Aspects to be considered: Partners have to make choices about: 1. Location/venue for Hack4Med 2. Extension time of the event 3. Sponsors and their support to the event 4. Local team involved in Hack4Med 5. Local award committee 6. Awards to be assigned 7. Call for Idea (launch date) Partners have also to contribute to: - Communication of Hack4Med - Registration

1. Choice of the location/venue Deadline: 31 March 2014 Choose a venue • with the right size and style • located somewhere accessible for most of the attendees • with a solid Internet connection, preferably with both wired and wireless networking • with enough tables, chairs, power outlet and other facilities, and a food area (best in a separate area)

2. Extension time Deadline: 31 march 2014 • Hack4Med will last 24 hours at least (from 3 pm of Saturday 17th, May to 3 pm of Sunday 18, May). • Partners may decide to extend the hackathon length over one day (ref. Agapa local workshop). • Allow additional time in order to present the results to the jury is to be evaluated (ref. Agapa local workshop)

3. Involvment of sponsors (1) Deadline: 31 March 2014 Aims: Cover event costs, support the Hack4Med running, increase the event reputation Possible sponsors: Information Technology vendors, local governments , local businesses, software development firms, trade associations, educational institutions, etc.

3. Involvment of sponsors (2) Possible sponsors’ contributions: • Venue, food and beverage, wi-fi infrastructures, Web structure (hosting) for the development of applications, Basic material such as notebooks, pens, etc., Rest area (armchairs, etc.), other facilities for the event and “gadgets” (e.g. t-shirts) • National awards (e.g.: technology-based awards, service-based awards, training or job-based awards) • People to support the event (Hack4Med team) • Sponsors can also take part to the evaluation process, depending on their expertise. On the other hand, sponsors’ visibility has to be ensured!

4. Assembling a local team for the event Deadline: 31 march 2014 Main roles to be covered: • Facilitator - The person who manages the Hackathon process and general management • Social Media Manager - This person will Tweet and update Facebook and Google+ • Room Manager -The room manager is someone that people can go to when they are status for your event. They can manage the social media tools for the event. not sure what to do and would like some direction. People who attend may have little or no experience with Hackathons. The room manager is the go-to person for those who do not know what to do or how they can help. Attendees have to be informed about the ways of participating (competing, as a jury or as an expert helping participants).

5. Choice of the local award committee Deadline: 31 March 2014 Each partner has to select a local award committee formed by 5 members (included a representative of each partner involved in the project), that will assign awards at the national level, immediately at the end of the Hackathon day or 1 week after, in order to allow the jury better evaluate the projects (ref. Agapa local workshop). Profiles of the members:  representatives with different backgrounds . (economic, technological, legal, communication backgrounds);  representatives of different organizations (research and university, public institutions, NGOs, firm association).

6. Choice of local awards (1) Deadline: 31 March 2014 • Each local award committee chooses the local award categories, but one category is mandatory for all territories: BEST HOMER Federation Open Data Reuse App (App developed reusing federated OD sets). • The local winner of BEST HOMER Federation OD reuse APP will participate to final transnational awards assignment. • Evaluation criteria for Best HOMER Federation OD reuse APP are the same for all local committees.

6. Choice of local awards (2) Evaluation criteria • Evaluation criteria for BEST HOMER Federation OD Reuse App are: 1. Number of federated Open Data sets reused 2. Level of development (idea, prototype or fully working solution) 3. Technological dimension (sub-criteria to evaluate: scalability, accessibility, interoperability) 4. Innovativeness in the local contest

6. Choice of local awards (3) • Other possible award categories at local level: • “Best OD reuse APP” • “Best solution for a PA identified problem” • “Best thematic digital application (agriculture, energy, tourism, environment, culture)” • “Best under 21’ solution” • “Best Sponsor addressed solution” • …… • Evaluation criteria for local categories will be defined by local award committees.

6. Choice of local awards (4) Possible awards • Awards can consist in:  Official project recognition (Homer plaque or medallion)  A trip to Turin for the final Homer conference and transnational awards assignment (for maximum 2 person of a winning team). Depend by local budget availability.  Technology-based or service-based awards (role of sponsors required)  Training or job-based award (e.g. internship contracts) (role of sponsors required)  Help the development of the application, enabling contact with experts or groups of users in the rest of public administrations  University credits (role of sponsors required)  Promotion in partners’ websites, or in specialized media, etc. (role of sponsors required)

7. Call for Ideas organization Deadline: 15 March 2014 • The web-based “Call for ideas” will precede Hackathons. • There will be a single call for each local event. • Deadline for the launch of the call is 7 April 2014 (40 days before the official Hackathon day). Each partner has to choose the launch date (if 7 April 2014 or before).

The contribution to Hack4Med Local Communication Deadline: 15 March 2014 (planning) • Each partner will have to disseminate locally Hack4Med through its website and the social networks.

The contribution to Registration Deadline: 15 April 2014 • The Hack4Med website will manage the registration of the participants to the Hackathon (Eventbrite is raccomended). • Registrations will be closed when the maximum number of participants will be reached.

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