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Information about OPEN TOURISM ROME sept 22

Published on December 24, 2008

Author: aSGuest8065


Slide 1: “Open Tourism” Cultural heritage tourism enhanced by open technologies and u-commercefor sustainable development EUROPEAN COMMISSION – FP6 THE SIXTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME RTD: Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Priority 2: INFORMATION SOCIETY TECHNOLOGIES: Integrating and Strengthening the European Research Area Applications and services for the mobile user and worker Slide 2: DEMONSTRATIONS MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES OPEN TOURISM U-COMMERCE DELIVERABLES PARTNERS EUROPEAN CALL Slide 3: DEMONSTRATIONS 1- Rome : Imperial forums 2- Athens : From Acropolis to Parthenon 3- Chateaux de la Loire : (or Paris : tbc) 4- Vatican : Vatican Museum (tbc) Slide 4: 2- Objectives The objective is to demonstrate the benefits of mobile technologies, open systems and u-commerce for sustainable development. This will be performed through the development of mobile location based services in cultural heritage tourism in four demonstration sites : Rome , Athens, the Region Pays de la Loire (or City of Paris) and the Museum of Vatican. Slide 5: DEMONSTRATIONS MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES OPEN TOURISM U-COMMERCE DELIVERABLES PARTNERS EUROPEAN CALL Slide 6: Cell phones pdas Tablet PC laptop TOUR ML (tourism XML) Less possibilities All tourists And guides Have one Greatest number of possibilities Nearly no tourists Or guides Have one TOUR DM (tourism Data Model) WAP GPRS i-mode GPS BlueTooth Wi Fi UMTS 2 G 2,5 G 3 G POSITIONNING TOUR Style (Style Sheet Parser) TOUR CMS (Content Mgt System) INTERNET ACCESS GENERATION Slide 7: DEMONSTRATIONS MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES OPEN TOURISM U-COMMERCE DELIVERABLES PARTNERS EUROPEAN CALL Slide 8: Main benefits that will come as a result of Open Tourism project are: For the mobile user : the cultural tourist A cell-phone equipped tourist has signed up for Tour of the Imperial Forum. When the tourist turns on the service, he receives historical information relevant to a chosen distance and personalized query from the tourist . Slide 9: The aim is to give to the user an enhancement and a personalization of his cultural heritage tourism experience. The tourist will receive for instance : information about cultural heritage site ; The access to information such as entrance fees, opening days and hours, and featured exhibits for the full range of tourist attractions and events ; The finding of nearby services (e.g., a book shop, a café, a restaurant, an ATM, near the cultural heritage site) so that he make best use of their limited vacation time. Slide 10: Even if the majority of tourist have cell-phones, the possibility of renting Pocket-PCs or Tablet-PCs for the visit of the Imperial Forums will be experienced in Rome by the City of Rome. This allow a much wider range of multimedia content delivery for each of the items of the above scenario. In any case, these multimedia devices will be used by the mobile workers : the cultural guides of the Imperial Forum. Slide 11: For mobile worker : the cultural guide The City of Rome decided to experiment the usage of wireless multimedia devices (Pocket-PC / Tablet-PC) for the cultural guides of the Imperial Forums. The system will allow the mobile cultural guide to have access to : Expert knowledge about the cultural heritage site ; multi-language translations of that knowledge ; Virtual Reality 3D images about the appearances of the memorials in Ancient Times. Big screens of tablet-PCs might be shown to the tourists, especially inside the Trajan Market (indoor) within the Imperial Forums ; Information about the availability of other cultural guides that might be specialized in some languages or some topics Slide 12: At the global level of the knowledge economy the expected benefits are a contribution to sustainable growth and improving competitiveness businesses involved in the project as well as the efficiency and transparency of the cities of Rome and Athens, of the Region Pays de la Loire (or City of Paris) in France and of the State of Vatican. Slide 13: DEMONSTRATIONS MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES OPEN TOURISM U-COMMERCE DELIVERABLES PARTNERS EUROPEAN CALL Slide 14: U-tourism is an application of U-commerce the next-generation commerce. It is defined as the use of ubiquitous networks to support personalized and uninterrupted communications and transactions between a firm and its various stakeholders to provide a level of value over, above, and beyond traditional commerce, and in this case over, above, and beyond traditional tourism. It is characterized by 4-Us; ubiquity, universality, uniqueness, and unison. Slide 15: UBIQUITY UNIVERSALITY UNIQUENESS UNISON Slide 16: UBIQUITY UNIVERSALITY UNICITY UNISON wireless roaming (telecom continuity) and triband global positionning system (satellite). bluetooth (customized local network) cell phones - PDA - laptops Slide 17: Ubiquity is the ability to receive information via most any mobile device via any network. Universality is ability for the mobile devices to work everywhere and incorporate multiple functions (e.g., phone, PDA, camera, GPS, Web browser). Uniqueness is ability of the system to feed information that is relevant to the tourist’s particular location, preferences, time-of-day, and other context related characteristics. Unison is the ability for any change made on one of the devices, like the mobile phone, to be made automatically on the other devices, like the PDA or the laptop computer. It may also be synchronized among a group. Slide 18: DEMONSTRATIONS MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES OPEN TOURISM U-COMMERCE DELIVERABLES PARTNERS EUROPEAN CALL Slide 19: TourDM (Tourism Data Model) TourML (Tourism Extended MarkUp Language) TourStyle (Tourism Style Sheet) TourCMS (Tourism Content Management System) TourImplement (Implementation Methodology) Accessibility compliance Open Source Standards Open Tourism Consortium Deliverables Slide 20: WP : workpackages Slide 21: DEMONSTRATIONS MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES OPEN TOURISM U-COMMERCE DELIVERABLES PARTNERS EUROPEAN CALL Slide 22: PARTNERS University of Nantes (coordinator) ; City of Rome ; LUISS University (Rome) ; University of Athens ; City of Athens (tbc) ; Vatican Museums (tbc) ; Région Pays de la Loire or city of Paris (tbc) ; Expert System (Italian SME) ; French SME or IBM France (tbc) ; EXODUS (greek SME) ; MINERVA (European network of Ministeries of Culture) (tbc) Slide 23: DEMONSTRATIONS MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES OPEN TOURISM U-COMMERCE DELIVERABLES PARTNERS EUROPEAN CALL Slide 24: Applications and Services for the Mobile User and worker Objective: To foster the emergence of rich landscape of innovative applications and services for the mobile user and worker and to support the use and development of new work methods and collaborative work environments. These should be based on interoperable mobile, wireless technologies and the convergence of fixed and mobile communication infrastructures. Slide 25: Such applications and services will enable new business models, new ways of working, improved customer relations and government services in any context. The target applications and services will be capable of being seamlessly accessed and provided anywhere, anytime and in any context. Slide 26: Focus is on: The integration of technologies into a wide range of innovative mobile and multimodal applications and services including workplace designs that enhance creativity and productivity: Intelligent, adaptive and self-configuring services that deploy wearable interfaces and enable automatic context-sensitivity, user profiling and personalisation in a trusted and secure environment as well as multi-lingual and multi-cultural presentation, and multiple modes of interaction; Novel workplace designs and methods of work organisation that enable collaboration of multi-location and mobile workers and can increase participation in, and access to work in remote and rural areas. . . Slide 27: Addressing the major hurdles for the deployment of applications and services for the mobile user so as to ensure: Openness and interoperability of service development and provision environments, including location-based services compatible with existing and emerging satellite infrastructures (e.g. Galileo), Interoperability of services and roaming across heterogeneous networks, and service environments including e.g. working, billing, payment, ticketing and accounting services, as well as seamless access to corporate and government resources. .

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