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Information about Open Source for Real 2014 - Enterprise DB: Postgres for Enterprise

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: alexrenna



Open Source for Real 2014 - Enterprise DB: Postgres for Enterprise

Open Source Postgres Database for Real 26.2.2014 © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 1

Introduction to EDB © 2013 EDB All rights reserved 8.1. 2

! ! ! Providing enterprises with the cost-performance benefits of Postgres by offering the products, resources, support and dependability required for high-level commercial applications.! • 140+ employees • 2,500+ customers across all market segments • Global presence with offices in North America, Europe, Asia • Fast growing: 60%+ YOY sales growth in 2012, 80%+ YOY 2013 • Strong financial banking: © 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 3

EDB Serves All Your Postgres Needs PostgreSQL Postgres Plus Advanced Server High Availability REMOTE DBA © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. Performance 24x7 SUPPORT Postgres Plus Cloud Database Management PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 4 TRAINING

EDB Serves All Your Postgres Needs PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Postgres Plus Advanced Server High Availability REMOTE • The world's most DBA advanced open source database © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. Performance 24x7 SUPPORT Postgres Plus Cloud Database Management PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 5 TRAINING

EDB Serves All Your Postgres Needs Postgres Plus Advanced Plus Postgres Server PostgreSQL Advanced Server High Availability REMOTE DBA Performance Management • Oracle compatibility 24x7 PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT SERVICES • Enhanced security & performance © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. Postgres Plus Cloud Database 6 TRAINING

EDB Serves All Your Postgres Needs Postgres Plus PostgreSQL Postgres Plus Advanced Server High Availability REMOTE DBA © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. Performance Cloud Database Postgres Plus Cloud Database Management • Elastic scaling TRAINING • Automatic back-up PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 24x7 SUPPORT • Fast & easy deployment 7

Product road-map Enterprise-class features & tools Services & training 24/7 support Control Get The Best Of Both Worlds Indemnification POSTGRES ENTERPRISE innovation reliability Low cost Advanced features No vendor lock-in © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. Fast development cycles 8 Thousands of developers

New Gartner ODBMS Magic Quadrant Gartner Comments: •  Community leadership — EnterpriseDB is the primary contributor to the PostgreSQL community and is responsible for many new features of PostgreSQL, including JSON. •  Functionality — The functionality of EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus has increased greatly, and with the Oracle Compatibility Feature is now more than sufficient to run both mission-critical and non-mission-critical applications. •  Stability and compatibility — References specifically call out compatibility with Oracle, the stability of the DBMS and product support as strengths. © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 9

EDB Global 1000 Customers Accenture ADP Aetna AT&T AutoZone BAE Systems Banco do Brasil Boeing Bouygues Telecom Broadcom Cisco Systems Citigroup Cognizant Technology Solutions Computer Associates Computer Science Corporation Deere & Company Dell Deutsche Boerse AG eBay EMC Corporation Emerson Electric Ericsson Fujitsu General Electric (GE) Google Grupo BBVA HP IBM ICICI Infosys JPMorgan Chase KDDI KT Kubota Kyocera Lockheed Martin The World’s Largest Corporations FORTUNE GLOBAL MasterCard International McKesson Mizuho Information & Research Institute Mosaic ATM Motorola NEC Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Nokia © 2013 EnterpriseDB. Privileged and Confidential. All rights reserved. © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 10 10 Northrop Grumman Nucor ONGEI Panasonic QUALCOMM Raytheon RSA SAP Schneider Electric Seagate Siemens SK Telecom Softbank Sony Swisscom Symantec Syngenta Crop Protection Tata Consultancy Services Telstra The GAP Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Toyota Union Pacific Railroad VMWare Walt Disney Wipro Xerox Yahoo

Finance Solution - - Postgres Plus Advanced Server on SLES - Integrated with Veritas Netbackup and BMC Patrol - Migration from Oracle of 300 databases - New applications for core banking (J2EE) Global bank with presence in 32 countries 7.457 offices 110.645 employees 50 million customers 598.000M€ in assets. Results -  -  -  They used to drop 61% of new projects due to lack of budget. Now, new applications are deployed on Postgres Plus Advanced Server, there's a higher rate of new processes implemented, which improve their competitiveness. Cost reduction. They keep flat the usage of Oracle Licenses. One Oracle database comes in, one Oracle database is migrated to PPAS. © 2013 EDB All rights reserved 8.1. 11

Postgres & Postgres Plus © 2013 EDB All rights reserved 8.1. 12

Postgres: A Proven Track Record •  Most mature open source RDBMS technology" •  Enterprise-class features (built like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server)" •  Strong, independent community driving rapid innovation" Fully ACID Compliant MVCC Point in Time Recovery (PITR)‫‏‬ Data and Index Partitioning Bitmap Indexes ANSI Constraints Triggers & Stored Functions Views & Data Types Nested Transactions Online Backup Online Reorganization Foreign Keys Streaming Replication Multi-Core Support 13 © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 13

Postgres Plus: A Super-Set of Features Synchronized with and contributing to the PostgreSQL community © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 14

POSTGRES PLUS FEATURES Security Tools Performance Compatibility © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 15

POSTGRES PLUS FEATURES Security •  Fine Grained Audit Logging •  Row Level Security (VPD) •  SQL Injection attack guard •  Server-side code protection •  EAL2 certification © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 16

POSTGRES PLUS FEATURES Bundled Tools •  Oracle, SQL Server & PostgreSQL to Postgres Plus replication •  Enterprise management, monitoring, and tuning •  Oracle, SQL Server & MySQL to Postgres Plus Migration Tools •  Update Monitor © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 17

POSTGRES PLUS FEATURES Performance •  Faster Partitioning •  SQL Profiler – fix slow workloads •  Bulk Data Loader - 2x faster •  Index Advisor - speeds up inquiries •  Query Hints - optimizer control •  DynaTune - memory upgrades •  Bulk Collect/Fetch/Binding of arrays •  Dynamic runtime statistics reveals SQL wait bottlenecks - 400x faster writes & 76x faster selects © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 18

POSTGRES PLUS FEATURES Oracle Compatibility •  Faster, easier migrations •  PL/SQL, OCI support •  Oracle SQL extensions •  User defined objects •  Function packages •  Database links •  Oracle-like tools: EDB*Loader, EDB*Plus, EDB*Wrap © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 19

Oracle Compatibility © 2013 EDB All rights reserved 8.1. 20

Oracle Compatibility •  •  •  •  Run applications written for Oracle virtually unchanged No need to re-train Oracle DBAs and developers Support for PL/SQL language and OCI interoperability Replication for easy sharing of data 21 © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 21

Assessing Ease of Migration" 1 Analyze Oracle Schema Layout: Static Analysis of Oracle Schema and database layout 2 Review features used in Oracle client application: Static Analysis of Source Code Developer Interviews 22 © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 22

Assessing Ease of Migration (con’t)" 3 4 Evaluate results along 5 axis using proven algorithms: Migration Plan •  Score of 1 – 10 assigned based on analysis of steps 1 and 2 −  1 difficult – 10 minimal effort" •  Work arounds for identified missing features •  Time estimates given in person weeks 23 © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 23

Cost Avoidance © 2013 EDB All rights reserved 8.1. 24

All about efficiency… © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 25

Oracle pricing comparison EDB Maintenance Discount $/socket x86 End User Price $/socket x86 $4.945,00 0,00% 3.863,28 € Oracle List Price Processor Factor Actual Discount End User Price Maintenace price License Cost Cores/Socket 4 6 8 16 Sockets License $/core 0,5 Discount $47.500,00 0,00% 50,00% 18.554,69 € 4.082,03 € €/core €/core Maintenance Difference Oracle EnterpriseDB Difference % Oracle EnterpriseDB % 100,00% 76,34% 1 74.218,75 € 0,00 € 16.328,13 € 3.863,28 € 100,00% 76,34% 2 148.437,50 € 0,00 € 32.656,25 € 7.726,56 € 100,00% 76,34% 4 296.875,00 € 0,00 € 65.312,50 € 15.453,13 € 100,00% 84,23% 1 111.328,13 € 0,00 € 24.492,19 € 3.863,28 € 100,00% 84,23% 2 222.656,25 € 0,00 € 48.984,38 € 7.726,56 € 100,00% 84,23% 4 445.312,50 € 0,00 € 97.968,75 € 15.453,13 € 100,00% 88,17% 1 148.437,50 € 0,00 € 32.656,25 € 3.863,28 € 100,00% 88,17% 2 296.875,00 € 0,00 € 65.312,50 € 7.726,56 € 100,00% 88,17% 4 593.750,00 € 0,00 € 130.625,00 € 15.453,13 € 100,00% 94,08% 1 296.875,00 € 0,00 € 65.312,50 € 3.863,28 € 100,00% 94,08% 2 593.750,00 € 0,00 € 130.625,00 € 7.726,56 € 100,00% 94,08% 4 1.187.500,00 € 0,00 € 261.250,00 € 15.453,13 € © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 26

License Creep Cost Avoidance CORES NEW Hardware Upgrades POSGRES EXISTING LICENSES Y1 PLUS EXISTING Y2 Y3 Y4 Optimize with Postgres Plus: Increase Control: •  All possible NEW apps on Postgres Plus •  Reduce dependencies on vendors •  Move easy-to-migrate existing apps over time •  Improve negotiating leverage •  Re-assign existing licenses to accommodate expansion from HW upgrades and core apps •  Lower costs over time © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 27

Services, Support & Training © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 28

Technical Support •  7 x 24 customer support •  Global ‘follow the sun’ team •  Team includes highly-visible PostgreSQL community members (including committers) •  Staff members in US, Europe and India •  Constant customer satisfaction feedback loop © 2011 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved. © 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 29 29

© 2013 EnterpriseDB Corporation. All rights reserved. 30

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CharlesTari | 30/03/15
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Presentation to the LITA Forum 7th November 2014 Albuquerque, NM

Un recorrido por los cambios que nos generará el wearabletech en el futuro

Um paralelo entre as novidades & mercado em Wearable Computing e Tecnologias Assis...

Microsoft finally joins the smartwatch and fitness tracker game by introducing the...

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