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Published on October 24, 2014

Author: vigraham



All things open 2014, speaking deck.
On lessons learned doing open source at PayPal.

1. PayPal Open-source Stuff that we learned when we opened up

2. Hi! I work at PayPal I run infrastructure and platforms @saranyan Engineer Experimenter Hacker @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

3. @saranyan | PayPal Engineering At PayPal we are trying build platforms that don’t look like this

4. 1. Challenges at PayPal 2. What we learned from those 3. How we are turning things around @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

5. Understanding open source @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

6. We assume - Open source is using stuff that is openly available and submitting pull requests for enhancements @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

7. It is a culture of collaboration and transparency @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

8. Challenge #1 Legacy Stacks @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

9. Poor building blocks @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

10. Challenge #2 It is costly to pivot @saranyan | PayPal Engineering Business demands Learning curve Lack of understanding

11. Case Study PPaaS @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

12. PPaaS How can we build better REST services? @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

13. PPaaS Services should be easy to build, test and get visibility on Should be easy to deploy @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

14. PPaaS Metrics, infrastructure, testing and monitoring tools @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

15. Lay of the land Some challenges that we deal with at scale @PayPal {metrics/data, technology, deployment) @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

16. CAL - eBay’s logging infra logs around 5.7TB worth of data everyday. @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

17. Learning #1 Companies need to create a culture where we act as enablers @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

18. Learning #1 Empower others to build the features they need without us having to do it. @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

19. Challenge #2 Organizational structure @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

20. Learning #2 Recognize that we are moving from an ecosystem of support to self-service @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

21. On creating open-source 30% 70% @saranyan | PayPal Engineering Organizational Technology

22. On adopting opensource @saranyan | PayPal Engineering 60% 40% Organizational Technology

23. More learnings #3 @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

24. Creating/adopting Open source Environment that is supportive of transparency (+tools) Culture of experimentation Rigorous communication Culture of sharing Federated organizational structure @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

25. Things that we are doing @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

26. Case study Solving environment and VM issues @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

27. How services talk Vault Crypto DB @saranyan | PayPal Engineering DB

28. Integration/Testing challenges VM/Stages Reliability @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

29. Docker Our ongoing journey towards having reliable service containers @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

30. Docker - Collaboration with Platform Infra teams and Site Reliability teams - Prototyping semi-complex services on docker and sharing the builds with other teams Mesos + Docker registry @PayPal for few services @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

31. Case study 2 GENIO @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

32. GENIO SDK autogeneration Ruby @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

33. GENIO - Picking a language/tool with low barrier to entry - Seeding the tools with use cases that are immediately relevant Genio is currently used for generating parts of PayPal SDK @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

34. Team 1 Team 2 Collaboration @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

35. Team 1 Team 2 Visible to team 2 Visible to team 1 @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

36. Team 1 Team 2 Visible to team 2 Visible to team 1 Medium like Github helps here @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

37. For developing a culture of collaboration, it is important to tailor an environment via tools and processes @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

38. Our Journey into Node Krackenjs @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

39. Democratization of individual teams is impossible if core technology is not open @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

40. Closing thoughts Changing a culture is not just accomplished by technology, but it is a wonderful catalyst @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

41. Closing thoughts Engineers are pragmatic dreamers, excited by possibilities of great things, and work well with a lot of freedom @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

42. Questions? I work at PayPal I run infrastructure and platforms @saranyan @saranyan | PayPal Engineering

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