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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: mevjy



Introduction about Open GL and how to configure on windows with Dev C++ or Microsoft Visual C++

Installing and Configuring on Windows Vijay Kumar Verma (VJY) Roll No- 1326910 On: 5 March-2014

Objective Understand Open GL Installation of Open GL Configure On Windows Write Simple Program 3/4/2014 By: VJY 2

What is Open GL? | Application Program interface. | Multi-Platform or Cross-Platform API. | Interact with GPU for accelerate Hardware. | Easy to Use. | Developed by Silicon Graphics in 1991. | Managed by Khronos Group. | Latest OpenGL 4.4 released in 22 July 2013 3/4/2014 By: VJY 3

Cont… What is Open GL? | Performance by GPU | Control GPU using Graphics shaders | GPU all rendering Vertices 3/4/2014 Vertex Processor Clipper and primitive assembler By: VJY Rasterizer Fragment processor Pixels 4

Cont… What is Open GL? GLUT Open GL GLEW GL 3/4/2014 By: VJY 5

What is GLUT | Provides functionality common to all window systems | | | | Open a window Get input from mouse and keyboard Menus Event-driven | GLUT-based user interface library | freeglut updates GLUT (written by Pawel W. Olszta) 3/4/2014 By: VJY 6

What is GLEW | OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library | Makes it easy to access OpenGL extensions available on a particular system | Provide efficient run-time machinism | Application needs only to include glew.h and run a glewInit() 3/4/2014 By: VJY 7

Rendered Example 3/4/2014 By: VJY 8

For More Info | | | 3/4/2014 By: VJY 9

Now Understand Open GL Installation of Open GL Configure On Windows Write Simple Program 3/4/2014 By: VJY 10

Downloading | Downloading required Software • Dev C++ • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition | Download Required Library • Download OpenGL Library • Download Supported Libraries 3/4/2014 By: VJY 11

Links | Download Dev C++ | Download MSVS 2010 | Download Open GL for VS | Download Open GL for Dev C++ | Download Glew for VS 3/4/2014 By: VJY 12

Installation | Install Dev C++ | Install Visual Studio 3/4/2014 By: VJY 13

Now Understand Open GL Installation of Open GL Configure On Windows Write Simple Program 3/4/2014 By: VJY 14

Configure Open GL | Extract the files: 3/4/2014 By: VJY 15

Configure Open GL | Open Microsoft SDKs folder path: C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsWindowsv7.0A | Now copy the content of the files from the freeglut and glew here in include and lib directory. Such as: Open lib folder of freeglut and copy freeglut.lib and paste it inside the Lib of v7.0A Open include folder of freeglut and copy header files form gl folder to Gl folder of of v7.0A Do same thing for the glew and for DevC++ 3/4/2014 By: VJY 16

Now Understand Open GL Installation of Open GL Configure On Windows Write Simple Program 3/4/2014 By: VJY 17

Simple Program | Download simple program from: 3/4/2014 By: VJY 18

Compile and Run on MSVC | Create a new project with a Name File -> New -> Project Select “Empty Project” and give a name | Now Add an item using Right Click on project in solution explorer-> Add -> New item –> Select C++ file -> Type name main.c -> Click on add button | Type or paste the source code you downloaded 3/4/2014 By: VJY 19

Cont. Compile and Run on MSVC | Set Property of project Right Click -> Properties -> select All Configurations option from drop down and do following setting C/C++ -> Preprocessor Preprocessor Definition: _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS WIN32 _DEBUG _CONSOLE 3/4/2014 By: VJY 20

Cont. Compile and Run on MSVC 3/4/2014 By: VJY 21

Cont. Compile and Run on MSVC C/C++ -> General Warning Level : Level 4 Treat Warning as Errors Yes(/wx) C/C++ -> Advanced Compile As: Compile as C Code Linker -> INput Additional ..: Edit and add glew32.lib freeglut.lib 3/4/2014 By: VJY 22

Cont. Compile and Run on MSVC | Build Project Build Menu -> Build ProjectName | Add dll file Open freeglut folder again copy freeglut.dll file from bin folder and paste in project debug folder Ex: C:UsersVJYDocumentsVisual Studio 2010Projects3March1Debug | Debug Debug -> Start Debugging (F5) Successful! 3/4/2014 By: VJY 23

Compile and Run on DEVC++ | Create a new project with a Name File -> New -> Project Select “Console Application” and save with a name | Configure the project Project -> Project Options -> Parameter tabs and add following to linkers -lglut32 -lglu32 -lopengl32 -lwinmm -lgdi32 3/4/2014 By: VJY 24

Cont. Compile and Run on DEVC++ | Type Source Code or paste it that is downloaded sample.c | Complied it Execute -> Compile -> Done | Run it Execute -> Run Successful ! 3/4/2014 By: VJY 25

Summary of Program glutInit(&argc,argv); glutInitDisplayMode (GLUT_SINGLE | GLUT_RGB); glutInitWindowSize(500,500); glutInitWindowPosition(0,0); glutCreateWindow("simple"); glutDisplayFunc(display); init(); glutMainLoop(); 3/4/2014 By: VJY 26

Summary of Program glBegin(GL_POLYGON); glVertex2f(-0.5, -0.5); glVertex2f(-0.5, 0.5); glVertex2f(0.5, 0.5); glVertex2f(0.5, -0.5); glEnd(); 3/4/2014 By: VJY 27

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