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Published on August 24, 2007

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Thursday, 23 August Auditorium 10:00 am INTRODUCTION BARE, Santana Issar, 10’, PSBT A visual representation of an inner feeling… With stock home video, the director expresses her attitude towards her alcoholic father. The soundtrack is an actual telephone conversation. François Ode Award 2007 Certificate of Merit, Student Documentary Section IDPA Awards for Excellence 53rd International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen 23rd Hamburg International Short Film Festival 10:30 am HOW TO READ A DOCUMENTARY FILM (Media Workshop) (By prior registration only) Shohini Ghosh Dr Zakir Hussain Professor, AJK Mass Communication Research Centre Jamia Millia Islamia Sabeena Gadihoke Sr. Lecturer, Video & TV Production, AJK Mass Communication Research Centre Jamia Millia Islamia EXPANDING DEFINITIONS WHAT IS A DOCUMENTARY? DOCUMENTARY AS RECORD & ARCHIVE 01:00 pm BREAK 02:00 pm DOCUMENTARY & THE CAMERA CONCLUSION & FUTURE DIRECTIONS Friday, 24 August Auditorium 10:00 am TO THINK LIKE A WOMAN, Arpita Sinha 30 min, PSBT 1

The film reflects on the numerous silences that shroud the lives of young, educated, ‘independent’, ‘modern’, single women in urban India . Conversations with four women reveal their inner conflicts, dissonances and crises of identity… 10:30 am BLOOD ON MY HANDS, Surabhi Saral, Manak Matiyani & Anandana Kapur, 30’, PSBT The film deals with how a woman’s menstrual cycle is recycled from being a marker of her fertility to something that renders her untouchable and hence subject to multiple taboos and regulations. There is an inherent hypocrisy in society that both celebrates the fertility of a woman as well as considers her menstruating body impure. As an individual, a woman or young girl is isolated in her struggle to come to terms with the transformations in her body. 11:00 am ON MY OWN AGAIN, Anupama Srinivasan 30’, PSBT The film weaves together images, sounds and words in an attempt to trace the thoughts and feelings of people as they try to comprehend, cope with, fight against and overcome the consequences of child sexual abuse. It is not a film about the abuse; it is a film about the survivor. 11:45 am PANEL DISCUSSION: MAKING FILMS ON GENDER & SEXUALITY FOR TELEVISION Arpita Sinha, Anandana Kapur, Anupama Srinivasan 12:30 pm KANYASHALA, Ganga Mukhi, 30’, PSBT (Followed by discussion with Filmmaker) Students from Kanya Vidyalaya, an all girls’ school at Vajreshwari, share stories of how they joined the school and their dreams for the future. Along the way, the film looks at how a segregated all-girls’ space is an extension of existing social norms, enabling certain modes of becoming while seeking to restrict others. 01:15 pm BREAK 02:00 pm PEDALLING TO FREEDOM, Vijay S. Jodha 30’, PSBT (Followed by discussion with Filmmaker) An unusual story which shows how a humble object like a bicycle can also change lives dramatically. The film revisits, 15 years later, a unique initiative in Pudukkottai, one of India’s poorest districts where mobility of women 2

was seen as an important tool for empowerment and promoting literacy. 02:45 pm MOTHER COURAGEOUS Debalina Majumder, 30’, PSBT Each year, 40,000 women die in Uttar Pradesh alone, due to pregnancy related causes. In a journey across seven districts in Uttar Pradesh, the film explores opinions of government officials, activists, ordinary men and women to reveal social discrimination and state sponsored neglect of women's maternal health and women’s initiatives to demand their rights. 03:15 pm SHE’S MY GIRL, Meera Dewan, 30’, PSBT Haryana's alarmingly low sex ratio has brought them all together: a motley group of budding writers, singers, actors and organisers. They delve in Community Theatre or Jathas. Their many hundred journeys through the girl- unfriendly landscape of their state are made with a single purpose: motivating communities to value their daughters. Civil society and women's groups, youth and peoples science forums have scripted their own experiences against the backdrop of the bitter reality of Haryana's misogyny. The current play: Ek Nai Shuruaat. The stage: schools, street corners, village mohallas, even railway platforms. 03:45 pm Discussion* Ena Singh, Shubha Sharma, Naresh Prerna Debalina Majumder, Mansi Mahajan (*Panellists to be confirmed) 04:15 pm SHADYA, Roy Westler, Israel, 50’ Shadya Zoabi, a 17 year old Muslim girl from a small Arab village in northern Israel and a World Champion in Karate, lives according to her own distinct principles and does not want to be like other Muslim women. In spite of Shadya’s father’s support of her Karate, the social pressure from her brothers and the surrounding community is difficult to overcome. ‘Shadya’ is a story about the coming of age of a young Muslim woman who desires to succeed on her own terms but who is still committed to her life within the Muslim community. Will she succeed in balancing her ambitions after her marriage? Will she stay a World Champion? Best Documentary, Buster, Copenhagen Golden Movie Squad Award Doc U! Certificate for Excellence First Appearance – IDFA Amsterdam TV Film Award, Documentary Film Awards Israel 3

05:10 pm REHANA: A QUEST FOR FREEDOM Gargi Sen & Priyanka Mukherjee, 30’, PSBT (Followed by discussion with Filmmakers) This film presents the life and work of Rehana Adib who works with women from marginalised communities in Muzzafarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. A woman from a minority community, a mother of six, a challenger of traditions, a crusader for social change – the film tries to understand the genesis of the emergence of a leader. 06:00 pm PRERANA, Mallika Sarabhai, 30’, PSBT (Followed by discussion with Filmmaker) Prerana traces the remarkable journeys of six apparently ordinary women, from being housewives to becoming breadwinners in unexpected professions. These are women who dared to think out of the box, who would not let gender roles define their lives, who dared to be different, to take new challenges head on. 06:45 pm A FLOWERING TREE, Vipin Vijay, 60’, PSBT (Followed by discussion with Filmmaker) A relational origin story that women’s menstrual rituals are the roots of human culture, and that in human evolution women and men has markedly different relationships to blood. 08:00 pm RIDING SOLO, Gaurav Jani, India, 94’ UNESCO A unique experience of a lonesome traveller, who rides his motorcycle all the way from Mumbai to one of the remotest places in the world, the Changthang Plateau, in Ladakh, bordering China. Best Non-Feature Film, 53rd Indian National Film Awards National Critics Jury Award & Golden Conch for Best Documentary, Mumbai International Film Festival Audience Award for Best Documentary, Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival Best Documentary Award, Signs Film Festival, Kerala Saturday, 25 August Auditorium 09:00 am CREATING OUR OWN MEDIA USER-GENERATED MEDIA (Media Workshop) Jocelyne Josiah, Advisor, Communication & Information for Asia, UNESCO Michel F. Gélinas 4

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 12:00 pm Welcome Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi Minister, Information and Broadcasting MEET THE MASTERS OF FILMMAKING A Conversation with Dadasaheb Phalke Award Winning PSBT Trustees Mrinal Sen Adoor Gopalakrishnan & Shyam Benegal Moderated by Rajiv Mehrotra 01:30 pm BREAK 02:00 pm THE FILM CLASS, Uri Rosenwaks, Israel 53’, UNESCO (Followed by discussion with Filmmaker) About two years ago, filmmaker Uri Rosenwaks, came to Rahat, a Bedouin town down in Israel's Negev Dessert, to teach a group of Black Bedouin women a class in filmmaking. Rahat is by no means an ordinary place. It is afflicted with pessimism, unemployment, poverty and violence. It is partially populated by the Black Bedouins who were brought to the Negev, and the Middle East at large, as slaves. Kidnapped in Africa by Arab slave traders, they were auctioned-off in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Zanzibar. Until 50 years ago, the Black Bedouins were enslaved by the White ones. Best Documentary Film of the Year, Israeli Annual Documentary Awards Commendation by SIGNIS & UNESCO Juries, Zanzibar International Film Festival Palm Beach International Festival 03:15 pm GAUBOLOMBE – OUR ISLAND Kaushik Gupta Ray, 30’, PSBT The Onge of the Andaman Islands, one of the world’s last surviving hunter gatherers, were 5000 at the turn of the century. Today, they are 91 individuals. This is a rare and perhaps the last glimpse we will ever get of a lifestyle that is rapidly fading away. In the process, we also become witness to perhaps what are the last living embodiments of sustainable models of environmental management that will be lost to the world forever. 5

03:45 pm KEEP NOT SILENT, Ilil Alexander, Israel, 52’ (Followed by discussion with Filmmaker) Ortho-dykes' is a secret support group for Jewish Orthodox lesbians in Jerusalem. This bold film converses with three devout women from this group who courageously choose to speak out about their forbidden sexuality: Miriam-Ester, a married woman who has suppressed her lesbian desire for 20 years to abide by her religion and 10 children; Ruth, whose husband permits her to visit her lesbian lover twice a week; and Yudith, the out daughter of a rabbi who is planning a commitment ceremony with her lesbian lover. Deeply committed to their religious beliefs and orthodox families, they each struggle to find a place where they can acknowledge their sexuality while participating in community life. Academy Award for Best Documentary, Israel Best First Feature Documentary, MIFF, India Audience Award, Berlin International Jewish Film Festival Best Film, International Women's Film Festival, Israel Best First Feature Documentary, DocAviv International Documentary Film Festival 05:00 pm SHIFTING PROPHECY Merajur Rahman Baruah, 30’, PSBT (Followed by discussion with Filmmaker) A film on the struggle of rural Muslim women, in particular Sherifa Khanam, to fight the sexist rulings of the conventional Jamaat (a group of Islamic male elders who decide on personal law issues, etc.) and patriarchal social order in Tamil Nadu. 05:45 pm THE QUIET WAR, Mary Katzke, USA, 54’ UNESCO Five women from very diverse backgrounds share one common fight for their lives against advanced breast cancer in a culture where smiling long term survivors wearing pink ribbons promote denial of the 1 in 5 who will not outlive their disease. Best Documentary, The Reel Women International Film Festival Los Angeles California Women's International Festival 06:45 pm +VE LIVING, C. Vanaja Kumari, 30’, PSBT (Followed by discussion with representative) The story of HIV+ women, who defied destiny and persisted on their journey in life, against social ostracism and an uncertain future, with dignity and hope. 6

Golden Pearl Award, Hyderabad Film Festival, India 07:30 pm BURU GARRA, Shriprakash, 30’, PSBT (Followed by discussion with Filmmaker) Poignant stories of a tribal journalist and a poet in Jharkhand, and how they express themselves through the new form and medium of self-resurrection of tribal identity and culture. 08:15 pm RAGE, Züli Aladag, Germany, 90’, INPUT Simon Laub is a liberal left-wing pacifist and a literature professor. He gets torn out of his easygoing, hedonistic lifestyle when his son Felix gets ripped off by Can, a Turkish youth. As he tries to interfere, he finds himself entering a violent world that he is not used to. Concepts of ‘respect’ and ‘honour’, as used by his young antagonist do not mean much to him. But his method of solving problems through talking does not work with Can. They provoke each other and both make mistakes as a result of their misunderstandings until they end up in a deadly spiral. Sunday, 26 August Auditorium 09:30 am CHAPILCA, Sergio Olivares Contreras, Chile 82’, UNESCO In the pueblito of Chapilca, to the interior of the valley of Elqui, the women tile and dye ewe wools from pre- Columbian times. The weave happened to be a subsistence way, a part of the technique being in the forgetfulness of the weavers. Personages interested in the rescue of that technique, including the producer, look for and beam the form of which this returns to be part of the tradition of a town and a nation. 11:00 am LIVING LITERATURE: THE CANON OF THE THREE WHEELERS Mohammed Zubair Mallick & Umer Aziz Khan Pakistan, 15’, UNESCO Three wheelers are an indispensable part of Lahore’s culture. Powered variously, they all have the peculiar shape and canopy that has been a part of their generic image for many years. Despite tough times the drivers are a lively lot. On the backs of the rickshaws are painted – poetry, limericks and slogans. The film documents this phenomenon observing the painted religious and mystic poetry, Pashto poetry, advertisement slogans and love poetry. 11:15 am WORDS IN STONE, Akhila Krishnan, India 7

22’, UNESCO Wali Gujarati was the first poet to begin writing ghazals in Urdu in the 17th century A.D. His impact on the ghazal and on the Urdu language can be compared to that of Chaucer’s on the English language, but he was ironically forgotten till his tomb was destroyed in the communal riots that took place in 2002 in Ahmedabad. The film, using Wali as a metaphor, attempts to look at culture, language and history in the light of change. It seeks to show how some histories gradually disappear when people are made to forget them and that in moving forward to meet better futures, many cultures and communities are, in fact, regressing. Second Prize, Student Documentary, IDPA Awards for Excellence 11:45 am TAMBOGRANDE: MANGOS, MUERTE MINERÍA, Ernesto Cabellos & Stephanie Boyd Perú, 85’, UNESCO Adventurous pioneers transform Perú’s harsh northern desert into a fertile valley of mango and lime orchards. But all they've worked for is threatened when gold is discovered under their land. Fear, violence and murder rock their once quiet community. In the midst of chaos, a martyr's vision unites the farmers and leads them down a revolutionary path of non-violent resistance. These brave men and women take on corrupt politicians and the global mining industry in an epic tale of ordinary people rising to heroic deeds in times of great crisis. Best Film Award, Gdansk Dignity & Work Film Festival One World Film Festival, Prague DOCSDF, México Green Film Festival, Korea 01:15 pm BREAK 02:00 pm AYODHYA GATHA, Vani Subramanian, 60’, PSBT The film weaves together a tapestry of perspectives on how deeply the politics of hate affect personal, everyday lives, and what it takes to negotiate your way out of these labyrinths. 03:00 pm CITY WALLS- MY OWN PRIVATE TEHRAN Afsar Sonia Shafie, Iran / Switzerland, 87’ UNESCO In times when headlines about the so called “Culture Clash” hunt each other, the Iranian Filmmaker Afsar Sonia Shafie tells us a different story. It is the story of her Grandma, her Mother and herself. In a very private 8

and exemplary way the film tells us about how women fight for their right to progress. A fascinating, personal film about strong women in Iran. Regards Neufs (Best First Film) & Price Suissimage, Visions du Réel Filmfestival, Nyon Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival International documentary Film Festival, Montreal 04:30 pm FLIGHT 208, Parvez Imam, India, 7’, UNESCO An experiment in style and thought, the film travels in space and time, spanning more than 200 persons, cutting across cultures and nations. A fast-paced audio- visual experience that reflects upon the pace of life and the death of reasoning around us. A dream, a thought, a cutting monologue (or a multi-logue; whatever it is) it takes one through a most unusual flight. 04:40 pm TALES FROM THE MARGINS, Kavita Joshi India, 24’, UNESCO Twelve women strip themselves naked on the streets of Manipur, in protest… For five years a young woman has been on a fast-to-death demanding justice; she is kept under arrest and is forcibly nose-fed. Why are the women of Manipur using their bodies both as their last weapon and as a battlefield? Silver Remi, WorldFest, Houston 05:15 pm FORUM: FILM AS A POLITICAL TOOL* Umer Aziz Khan, Ilil Alexander Afsar Sonia Shafie, Parvez Imam Uri Rosenwaks Akhila Krishnan, Kavita Joshi Vani Subramanian (moderator) (*Panellists to be confirmed) 53rd National Awards Winning PSBT Films 06: 30 pm Best Investigative Film THE WHISTLE BLOWERS, Umesh Aggarwal 45’, PSBT An investigation into the issue of pesticides in bottled water and soft drinks manufactured by reputed MNCs like Coca Cola and Pepsi in India which was recently revealed in a report by the Centre for Science and Environment. Karachi International Film Festival 9

07:30 pm Best Film on Social Issues THE WAY TO DUSTY DEATH, Syed Fayaz 30’, PSBT A moving account of the victims of Silicosis in Gujarat. 08:00 pm Best Agricultural Film THE SEEDKEEPERS, Farida Pacha 30’, PSBT The film looks at the transformation of Dalit women's lives through their involvement in an ecological movement for sustainable farming in Andhra Pradesh. 08:30 pm Best Narration ‘WAPSI’ (the Returning), Ajay Raina 60’, PSBT For most Indians & Pakistanis, a visit to each others’ country is a journey of return of various kinds – to nostalgia, hate, metaphor and reality. This film is one such travelogue, a song of hope, love, longing and betrayal. Monday, 27 August Auditorium 10:00 am PRIX JEUNESSE SUITCASE Celebrating Innovative Childrens’ Programmes Katja Kessing Regional Programme Director, South Asia Max Mueller Bhavan Tone C. Rønning Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK), Norway FICTION GOING FOR WATER, Luvsantsiren Ariunjargal Mongolia, 05' For the first time little Marla has to go to fetch the family water supply. Unfortunately, a family with a big scary dog lives on the way. The little girl is frightened by the dog and she overturns her cart with the water container. All the water splashes out. So, she has to go again, and she knows that somehow she will have to overcome her fear of the dog, as it is her job to fetch the water everyday. 10

PUPPETY, Camiel Schouwenaar, Netherlands 06' The big adventures of a little man manipulated by four hands. With just a simple coloured backdrop, a few props and a lively imagination, Puppety is drawn in all kinds of exciting situations. His inventive and playful character means his dreams really come true. A SLIPPERY TALE, Susanne Seidel Germany, 07’ They say that love is blind and there must be some truth in it, because a good-looking frog falls for the velvety skin of an imitation lady frog that graces a pair of slippers belonging to the farmer's wife. But their happiness is short-lived, because a hungry stork has his eye on the love-sick frog. The stork is on the brink of consuming the frog when help arrives at the very last minute. NON-FICTION THE CHILDREN SUPERSHOW Cathrine Simonsen, Norway, 29’ The Children’s Supershow is an entertainment- programme for children, focusing on the six-year-olds. The hosts of the show are children from 6 - 9 years old. Each programme is based on a theme, and also contains a music video. The kids send out an adult stunt- reporter on a mission. He has to make adults do the same things children always have to do. For e.g., make adults eat up their food before they get any dessert. The hosts also act as super-chefs in and prepare delicious food. In other words: a show for, with and by children! PICTURE THIS Ton Emmelot, Netherlands, 05’ This programme is made of drawings drawn by children and is based on the story of their drawings. This episode is about the children's heaven. THIS IS DANIEL COOK, J.J. Johnson Canada, 07’ A live action preschool series that follows six-year-old host, Daniel Cook, In this original and spontaneous show, Daniel explores, learns and creates with everyone from chocolatiers to musicians, and from fire fighters to dog trainers. EVA’S WINTERPLASTER, Erland Beskow Sweden, 07’ 11

A breathtakingly simple story which tells the journey of the poo. Eva Funck explaines to the kids what they can do by themselves without help from the pharmacy. With help from large models, Eva explains what will happen in the body when you for example get sick in the stomach. MY FAMILY, Anupa Shrestha, Nepal, 05’ A six year old girl with her cousin sister introduces her family of 29 and their way of life. PIECE OF CAKE: PEANUT BUTTER Wendo Kroon, Netherlands, 07’ Piece of Cake is a documentary about 5-year olds cooking together. In this episode of 'Piece of Cake', Jesse and Luka make peanut butter. DOCUMENTARIES FATMA, Hanan Mady, Egypt, 15’ Fatma is about encouraging girls’ education. It is a real story about a girl who lives with her parents in an Egyptian village. Fatma’s parents don’t want to let her go to school, they want her to help them at the farm and at home. But Fatma insists on being allowed to attend school as her big dream is to become a lawyer. STARK! KEVIN – HEAR ME OUT Georg Bussek, Germany, 15’ Kevin struggles every day to speak. He stutters and stammers painfully and rarely makes it to the end of a sentence. He finds it hard to bear. Now he is going to undertake a gruelling training course to try to solve the problem. Will he succeed? THE DOMASELLER AND THE BADAMWALLA, Kesang Chuki Dorjee Bhutan, 17’ This programme is about two boys, Khando - the Domaseller (selling beetelnut) and Tshering - Badamwalla (selling peanuts) who are both street workers. They share their stories of how and why they had to start selling these wares to support themselves and their families. Through their work they get to know one another and become best friends. Even during their dark days, you still see the child in them and how they long for a life other children have - to study and play. Khando and his friend Tshering have to sell nuts to earn their living. Their friendship helps them to survive. 12

THE OTHER WAY, Tina Svendsen, Denmark 15' A documentary about Nicki whose life hasn’t been too easy. His father was a biker and was beaten to death when Nicki was 6. Nicki is still angry with him for choosing this way of life, and each day, Nicki struggles to break the criminal career he started at a young age. One day, he is offered an audition for a movie and now he is anxiously waiting to hear if he gets the part. That could be a turning point in his life. 01:30 pm BREAK 02:15 pm EDUCATIONAL FORMATS GROSS, Eli Hourd, England, 13’ Which food has the biggest fart factor? Did you know that cockroaches continue to break wind for up to 18 hours after they die? This highly entertaining programme takes viewers on a tour through the human body. READY STEADY GROW! Lotta Olin-Löwstedt Sweden, 14’ A programme for and about boys in early puberty. About new thoughts and feelings and what happens when your body starts to change from boyhood to manhood. THE SHOW WITH THE MOUSE Katja Engelhardt, Germany, 28’ How do people in Japan live? To figure this out, the quot;Show with the Mousequot; sends Ralph Caspers to the other side of the world. A Japanese family invites him to get to know their everyday life. Ralph learns that Japanese are not shaking hands to say 'hello' to each other. In school Ralph finds out how difficult it is to write Japanese. In 30 minutes, Ralph discovers many other differences between Japan and Germany - and which shoes he has to wear in a Japanese bathroom. PuR: ANNE FRANK-A LIFE IN A HIDEAWAY Various, Germany, 26’ The magazine PuR is an entertaining, information programme presented by Jo Hiller and the perky toon Petty PuR. Informative, humorous and witty PuR deals with subjects which concern kids. PuR gives answers to questions concerning school, family, friendship, recreation, sports and music. Each programme has a thematic focus, for example First Love, Family Conflicts or Dream Jobs. 13

DRAMA PONDS OF MIRROR, Reza Shahmoradi, Iran 10' While playing soccer a boy gets thirsty. But there is no water in the house. When he wants to feed his goldfish, the fish bowl falls down and breaks into pieces. The boy desperately tries to save his fish. MUTED MUSIC, Haukur Hauksson, Iceland 16’ There is nothing more important to Hanna than to play the violin. Along with her friends and neighbour Tommi, Hanna is on the track to become a violin virtuous. An illness prevents her from playing the violin ever again. Now Hanna has to adapt to a new way of life that will challenge her even more than playing the violin. SOAPBOX RACE, Bert Ceulemans, Belgium 15’ Jonas and Zoë are looking forward to the fair coming up. They signed up for the soapbox race. Will Zoë be able to stick up for her? Will Kevin win Jonas to his site? And does Jonas choose for his little sister or does he prefer Kevin? A story about friendship between brother and sister. THE WOODEN DOG, Andrzej Maleszka Poland, 27’ A story about a sledge which behaves like a Husky dog. It runs by itself, comes when called and protects its owner – eight-year-old Jacek. When a thief tries to steal the sledge, the boy runs away and takes it to the mountains. The wooden dog saves the boy from freezing to death by running for help. A story full of adventure and magical atmosphere with discreet computer effects and excellent children-actors. ENTERTAINMENT ZIG ZAG 'BATAVIA WHARF IN LELYSTAD' Dolf Gerbers, Netherlands, 25’ “ZigZag” is an educational quiz programme presented by Yvon Jaspers in which two teams, each consisting of 2 pupils from two schools, go head to head in an unusual location. AMIGO, Peter Armelund, Denmark, 28’ 14

A highly entertaining quiz show for children with an extraordinary moderator. Today in Amigo: one of the teams will win a real puppy – and in the studio they can't stop laughing. Two boys reveal that they wear G-strings! Confused? Watch Amigo when Jacob, Kenneth and the triplets boil up the six participants. And they may win a dental visit or a badminton court! 06:30 pm Seminar CAPTURING CHILDREN’S IMAGINATION* Nafisa Ali, Tone C. Rønning Lushin Dubey, Nutan Manmohan Samina Mishra (Moderator) (*Panellists to be confirmed) 07:45 pm MADE IN INDIA, India, 24’, DFG-PSBT A set of eight, 3-minute short films that explore the meaning of Indian independence. THE BROKEN LAND, Debalina Majumder BODY BRITISH, HEART HINDUSTANI, Ranjan Kamath THE HOUSE REMEMBERS, Pawas Bisht ENGLISH & I, Himali Kapil MS HEMALATHA, Sudha Pillai THE LIFE OF A BADA SAHIB,Shabani Hassanwalia JUGALBANDI, Ashavari Mazumdar THE TALKING CAMERA, Preeti Chadha 08:15 pm ROSITA, Attie & Goldwater, Nicaragua, 56’ INPUT The shocking case of a nine year old girl getting pregnant after being raped, handled well in a story which is politically charged, causing a national furore about abortion and the Catholic Church. How does the filmmaker gain access to the key players while protecting the child? What gives the programme maker the right to tell a sensitive story whose repercussions will remain long after the film crew has left? Tuesday, 28 August Auditorium 09:30 am THE BEST OF INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC TELEVISION Abhijit Dasgupta, Paranjoy Guha Thakurta 15

10:00 am FLAGS ON MARS: GOD BLESS SEX Claudia Bermudez, Colombia, 26’ When the priest said “now you are man and wife”. Edilberto and Cristina had been having sex for a long time. Both considered good sex an excellent reason to get married and today they are a young solid couple, united by love. At fourteen, Nydia had sex with her boyfriend for the very first time in her life. She said it felt wonderful, not only physically but also emotionally. Nydia understood, however, that she was into women and not into men. In this chapter of the series, these and other youngsters express themselves about a topic they love: sex. They tell us, why, with whom, and when to have it. We hear the voice of those who have never had sex, those who love it, those who only have sex when in love, those who like men and women as well. 10:30 am THE CHASER’S WAR ON EVERYTHING Mark Fitzgerald, Australia, 26’ In just one season, The Chaser’s War on Everything has become a cornerstone Australian entertainment programme, securing ABC TV’s formidable reputation for broadcasting the best in groundbreaking, unique comedy. Each week, the Chaser boys poke fun at national and international politics, sport, celebrities, big business and whatever else pops up in Australian news : all with the hallmark Chaser flair, individuality and take- no-prisoners attitude, making for compelling, edgy social commentary. Julian Morrow demonstrates the inadequacies of Australia’s terrorism protection at Australian airports. At the height of the passenger profiling controversy, Julian books two online Virgin Blue e-tickets for a flight from Sydney to Melbourne under the names of Terry Wrist and Al Kyder. 11:00 am LET’S MAKE A BABY, Helen Sage, UK, 57’ Mischief was an innovative and wildly ambitious series tackling topical and often serious issues by using humour combined with solid journalism and taking unique approaches to stories that are often only the reserve of more serious current affairs programming. In Let’s Make A Baby – one of the lighter episodes in the series – the idea was to test how far reality TV makers and contestants would be prepared to go. A preposterous, fake but almost believable idea was hatched and then presented, promoted and pitched to the world’s TV organisation. Auditions were held for willing contestants to take part in this most ethically grotesque reality TV format. Would anyone actually believe it was real? And worse, would anyone want to buy it and take part in it? 12:00 pm LOCK ‘EM UP OR LET ‘EM OUT, Simon Ford UK, 59’ 16

In this programme the camera is almost a part of the parole board, a board comprising eminent and important persons in society, responsible for making crucial decisions. While exposing the prisoner, the programme also acts as bridge between the board and the prisoners. Each viewer will feel a part of the board and the ultimate decision leaves the viewers with their own opinions as to whether the board decision was right or wrong. 01:00 pm BREAK 01:45 pm BYE BYE BELGIUM, L. Philippe Dutilleul Belgium, 95’ Wednesday, 13 December 2006, 8:15 PM: the live studio broadcast of RTBF’s weekly news magazine Front Page Questions. The anchor has just begun his presentation when the programme is interrupted by a special news bulletin. According to the star journalist, the Flemish Parliament has voted to be separated from the Kingdom of Belgium. The King has fled as a refugee and the country is in chaos. Daddy’s Belgium is dead, confirming long-held fears. Politicians, artists, sports celebrities, people in the streets comment and express their feelings, including the RTBF TV manager. This historical moment generates incredibly high ratings. Until the programme is exposed as fake and French-speaking Belgian politicians call for the RTBF chief’s dismissal. 03:15 pm THE CHIEF REFEREE, Robert Kowalski Poland, 61’ Artists’ Night is a TVP culture programme featuring modern avant-garde off-art: a kind of artistic Hyde Park Corner, an uncensored platform for artistic statements. As the programme makers see it, happenings, performance art, installation, music video and artistic provocation are a modern, uncompromising means of social communication. It is no accident that Artists’ Night is interactive in character. The viewer is not merely a passive consumer of art here, but an active part of the artistic action played out live in the TVP Kultura studio. Joining the artists in their games, viewers must face uncomfortable questions regarding their role in social and media games. How strong is the media impact on modern society? Can a TV message become a tool of violence? 04:15 pm SMILING IN WAR ZONE, Magnus Bejmar Sweden, 77 ‘ A young female Danish Pilot plays the role of a great saviour by trying to reach out to a girl in Afghanistan, who wants to be a pilot. Defying all laws this woman flies 6000 km in a beat-up old plane that needs fuel every 3 17

hours. While the effort is commendable, it remains unknown why the camera was part of this unique project. 06:00 pm GRABBING EYEBALLS WHAT’S UNETHICAL ABOUT TELEVISION NEWS IN INDIA, Paranjoy Guha Thakurta 30’, PSBT India is the only country in the world with over 3 dozen news and current affairs channels. The documentary highlights instances of abuse when truth becomes a casualty in the desperate rush to grab ‘eyeballs’ and introspects whether self-regulation can help improve the ethical standards of television broadcasters. 06:30 pm Colloquium PRIVATE BROADCASTING & PUBLIC RESPONSIBILITY Moderated by Paranjoy Guha Thakurta 08:30 pm OPERATION X - TRICKED INTO PORN Kasper Vilsmark & Kristian Laursen Denmark, 40’, INPUT Operation X –Tricked into Porn is the second in a two part investigation into the world of frivolous model agencies. While doing research, the Operation X team comes across an astonishing kingpin who is behind more than twenty fake model agencies on the internet. He uses the agencies to trick 15 to 17 year old girls into making child pornography. At the same time he is the only publicly employed safe-chat consultant in Denmark. He is known from his frequent media appearances, warning teenagers about the dangers of the internet. The programme goes undercover with hidden cameras to expose his actions, and finds out that besides producing child pornography, he uses his public position to extort money from one of the biggest internet companies in Denmark. 18

STORYTELLING AND COMMUNICATION WITH OUR YOUNG AUDIENCE SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP (By prior registration only) Tuesday-Wednesday 28-29 August 2007 Venue: Amaltas Conducted by Tone C. Rønning Executive Producer/ Commissioning Editor Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK), Oslo Schedule* (*Subject to change) DAYS 1 & 2 10:00 am – 01:00 pm Creativity, innovation and storytelling. Introduction to different methods of idea development. Communication with a young audience and child actors. Exercises. 01:00 pm Break 02:00 pm – 06:00 pm Motivation as a tool in script development, shooting and directing child actors or presenters. Story structure. Visual storytelling. Exercises and screening. 19

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