Open Data and new audience reach at the National Archives of the Netherland

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Information about Open Data and new audience reach at the National Archives of the Netherland

Published on June 24, 2017

Author: timdehaan


1. Open Data and new audience reach at the National Archives of the Netherland Tim de Haan @timmietovenaar

2. Anefo, Inspectie van de erewacht - ‘t Harde, 23 mei 1975, Fotonummer 927-9449 CC0 Harry Pot, Cyclists pass the Atomium, 911-3743, CC0

3. Mission of the National Archives: Wij dienen ieders recht op informatie en geven inzicht in het verleden van ons land door: ons in te zetten voor een sterk archiefbestel de nationale archiefcollectie in Den Haag te beheren en on site en online te presenteren. National Archives of the Netherlands • serving everyone's right to information • provide insight into the past of our country • Deploying for a vital archival field in the Netherlands • Managing the national, archival collection in The Hague • Presenting it on-site and online

4. • Every physical visitor also represents 170 (unique) digital visitors (within our own domain/website) • Focus in the past years on improving our own digital base beter op orde te krijgen (open formats, open standards) • Importance of being more an intermediary in stead of the “end-of-the-line” in (governmental) information Transition

5. Definition(s) of open Information which is: • Accessible • Public data • Transparent • Without borders • Re-useable • Computer-readable • Without rights Information which is: • On the web • Structured • Open Format • API (application programming interface) • Linked Data

6. Experimenting towards open • Flickr the Commons 2008 • Donation to Wikipedia 2009 • 1st set of #opendata maps 2011 Flickr, 2008 Wikipedia, 2009 #OpenCultuurData, 2011

7. Hackathon

8. • Opening 140K images with CC-BY-SA license #OpenCultuurData, 2012 (Harry Pot, Man with hat on the beach, 912-6832, CC0) Catalyst

9. Unknown The man behind the cashier of dancing the Balajo, 254-0041, CC0 Paid Internal discussion

10. Rob Mieremet, Dolle Minas celebrating their annuity, 924-2211, CC0 Free

11. Eric Koch,Explosion on the Soesterberg air base, the smoldering remains of the hangar, 919-4173, CC0 Impact

12. • Metadata free under CC0 • Photographs (for now) CC-BY-SA (metadata, scans of archives CC0/PD) • Available in a medium-resolution of 1280 pixels • High resolution downloadable for € 5,- (scans of archives € 1,-) Marcel Antonisse, Guard of the villa of Mr. Heineken in Noordwijk with binoculars, 932-7685, licentie CC-BY Decision (until 31-12-2015)

13. Creative Commons

14. WiR Hay Kranen • Wikipedian in Residence • October 2013 – September 2014 • Collaboration Wikipedia / KB & NA • Open data essential

15. Number of photo-orders in 2013 from collections of which the National Archives holds the copyrights Benefits / Charges / impact Monthly use images National Archives on (mainly) Wikipedia::

16. CC0, aan te sluiten via OAI-PMH PD, aan te sluiten via API en OAI-PMH CC0, aan te sluiten via datadump PD, aan te sluiten via API en OAI-PMH CC-BY , aan te sluiten via API en OAI-PMH De collectiepraktijk (tot en met februari 2017)

17. Breed delen

18. Harry Pot Opening new road Eindhoven-Tilburg, 912-8767, CC0

19. Change in the directive 2003/98/EC on the re-use of public sector information (Richtlijn 2013/37/EU) Article 2, Definition 4 "re-use" means the use by persons or legal entities of documents held by public sector bodies, for commercial or non-commercial purposes other than the initial purpose within the public task for which the documents were produced. Exchange of documents between public sector bodies purely in pursuit of their public tasks does not constitute re-use; Archives are also included this directive Europe “„hergebruik”, het gebruik door natuurlijke personen of rechtspersonen van documenten die in het bezit zijn van openbare lichamen voor andere commerciële of niet-commerciële doeleinden dan het oorspronkelijk doel binnen de publieke taak waarvoor de documenten zijn geproduceerd.

20. National Legislation Article 14 Archival Law

21. Helicopter above the high voltage masts, 926-9889, licentie CC-BY-SA Cross Linking (usable)


23. 18704 images on Commons ‘Easy to realize’

24. [[Category:Images from Nationaal Archief]] Re-use

25. “Gap in copyright”

26. Customer Relation Management-system National Archives (CRM) dd 26-05-2014 A different user The Guardian 23 oktober 2016

27. Charles Breijer, Dutch Ministerial Council in a meeting, 900-8596, CC0 Team #opendata Open Data Policy • Established Open Data policy (june 2015) • Informationsheet Open (collection) Data on • 29 oktober 2015 Seminar: Archives and open data – what to do? • 1 januari 2016 new open data-options on website • March 2017 revision Open Data policy and scaling down >> CC0

28. Harry Pot, First major test in the reactor center Zetten, 911-0400, CC0 Development • Annual Plan 2017 >> Business Operations Information/Primary Process • Linked (open) Data • Collection Management System / New Website verkaufsbücher on

29. Appraisal and selection Overview of the selection lists as open data (csv) file | CC0

30. Appraisal and selection

31. More opportunities… houd/geinspecteerde-instellingen/pbo

32. Internal instructions Fotocollectie Anefo, Couriers receive their instructions, 934-9205, CC0

33. Merci Beaucoup! Harry Pot, Football Belgium against the Netherlands(former internationals in Antwerp) 7-4. Game moment with Belgian keeper and De Vroet, 908-0496, CC0

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