Open & Connected Innovation: Implications for Organizations and Leaders

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Information about Open & Connected Innovation: Implications for Organizations and Leaders

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: Saxodane



Open & Connected Innovation: Implications for Organizations and Leaders. How the internet is rapidly changing businessmodel, and require all organizations to innovate. But how to build leaders and organizations to promote innovation in an open and connected environment

Open & Connected Innovation: Implications for Organizations and Leaders #smwMannaz SMW Social Media Week


It’s a Game Changing New Reality “The shift from traditional mass media to a system of horizontal communication networks organized around the Internet and wireless communication has introduced a multiplicity of communication patterns, at the source of a fundamental cultural transformation, as virtually becomes an essential dimension of our reality.” Castell: The Rise of The network Society, 2010 Side 3 #smwMannaz

”The future is already here! It’s just not evenly distributed.” New technology • Social media • WEB 2.0 New ways of working & innovating Hyper individualism • Cyborgs • Generation whY & Z New ways of leading & communicating Globalisation • Global world • Local village New ways of organising & connecting Economy • Shared consumerism • Collaborative economy New ways of producing & value creating #smwMannaz

• Disruptive innovation • Customer is king • Hyper competition • Transparency • Big data = new oil • Interconnectivity • Agile strategising • Employee branding Page 5 #smwMannaz

VUCA V = Volatility U = Uncertainty 6 C = Complexity A = Ambiguity #smwMannaz

? Headline here Page 7 17-02-2014 #smwMannaz

“I saw all the signs, but didn’t recognize the significance of it!” Allan Greenspan in 60 minutters 2007 1. Diminishing returns of innovation 2. Increasing Commoditization 3. Diminishing returns of capital Employment Headline here Page 8 17-02-2014 #smwMannaz

What got you here Won’t get you there #smwMannaz

17/02/2014 The complexity of a system needs to mirror the complexity of its environment Side 10 #smwMannaz

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” Side 11 #smwMannaz

Strategic agility 1. A strong identifying & ambitious WHY 2. Focus on development and training 3. Shape shifting – not restructuring 4. Flexible budgeting 5. Speed and flexibility 6. Exploring new opportunities Headline here Page 12 17-02-2014 7. Innovation is the Norm #smwMannaz

Headline here Page 13 17-02-2014 #smwMannaz

Headline here Page 14 17-02-2014 #smwMannaz


Openness Sharing Diversify Interactive Indsæt tekst eller deaktiver visning af sidefod Side 16 17-02-2014 #smwMannaz

Side 17 #smwMannaz

Wirearchy • Applying new ways of learning and innovate • Transparent WHY and purpose (what) • Integrated with its knowledge ecology • Balance openness and continuity • Sharing and interacting with its community • Flexible dynamic loose system Side 18 #smwMannaz

Holacrazy: Headline here Page 19 17-02-2014 #smwMannaz


Leadership in a VUCA WEB 2.0 World • Leadership is an collaborative activity rather than a position • Leadership is a collaborative phenomenon #smwMannaz

From ‘Shell’ to networked leadership #smwMannaz

What is collaborative leadership? • Link and network creator • Attracting many diverse talents • Modelling collaboration by showing the way to avoid eternal discussions • Authentic leadership • Transparent Decision Making • Resources are action • Clarify link between the decision, responsibility and goal • Technological dexterity • Cultivate selfleadership • Relations build on trust and engagement #smwMannaz

U= Understanding Stop, look and listen louder C = Clarity Make sense of the chaos A = Agility Wirearchy is rewarded over Hierarchy V = Vision An intent that seeks to create future 17/02/2014 Side 24 #smwMannaz

17/02/2014 Side 25 #smwMannaz

Mobil: +45 5139 6019 Skype: jacobbtheilgaard Twitter: Jbtheilgaard E-mail: :// :// :// Page 26 17-02-2014 #smwMannaz

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