Open and Closed Syllables

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Information about Open and Closed Syllables

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: hflammang



Explaining the difference of open and closed syllables and focus on reading open syllables.

Sound Spelling Focused Word Reading

Cupid’s Dream Words to know: prove, hero, pieces, supposed, tiny Once upon a time Cupid was feeling very sad. Cupid would protest against the work his parents were devoted to doing all their life, making people fall in love. Cupid was supposed to be taking over the family business, but he just hated shooting humans with his arrows. What Cupid really wanted was to be a hero. Cupid wanted to defend all the humans that were in trouble. Cupid felt he could relate to the humans and be of help to them. One day Cupid was flying around trying to pretend he was looking for someone to shoot with his arrows when he heard a human calling for help. The human was trapped in quick drying cement, and beside him was a little dog also trapped. It was finally time for Cupid to provide help to a human and prove he could be a hero. He flew down to them and tried to pull them out, but it was no use, the cement had already dried. Cupid then improvised a plan and shot the cement with his arrow. The cement broke up into tiny pieces. The human and his dog were able to get free. The human was very thankful and gave Cupid a money bonus for his help. And Cupid could finally define himself as a hero.

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