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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: candacemhoke


ONLY - Surgery? NO Surgery? Only is an all-around, honest, sled dog. She has been a stable force in our kennel. She is a consistent finisher in the Race to the Sky, Wyoming Stage Stop and multiple other varying-distance finisher - including competing in the well-known Iditarod. Only loves her job and is all business while in harness. A slight inflammation was noted on the right side of her face. The next the day it evolved into an obvious, problematic mass on the side of her neck. Only did not demonstrate pain upon palpation. She remained eager to run/work with the other dogs for spring training runs. Terry diagnosed her with a salivary mucocele. Although Terry is a licensed veterinarian, he is essentially retired. He maintains enough meds and supplies to service his kennel without the ability for any complex surgery. He contacted a veterinarian friend to consult with the intent the mucocele would need to be surgically excised. We were not too excited about this option because removal of her salivary gland would limit her ability to run. The veterinarian who was contacted did not return our call. We would find out days later he had been out of town. Marie Koepke, a CARE Instructor and Young Living Essential Oil distributor, was visiting. We called Candace M Hoke, ND, to assist with intervention. Terry basically said, “Well, you can try.” We sent pictures to Candace of Only. We also assessed the dog’s ting vita flex points. Based on this information, Candace provided direction to apply oils for the physical ailment, but also noted Only was upset about something. We started by layering essential oils of thyme, cypress, Thieves™ blend, and peppermint to the site as well as the place where the webbing meets the pad of the foot and nail beds. By the end of the day, swelling increased by several inches greater than what is noted in the photos. The dog’s head was like a volley ball. The swelling was very soft with pitting. Stoic and shy, Only still did not illicit a

pain reaction. Her muzzle circumference was over 14 inches (normally it is 9). Her neck measurement was 31 inches (normally 15) Terry was distraught. She did not seem to be in any distress nor had any airway issues but her head and neck were HUGE. It looked terrible. By morning, the swelling had decreased and was indurated. Terry opted to insert a needle and syringe into 2 points of the area to attempt to extract any content. He hoped to allow drainage. A purulent, milky drainage immediately filled the syringe. Terry initiated antibiotics. I called Candace. She concurred with extracting fluid and enabling drainage. The ting vita flex assessment had changed. Subsequently, JuvaFlex™ blend was added to her protocols. Candace coached us to continue oils, especially Cypress, to “Flush that garbage (the mucocele) from her salivary gland.” Again, Candace reiterated the dog was upset about something. We explored possible causes but she closed the conversation with “Terry has some making up to do because she (Only) is pissed!” I did not share the latter part of Candace’s assessment with Terry, but thought about what she had said. I was unable to identify a precipitating event or issue that would upset this dog. Only is a stoic, hardy, honest dog that is slightly spooky, but has a school-girlish admiration for Terry. She smiles and visibly relaxes when she hears Terry’s voice. How on Earth could she be upset with Terry? The only change I had noted in her routine was that Terry had placed a female as a running mate instead of her usual co-worker, Gus. Within the following day, the swelling decreased with copious amounts of drainage noted from the two needle ‘stabs.’ I had used soap with a couple drops of Thieves™ to wash the area. Within that time and during an oil application, I mentioned to Terry the possibility Only was upset about something and shared Candace’s opinion. Terry laughed and stroked Only’s chin. I mentioned I had noticed he had not been running Only next to Gus. Terry responded, “Jean, I have been running her in the other team. I pulled her from Gus’s team to help ME train puppies with the other females. I needed a steady, seasoned dog with those puppies.” I shared our conversation with Candace that night and that she had asked, “Is Gus important to Terry?” I had replied, “He is the number one stud for the kennel.” Candace stated, “Well, that’s it. Only thinks she is not worthy. Terry has got some serious making up to do.” I mentioned it to Terry - he laughed. By the following day, the swelling was further diminished and Only was pretty cheery. We continued oils. In the evening, I walked Only from the kennel on the way to the house for the night. When I left

the gate, a friend drove into the yard. Only spooked and ran back into the kennel. During the final oil application that night I asked Terry if he noticed where Only went when she returned to the kennel Terry remarked, “Well, she did not go to her spot!” Me--“Where did she go?” Terry--“She went to the boys and didn’t go to her spot.” Me--“Did you notice which boy?” Terry--“No.” Me--“It was Gus.” Terry looked at Only and said, “Oh baby doll, are you missing Gus? I didn’t mean to take him away. I needed your help with the pups.” The following morning upon washing the area, I swiped a clear gelatinous blob from one of the stab sites (the site was slightly opened since the swelling had decreased.) I showed the blob to Terry. He affirmed that the blob was the mucocele . It was what he would have expected if he had removed surgically. The appearance was a textbook picture. Only was running in the team next to Gus within the next couple of days and has not had problems since. The picture below on the right is of Only the third day after intervention was initiated. The picture on the left is of Only and her pal, Gus, after a training run.

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