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Published on April 6, 2014

Author: Babishov



It is an exercise for TEFL


The Aims of TEFL • General statements that give direction or intent to educational action. Aims are usually written in shapeless terms using words like, learn know, understand, appreciate and these are not straight measurable. Aims may serve as organizing principles of educational direction. Indeed these organizing principles may include the scale of educational direction of entire programs, or subject areas..

Contents of TEFL • Historically, the word content has changed its meaning in language teaching. Content used to refer to the methods of grammar-translation, audio-lingual methodology, and vocabulary or sound patterns in dialog form. Recently content is interpreted as the use of matter as a vehicle second or FLT/L.

Finding Content • The following tips help teachers decide about the time-consuming task of finding the content to be taught.

-------Check in our department for past syllabic if we are offering a pre-existing course. Be sure to check our institutions course calendar and read the course description to ensure that our course meets that stated description. -----Locate similar courses at other institutions if our course is new (or would like some new ideas). Talk to your colleagues in our discipline area…

-----Review textbooks in our discipline area – This can be a very easy way to locate not only possible content to cover but also ready made organizational structures, Keep our pupils in mind when choosing text books – not only their abilities and past experience with the topic areas but also their time limitations -----If text area not available or not appropriate we may need to create a reading package or course not. It will take more time to compile this type of resource, so set aside a few months for this activity.

Selecting Content Course design literature suggest the following criteria to help select appropriate content for our course. Course content should: 1. Fit with our course learning goals. 2. Have importance in the discipline. 3. Be based on or reloted to research. 4. Appeal to pupils interests.

5. Not overlap a lot with student past experience or knowledge. 6. Be multi-functional 7. Stimulate search for meeting 8. Encourage further investigation. 9. Show interrelation ships between concepts.

Organizing content Many variation on concepts mapping techniques exist to help decide on the organisational structure of the content. The key idea is to name, in a word or 2, the major topics or concepts of the course, then try to visually place them on the page.

In the End..

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