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Published on July 29, 2009

Author: 05crossfire


Is Online Schooling Beneficial or Detrimental to the Education Process? : Is Online Schooling Beneficial or Detrimental to the Education Process? An Argument by: Adam Boerema James (Mark) Livingston Online Schooling is Detrimental to the Education Process : James (Mark) Livingston Online Schooling is Detrimental to the Education Process Technology is Not Reliable : Technology is Not Reliable Sometimes a solid internet connection cannot be established due to technical glitches or power outages. Some students may have outdated hardware and/or software that would prevent them from receiving information as quickly and clearly as other students. Technical problems may result in frustration and anxiety that could hinder the learning process. Loss of Interaction : Loss of Interaction An individual taking online classes may not receive feedback from the instructor except for posted grades. Students are less likely to make friends and develop social skills because they never meet their fellow students in person. In-class discussions must be done through messages rather than face-to-face, so the emotions and facial expressions that are experienced in a classroom are not observed. If the student has a question for the instructor, he or she must send a message containing the question to the instructor and may have to wait days before receiving an answer. In a face-to-face environment the question would be answered instantaneously. Online Format Issues : Online Format Issues Instructions written for students to follow may be confusing with no visual or physical examples. The learning material may be out-of-date and poorly resourced if it was used in previous years. The learning program may be difficult to navigate and may require the download of other programs to view it properly. Increased Student Responsibility : Increased Student Responsibility In order for a student to benefit from online schooling he or she must be motivated and interested in the material. Many times this is not the case. The student must be able to efficiently manage time and take responsibility for the assignments given to him/her. If the student leads a hectic life, the online courses may be overlooked. The student must be able to overcome any and all distractions and commit their full attention to the material being taught. This is difficult to do when their friends are instant messaging them and their favorite websites are just a click away. Increased Instructor Qualifications : Increased Instructor Qualifications The online schooling instructor must be educated in all of the programs being used and should be able to adapt quickly as the programs are updated. The instructor must be able to effectively use the online programs to educate and challenge all of the students taking the course. Like classroom teachers, the instructor is expected to have an extensive knowledge of the material being taught. For online schooling, he or she is also expected to be qualified to assist students with technical difficulties. Other Considerations : Other Considerations There is no learning method that works best for everyone. Some online schooling is delivered only through text. This may be a problem for individuals who find it easier to absorb information through visuals, or for people who prefer to write notes while listening to a lecture. Students taking online courses may be more likely to be academically dishonest. They can easily get assistance from internet sources or their friends while taking online assessments. Employers may not view an individual with an online education as being as well-rounded as someone with a conventional education. Sources : Sources Online Schooling is Beneficial to the Education Process : Adam Boerema Online Schooling is Beneficial to the Education Process The Cheaper Alternative : The Cheaper Alternative Online schooling provides education to mass amounts of people under one professor resulting in cheaper education In person mass education results in a lower quality of education, however, online schooling provides many tools to simulate a one on one situation It helps lower tuition costs and allows for more students to get a college level education Increased Flexibility : Increased Flexibility Assignments and quizzes can be completed at any time of the day or night allowing for complete schedule flexibility Allows for students with jobs to work and still get an education Many students work best at different times of the day. Online schooling allows for students to work at that desired time which results in better performance Versatility of the Internet : Versatility of the Internet Online schooling has many tools to help teach students at a more interactive level Websites such as provide a step by step process on completing assignments and help students learn the process rather than the answers Video, audio, podcasts, websites, games, instant messaging, e-mail, and many other tools, are tools all available to connect professors to students Increased Efficiency : Increased Efficiency Online tests and homework provide grades and feedback instantly to students Since professors do not need to spend as much time on lectures, focus is on helping the students Contact between classmates and to the professor are all instantaneous and at any time and any place with internet Professors can constantly update information to students to keep them informed and prepared Appealing to all different learning types : Appealing to all different learning types Many times face to face instruction lacks many interactive and visual elements that different types of people require to learn Online schooling covers almost every different learning type with hands on simulations, graphics and video, audio, and readable material It allows for students to be flexible in what suits them best for learning the material provided Increased Participation : Increased Participation Although online schooling is sometimes forceful and automated, it requires students to learn and participate Due to the anonymity of the internet, students are more willing to ask questions and interact with the professor and the class Online discussion boards allow for students to ask questions and receive answers from a large body of people Online Education is the Future : Online Education is the Future Every year online education receives boosts in technology that improves its function and interactivity Anti-cheating technology prevents students from copying and pasting information. Assignments and quizzes contain randomized questions. Modes of online teaching have greatly improved An example would be the use of virtual worlds such as Second Life which provide a unique environment for students to have fun learning and interacting in Sources : Sources Thank You for Watching! : Thank You for Watching!

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