Online Reputation through Storytelling

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Information about Online Reputation through Storytelling

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: MaartenSchafer



The currency of the new economy is trust and reputation – the personal value that you build based on what you do – and how you do it. Your online profile should reflect this reputation. Storytelling can help you to transfer your real world reputation into the online world.

©2014 –             ONLINE REPUTATION THROUGH STORYTELLING by CBNWS When  you  Google  yourself…  do  you  like  what  you  see?            “This  is  how  other  people  see  you.       This  is  your  public  image…  your  personal  brand”         Maarten  Schäfer   Author  ‘Around  the  World  in  80  Brands’    

©2014 –                       CONTENT     Page  2:    How  to  transfer  your  real  world  reputation  into  the  online  world     Page  3:    CBNWS  can  help  you  –  how  does  it  work  and  how  much  does  it  cost     Page  4:    Who  are  we  –  our  expertise     Page  5:    Some  examples             INTRODUCTION     When  you  Google  yourself…  do  you  like  what  you  see?      Are  the  results  relevant  and  up  to  date?        Does  it  say  who  you  are?      This  is  how  other  people  see  you.        This  is  your  public  image…  your  personal  brand.”     People  who  don’t  know  you,  will  define  you  as  the  person  they  see  on  Google.      60%  of  people  will  search  online…  before  meeting  you.        This  is  their  sole  source  of  information.     What  is  personal  branding?      A  process  by  which  individuals  and  entrepreneurs  differentiate  themselves        by  identifying  and  articulating  their  unique  value  proposition.     Why  personal  branding  online?      It’s  not  about  self-­‐promotion.        It’s  about  transferring  your  real  world  reputation  into  the  online  world.  

©2014 –         HOW  TO  TRANSFER  YOUR  REAL  WORLD  REPUTATION  INTO  THE  ONLINE  WORLD       1.  Write  your  story:  your  past,  your  achievements,  your  passion,  your  vision…     Story  should  be  short  and  relevant     Written  with  a  wow-­‐factor  and  stickiness     Easy  to  understand,  easy  to  remember,  easy  to  repeat     Ready  for  word-­‐of-­‐mouth       2.  Create  relevant  audio-­‐visual  content:  pictures,  video,  podcast…     Images  should  be  high  resolution     Professional,  but  human     Reinforcing  the  written  content     In  line  with  your  personal  brand  values       3.  Streamline  your  existing  content  for  online  review:  presentations,  publications…     Presentations  should  be  short  (10  slides  max)     Put  your  name  in  the  title     Enrich  the  presentations  with  images  and  one-­‐liners     Put  a  picture  of  yourself  on  the  first  slide         4.  Publish  the  content  on  relevant  places  online,  so  it  will  appear  in  Google  search     The  highest  ranking  sites:     Linkedin  -­‐  Linkedin  is  king  –  It  ranks  higher  than  all  other  profiles   Twitter  -­‐  Make  sure  to  tweet  relevant  content  in  line  with  your  personal  brand   Wordpress  -­‐  Building  a  personal  blog?  Wordpress  ranks  higher  than  Blogger   Vimeo  -­‐  While  Youtube  is  more  popular,  Vimeo  profiles  rank  higher   Flickr  –  Host  your  pictures  on  Flickr,  it  ranks  higher  than  other  photo  sites       5.  Connect  the  online  content  to  your  existing  online  profiles:  Linkedin,  Google+     As  you  build  out  your  online  presence,  Linkedin  and  Google+  are  key  components   By  connecting  the  story,  images  and  presentations  you  created  to  your                          Linkedin  profile,  you  facilitate  people  to  find  and  share  it.    

©2014 –           HOW  CAN  WE  HELP  YOU  and  WHAT  DOES  IT  COST       We  can  help  you  transfer  your  real  world  reputation  into  the  online  world     How  does  it  work?     1.  Define  the  positioning  of  your  personal  brand  -­‐  Based  on  an  interview   2.  Content  creation  -­‐  Based  on  the  interview,  we  will  create  your  story   3.  Online  publishing  and  seeding  -­‐  So  it  will  appear  on  Google  search   4.  Create  context  -­‐  We  will  place  your  story  in  the  context  of  our  network  of   ‘influencers’  worldwide     How  much  does  it  cost?     Year  one:  1.200  euro,  including:   -­‐  Your  story  based  on  an  interview  with  you   -­‐  Set  up  of  your  personal  landing  page   -­‐  Publication  and  seeding  of  your  story   -­‐  Placement  of  your  story  in  the  context  of  the  CBNWS  network     Annual  fee:  600  euro,  including:   -­‐  Updating  and  seeding  of  the  existing  story   -­‐  Creating  a  new  story  based  on  your  current  activities  and  achievements     -­‐  Publication  and  seeding  of  the  new  story   -­‐  Placement  of  the  new  story  in  the  context  of  the  CBNWS  network     Additional  options:   -­‐  Additional  story  –  600  euro   -­‐  Photo  shoot  –  600  euro   -­‐  Video  creation  –  600  euro   -­‐  Social  media  support  -­‐  900  euro  /  year        Improve  your  presence  in  your  social  networks,  like  Linkedin,  Pinterest,  Youtube   -­‐  Streamline  your  existing  online  content  –  600  euro  /  year        Presentations,  publications,  interviews,  etc…          

©2014 –   WHO  ARE  WE       CBNWS  was  founded  by  Anouk  Pappers  and  Maarten  Schäfer  in  2002  in  Amsterdam.     Our  global  network     -­‐  CBNWS  has  curators  and  brand  builders  in  15  countries.     Our  mission     -­‐  Travel  the  world,  meet  people  with  a  vision  and  brands  with  a  purpose…      write  and  share  their  stories  to  inspire  others.     Our  core  business     -­‐  Creating  ‘meaningful  content’  for  brands  and  personal  brands.     Our  portfolio     -­‐  We  created  content  for  over  600  brands  and  personal  brands  in  more  than  40   countries.     Examples  of  meaningful  content  creation        “Storytelling  expedition  into  Brazil  Food”  -­‐  for  APEX-­‐Brasil  (Government)      “Storytelling  Expedition  into  the  Middle  East  and  Africa”  -­‐  for  Kempinski  Hotels      “Riding  the  Route  66”  -­‐  for  Harley-­‐Davidson      “Around  the  World  in  80  Brands”  -­‐  Multi  client  projects               Anouk  Pappers   Brand  Anthropologist   Author  ‘Around  the  World  in  80  Brands’           Maarten  Schäfer   Storyteller  -­‐  Photographer   Author  ‘Around  the  World  in  80  Brands’        

©2014 –  EXAMPLES  OF  PERSONAL  BRANDING  THROUGH  STORYTELLING§           Jean-­‐Baptiste  Santoul   Function:  CEO  Henkel  France   Positioning:  Sustainability  Expert   Country:  France         Roberto  Stern   Function:  CEO  and  Creative  Director  H.Stern   Positioning:  Creative  -­‐  Out  of  the  box   Country:  Brazil         Heela  Yang  Tsuzuki   Function:  Founder  -­‐  CEO  Fifth   Positioning:  Serial  Entrepreneur  -­‐  Cosmetics  Expert   Country:  South  Korea         Marc  Vincent  Capra   Function:  Founder  Sol  de  Janeiro   Positioning:  Creative  -­‐  Branding  and  Lifestyle  Expert   Country:  USA           Edouard  Malbois   Function:  Founder  -­‐  CEO  Enivrance   Positioning:  Creative  -­‐  Innovator  -­‐  Food  innovation   Country:  France         Maarten  Schäfer   Function:  Founder  CBNWS  Author  -­‐  Storyteller   Positioning:  Author  –  Photographer  -­‐Storyteller  -­‐  Globetrotter   Country:  Netherlands            

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