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Information about Online Poker Dictionary and Poker Quotes for You! Simply AWESOME!

Published on June 15, 2019

Author: RajaBaabu


slide 1: Online Poker Dictionary and Poker Quotes for You Simply AWESOME We are writing this article to present to you our exclusive Online Poker Dictionary. If you are new to poker and wish to get a hang of the online poker terms then the below glossary of poker terms will do the charm for you. To spice it all we have also compiled a set of interesting poker quotes to help you set the ball rolling. Let’s get started. We would first cover our Online Poker Dictionary that includes a set of poker terms commonly used in online poker. We suggest you go through these poker terms before you get started with a game of poker – live or online. These poker terms are essential for your understanding of the game and will make your journey of becoming a poker PRO a lot easier. Glossary of Poker Terms We are now presenting you our Online Poker Dictionary that includes 32 most important poker terms that you would use almost every time you play a game. Since “knowledge is power” we highly suggest that you read these terms and register them on your fingertips. Note: All the below poker terms of our online poker dictionary follow an alphabetical sequence. Also this glossary of poker terms includes all the common terms used in different poker variants: Texas Hold’em Pot Limit Omaha and so on. slide 2: 1. ANTE: A small contribution made by each player to swell the pot before each streak. 2 ACTION: When you act Call Fold Check Check-Raise All-In to progress the game in a streak. 3. ALL-IN: When you spew off all your chips into the pot usually when you have the highest-value card. 4. BANKROLL: The amount of money a player reserves to stay in a game. 5. BIG BLIND: The player on the second to the dealer wagers the big blind double the amount of Small Blind. 6. BULLETS: When you have two AA aces as hole cards. 7. BUY-IN: The minimum amount you need to put in to enter the game poker league tournament or event. 8. CALL: When you match the amount to the raise or wager placed by the opponent before you. 9. CHECK: It basically means passing your turn to the next opponent. 10. CHECK-RAISE: It means choosing to check first and when the next round happens you raise the amount. 11. DEAD MONEY: The pot money that belongs to the players who have folded throughout the game. 12. EQUITY: Your share measured in percentage in the pot money. 13. FLOP: The round in which the first three community cards are dealt. It occurs before the turn round. 14. FREEROLL: A game of poker wherein you can play as much as you want with no investment zero buy-in. 15. FULL HOUSE: When you hit a five-card combination consisting of a pair and three-of-a-kind. 16. GUT SHOT: When you have a five-card combination making an inside straight draw. We hope you are liking our exclusive glossary of poker terms. We have a lot more to tell you. 17. HEADS UP: When there are only two players contesting for the pot money. 19. KICKER: The highest possible value side card in a poker hand. 20. LIMP: When a player calls the big blind rather than raising the wager amount usually at flop. 22. NUT FLUSH: When you have the best possible flush in a poker hand. 24. OVER THE TOP: When your previous opponent raises and you re-raise. 25. POCKET ROCKETS: When you have a pair of aces AA as hole cards the cards that are dealt pre- flop. 26. PRE-FLOP: When all the players wager prior to the flop round. 27. REBUY: When you make a deposit for a fixed number of chips in order to re-enter in a tournament or event. 28. RIVER: When the fifth final community card is dealt at the table followed by the Showdown. slide 3: 29. SHOWDOWN: When the contesting player reveal their hand in order to determine the poker winning hand. Post this the winner who has the best poker hand is declared. 30. SMALL BLIND: The amount half the double blind put in by a player seated right to the dealer. 31. TURN: When the fourth community card is dealt. 32. UNDER THE GUN: It is referred to the player who is the first person to make an action in the game. This all we have in our glossary of poker terms and now we would like to share a few quotes on poker of popular poker players. Most Popular Poker Quotes for you “If you play bridge badly you make your partner suffer but if you play poker badly you make everybody happy.” – Joe Laurie Jr. "Poker is war. People pretend it is a game." – Doyle Brunson “Trust everyone but always cut the cards.” – Benny Binion And here’s our top pick…. “Poker is such a great game. It’s you and your brain against everybody else. The deck doesn’t know who you are.” – Lyle Berman So there you have it We believe that our hand-picked quotes upped your interest in poker. And now that you know important poker terms through our Online Poker Dictionary you’re good to hit the felts and put your poker skills to test. See you at the poker felts About PokerBaazi India’s most trusted poker website PokerBaazi is a trend-setting online gaming portal that offers daily Freerolls and high guarantee Cash Games on its platform. It is known for its player-centric offerings like a ‘Made in India’ Gaming Software an internationally-certified RNG a class-leading system of Loyalty Rewards Program called Baazi Rewards and its eight-figure worth PPL series.

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