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Information about Online Personal Training in Charlotte NC

Published on September 27, 2020

Author: charlottepersonaltra


Slide 1: Online Personal Training in Charlotte NC Slide 2: Who We Are We are men and women out of all areas of life who have decided to bring our passion for health and fitness to others.  We have a friendly atmosphere here that welcomes everyone to be themselves with no need for pretense or being fake. We want you to feel safe and empowered to discover your potential and we believe that connecting with other people on a deeper level gives us the opportunity to make a real, positive difference in their life. Slide 3: Michael Anders – MA Sports Science, Precision Nutrition 2 Cert, Advanced Personal Trainer AFPA I have been a personal trainer and coach since 1998.  I have a Masters Degree in Sports Science, Sports Medicine and have since then also focused on nutrition. As a dad and a business owner, I know how hard it can be to juggle family, career and your own wellbeing. This made me passionate about helping overweight dads and moms with their specific problems that come with their situation. Overweight dads and moms who have sacrificed their health for their career and their family. They need to get off of medication or are almost to a point where they have to take it. Slide 4: Feel & Move Better, Lose Body Fat & Gain Lean Muscle! WITH ONLINE TRAINING Slide 5: SHAPE UP ONLINE FITNESS TRAINING PROGRAMS We design your workouts every month customized to your needs and goals In order to understand you better, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire about your health, goals, lifestyle and eating habits We encourage you to keep track of your food intake. It helps us to customize your nutrition to your needs, make adjustments and help you accomplish your goals more quickly and efficiently We aim to establish long-term lifestyle and nutrition habits instead of quick diets and fixes that will backfire after a couple of weeks or not work at all Your plan is going to be changed and adjusted based on your progress to ensure future success. We provide training plans in 5-week intervals. This gives you enough time to improve without the program going stale. After 5 weeks, we change the program to keep your body stimulated and improving Slide 6: PERSONAL TRAINING Personal training is the ultimate way of ensuring your long term fitness success. The one on one attention of our trainers brings your training to a new level and keeps you safe and sound at the same time. The training starts with a free initial consultation that assesses your goals, lifestyle, medical background, your movements, strengths and restrictions. Based on that our trainers develop a strategy that will lead you to your fitness success the fastest, and safest way Slide 7:  WEIGHT LOSS/ MUSCLE GAIN Weight or muscle gain can be just as difficult for some people as it is for others to lose fat. This training focuses on an intense strength training. Cardiovascular components usually tend to play a minor role here. The training is  built on a resistance training design that enhances strength and muscle mass gains. If necessary 1-2 high intensity interval training sessions will be included to ensure that the weight gain is primarily lean muscle. Slide 8: BUDDY PERSONAL TRAINING Enjoy all the qualities of one on one training but work out with a friend or partner. This training will cut each of your costs by 25% and still have the one on one attention of a trainer. Slide 9: SEMI PRIVATE TRAINING In semi private training you are working out with 3-4 friends. Your training is still individually designed for each one of you, but in addition to have custom training you can enjoy the motivation and support that comes from working out with friends. Working out in a group makes your training also more cost efficient. NUTRITION Nutrition is an integral part of any fitness transformation, regardless of your goals like, fat loss, muscle gain, performance, recovery, etc. Therefore all of our programs include a comprehensive nutrition education and nutrition plans. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of it in order to maximize your results. Slide 10: South Park Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting Inc. 4832 Park Road Charlotte, NC 28209  Email: Phone:(704) 777 3743 Contact Us Slide 11: Visit Our Website Thank You For Watching

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