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Published on October 31, 2008

Author: donnybu



brief update about context, packaging, ecosystem, changes and the future. case study: - indonesia.

Online Media Now! Are you online journalist?

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“Journalist must think to make Journalist must think to make  one thing become thinkable” Adj.1.thinkable ‐ capable of being  conceived or imagined or consider (study case: - Indonesia)

Presidential Security Guard  wears batik is one thing...

Source: w President of Microsoft Corp  President of Microsoft Corp wears batik is thinkable...

How “selamat”* is Selamat… *) Selamat (bahasa): safe

Selamat “the terrorist “ Kastari poster  at Little India – Singapore is one thing… Source: www. Kastari’s face  around Singapore is  thinkable…

Let define the “thinkable” factor from picture above…

Source: w Desperate Housewive ! (She can’t do business online any longer  to support family financial,  because of Internet blocking ordered by government)

To make thing thinkable, we  To make thing thinkable we have to write with  context* *) the interrelated conditions in which  something exists or occurs…

Context is the art of seeing

Context is the art of believing

Context is the art of persuasing

when  h context is not enough… is not enough…

we tend to see what we want to see…

so simple packaging means a lot…

and when  d h packaging is only a beginning… is only a beginning…

Here comes the emerging media ecosystem…

It changes the way we  It changes the way we communicate

RSS planted at since January 2006 Formally adopted: 2008!

Community Development planted at since  January 2008 Formally adopted: 2008!

Online Community planted at since  August 2005 Formally adopted: 2007!

News Comment planted at since  January 2005 Formally adopted: 2008!

It changes the way we  work

Anyone… Remote Anytime… Working Anywhere …

Journalist office* *) notebook

from Backpack Journalist… 3G Card Digital Voice Recording Notebook Smartphone with  Camera Digital Camera

…to Pocket t P k t Journalist

It changes the way we It changes the way we p put standard

• Editorial Skill *) based on 2 surveys by Medill School of Journalism – USA and Online News Association (ONA) in  2006. First surveys respondents: 239 online journalist at manager/editor level from mainstream media.  Second surveys respondents: 199 online journalist including blog journalist (blogger).

• Attitude and Competency

• Content Development

• Technology Usage

It changes the way we It changes the way we see the future

Online Tribes

Mobile Tribes

Detikcom is… Knowledge CONTENT driven Collaboration Experience COMMUNITY driven TECHNOLOGY driven


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