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Published on September 18, 2015

Author: meadowside


1. THE ONLINE MARKETING SUCCESS MANIFESTO for coaches, consultants and independent professionals by Andy Wood

2. the content of this manifesto is protected by copyright laws if you quote from it, or write about it, please link back to ©2015 Andy Wood All Rights Reserved

3. ©2015 Andy Wood All Rights Reserved DISCLAIMER This document is for entertainment purposes only. The views expressed are those of the author alone, and should not be taken as expert instruction or advice. The author makes no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this book and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose. The views contained in this book may not be suitable for your situation. The reader is responsible for their own actions and decisions, and should seek professional advice before acting on any of the information herein. The author shall not be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages. a.k.a ‘the bit my lawyer made me include’

4. MORE SMALL PRINT Always consult your physician before beginning any marketing exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. No animals were harmed during the making of this manifestos. This is a carbon free production.

5. this is the world it weighs around 13,170,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pounds where reality is the conjectured state of things as they exist, not as they may appear or might be imagined

6. this is the online world it is a world of opportunities, where perception is reality it weighs less than 1 pound

7. these are the new hieroglyphics

8. and this is me in the online world i am here i am so small you cannot see me

9. online, really visible people are famous i am here famoushere

10. fame in the online world it can unlock an amazing life for me and let me live my life the way i want giving me the independence i crave is not about celebrity, it is about professional success

11. and fame online applies to me because it can be used in any field to give me authority and credibility and society gives credibility to the famous

12. i want to be famous online because: check all that apply i want to become wealthy i want to ditch my job i want to spend more quality time with my family i want to sell more books i want to be seen as a thought leader i want a more exciting life i want to build a 7-figure coaching business i want more paid speaking engagements other

13. so i started a blog i want to be famous in my field of coaching

14. these are the five realities of my blog

15. with over 200 million blogs nobody visits mine reality 1

16. i spend 90% of my time creating content and 10% of my time promoting my blog reality 2

17. content is a royal pain in the **** to produce reality 3

18. nobody knows who i am reality 4

19. FAIL reality 5

20. and i try to make money online selling my own services grabbing advertising revenue grabbing sponsorship revenue prospecting for my bricks and mortar business promoting my books other check all that apply

21. here is my proposition buy from me hire me read my books listen to me watch me believe me +because + my products are great my services are great my books are great i am great i am

22. this is a frame it delineates, precisely describing something

23. and this is my frame of reference [i don’t bother with one]

24. this is my online audience it is everyone, and they are anonymous to me

25. my audience is bombarded with noise and i contribute to it

26. my audience don’t know me don’t care about me are not loyal to me have little time for me don’t know what i stand for and have short attention spans

27. so the truth of my online marketing is

28. this is a box box is here

29. and this is outside the box here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here

30. i’mtoldthat successwillcome ifi‘thinkoutsidethebox’

31. but I don’t know what the **** that means.

32. here are the ologies of the world

33. and here is the only ology that counts in the online world psychology of me of my audience

34. i want to succeed i really do

35. i want to succeed so much i buy guru books or i read them and then still try to do it my way and don’t read them

36. and self-doubt creeps in it is too hard for me i can’t compete it is already been done who do i think i am to do this? but what if i fail? my product / service / book / other is not perfect yet this niche is too competitive what if no-one comes to my site? i am not really a coach / writer i am not good at selling it will take too long i am too busy

37. 99 doubts living in my head 99 doubts living in my head deal with one, strike it dead 105 doubts living in my head

38. so i sit and plan …. … and dream of what may be

39. There were three frogs sitting on a log. One of them decided to jump off. How many frogs were left sitting on the log?

40. three

41. the frog only decided to jump off … … but it didn’t take any action

42. my manifesto

43. from today i accept that self-doubt and procrastination are a tyranny of my mind, so i will ignore them i accept that it is those that dare and do who are successful, so i will dare and will do i accept that i am the limit of my success, so i will not limit i accept that i must continually invest in my learning, so i will

44. i accept that success online and offline is about awareness i accept that awareness is about marketing i accept that marketing is about brand i accept that brand is about engagement i accept that engagement is about connection i accept that connection is about story from today

45. i will be confident i can succeed i can succeed i can succeed from today

46. i will take action i will i will do it i will do it now from today

47. i will create a brand of me because people connect with people engage with people buy from people from today

48. i will clearly define my frame of reference my goals my strategy my product or service my audience my channels my marketing from today

49. i will find my niche becausewithoutit i cannot compete i cannot differentiate myself i cannot shape a meaningful proposition from today

50. i will create my brand stories because through my stories i will delight, connect and engage with my audience from today

51. i will choose my audience carefully i will get to know them i will learn to understand and cherish them i will like them, and invite them to like me i will connect with them on their terms i will never mislead them because without my audience i don’t exist online from today

52. i will dedicate time to promote my brand content creation 90% marketing10% marketing 90% creation 10% my old model my new model from today

53. it is time. to do it to do it right to do it right now it is time. to stand to stand out to stand out from the crowd from today

54. it is time. to build a powerful personal brand and use it to turn my dreams into reality from today

55. i am a brand from today

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58. about the author i am a coaching alchemist specialising in digital business. read more about me at

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