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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: TechKnowXpress



Online ERP v/s traditional system, ERP and its fundamentals

TechKnowXpress Online ERP

WHAT IS ERP? • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a crossfunctional enterprise system driven by an integrated suite of software modules that supports the basic internal business processes of a company. • ERP is an enterprise-wide information system designed to coordinate all the ▫ resources ▫ information ▫ activities needed • to complete business processes such as; ▫ order fulfillment ▫ billing. TechKnowXpress Online ERP

3 ERP APPLICATIONS Core applications • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) are the transaction processing systems. • support the day-to-day operational activities of the business. • support mission-critical tasks through simple queries of operational databases. • include Sales and Distribution, Business Planning, Production Planning, Shop Floor Control, and Logistics modules. TechKnowXpress Online ERP

4 ERP APPLICATIONS (continue…) Business analysis applications • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). • decision support tool for management-critical tasks through analytical investigation of complex data associations. • supplies management with ―real-time‖ information and permits timely decisions to improve performance and achieve competitive advantage . • includes decision support, modeling, information retrieval, adhoc reporting/analysis, and what-if analysis. TechKnowXpress Online ERP

WHAT IS ONLINE ERP?  ERP installed with a server and a network connection is called Online ERP.  It ensures complete transparency between developers of application and the clients. TechKnowXpress Online ERP

HISTORY Companies before ERP Systems Islands Of information Material accounting Customer Services Material receipt Payroll TechKnowXpress Online ERP

HISTORY (continue…) • In 1990 Gartner Group first employed the acronym ERP as an extension of material requirement planning (MRP). • ERP systems experienced rapid growth in the 1990s because the year 2000 problem and introduction of the euro disrupted legacy systems. • Enterprise application suite is an alternate name for such systems. TechKnowXpress Online ERP

MODULES OF ERP 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Financial and Accounting Materials Management Production Planning Order Entry Purchasing Financial Control Distribution/Logistics Asset Management TechKnowXpress Online ERP

ADVANCED MODULES • SCM – Supply Chain Management. • CRM – Customer Relationship Management. • SRM – Supplier Relationship Management. • Workflow – Process Sequence and Authorization TechKnowXpress Online ERP

SUB MODULES ERP TechKnowXpress Online ERP

TECHNOLOGIES - DEVELOPMENT • Front End : Java/J2EE, .NET • Backend : MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle • Application Server : Apache Tomcat, Glassfish TechKnowXpress Online ERP

12 DEPLOYMENT MODEL Two-tier • common server handles both application and database transaction. • used especially in LANs. TechKnowXpress Online ERP

13 DEPLOYMENT MODEL (continue…) Three-tier • Client links to the application server which then initiates a second connection to the database server. • used especially in WANs. TechKnowXpress Online ERP

User Presentatio n Layer First Tier Second Tier Third Tier Applications Database Application Server Database Server Three-Tier Client Server Application Layer Database Layer Online ERP

User Presentatio n Layer First Tier Second Tier Third Tier OLTP Applications Operations Database OLTP Server OLAP Server OLAP Applications Operations Database Server Data Warehouse Server Data Warehouse Application Layer Databas e Layer ERP with OLTP and OLAP Client Server using Data Warehouse Online ERP

DATA CENTRE Additional Servers Required • Antivirus Server • Email Server • FTP Server • Proxy Server • Domain Server Additional Server Hosting Model •On Site Data Centre (with in Premises of Company) • Off Site Data Centre ( Data Centre Hosting at BSNL, IBM, MTNL etc) • Virtual Data Centre (Cloud Environment) • Software as a Service (SaaS) • Platform as a Service (PaaS) • Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) Online ERP

IMPLEMENTATION STEPS Process preparation Linking current processes to the organization's strategy. Analyzing the effectiveness of each process Understanding existing automated solutions. Extensions ERP systems can be extended with third–party software. ERP vendors typically provide access to data and features through published interfaces Online ERP

IMPLEMENTATION STEPS (continue…) Configuration ERP systems typically include many settings that modify system operation. For example, an organization can select the type of inventory accounting—FIFO or LIFO—to use; whether to recognize revenue by geographical unit, product line, or distribution channel; and whether to pay for shipping costs on customer returns. Online ERP

IMPLEMENTATION STEPS (continue…) Customization ERP customers have several options to reconcile feature gaps. Technical solutions include rewriting part of the delivered software, writing a homegrown module to work within the ERP system, or interfacing to an external system. Data migration Data migration is the process of moving, copying, and restructuring data from an existing system to the ERP system. Online ERP

ERP IMPLEMENTATION PATTERN Software Market Share SAP Peoplesoft Baan 3.0 CA 3.0 JDE 2.2 SSA 2.1 GEAC 2.0 IBM 1.8 1.7 Others Oracle ; 4,8 4.8 JBA Peoplesoft; 4,9 4.9 Oracle SAP; 15,6 15.6 59.0 Baan; 3 Others ; 59 CA; 3 JDE; 2,2 SSA; 2,1 GEAC; 2 IBM; 1,8 JBA; 1,7 TechKnowXpress Online ERP

OUTPUTS OF ERP SYSTEMS DOCUMENTS Printer Proposal Orders approval Mail Delivery plans Shipping papers Warehouse check list Material document Accounting document Fax Delivery/shipping document Invoice Dept & credit doc. EDI Online ERP

22 RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH ERP IMPLEMENTATION • Choosing the Wrong ERP ▫ Goodness of Fit: no ERP system is best for all industries. ▫ Scalability: system’s ability to grow. • Choosing the Wrong Consultant ▫ Common to use a third-party (the Big Five). ▫ Be thorough in interviewing potential consultants. ▫ Establish explicit expectations. TechKnowXpress Online ERP

23 RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH ERP IMPLEMENTATION IMPLEMENTATION STEPS (continue…) • High Cost and Cost Overruns ▫ Common areas with high costs:  Training  Testing and Integration  Database Conversion • Disruptions to Operations ▫ ERP is reengineering--expect major changes in how business is done. TechKnowXpress Online ERP


TechKnowXpress Online ERP

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