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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: nitinbhosle77



Online digital advertising


DIGITAL ADVERTISING TREND • Where the growth opportunities are for marketers and their agencies. Which video ad formats are advertisers and agencies seeking out? • What models do they prefer to use when allocating budgets to digital video? • GO through this link •

STATE OF RTB IN INDIA • India's 150 million Internet population is rapidly growing and so is the number of advertisers. These advertisers can be classified as brand advertisers – • The other set of advertisers are the hardcore players also known as performance players. They're in online marketing to show impact on their bottom line or customer base. • Some of these companies' bread and butter comes off the Internet.

FACTORS AFFECTING THE CURRENT STATE OF RTB IN INDIA • Low appetite for risk taking. • Template digital media mix and mass marketing. • "Discount Kitna Hai" (how much is the discount) and CPC buy. • Lack understanding of scalability. • Everything on the Internet is the same.

OMNICOM PUBLICIS DECK • One of the Most 2 largest Holding Agency • Two of the largest holding agencies - Omnicom and Publicis have merged creating a single unified organization. While the goal is the combined synergy of the various agencies under one umbrella • My view is that agencies are gearing up for the battle with their future rivals in the 'digital data space' such as Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe, Google.

GOOGLE ADWORDS UNVEILS ‘ENHANCED CAMPAIGNS’ • Google essentially declared that the conversion rates between desktop and tablet users were so comparable that there was no point to keeping the campaigns separate. • Mobile Devices CPA: 20% better than desktops • Tablet CPA: 70% worse (!) than desktops. ZAGG saw huge year-over-year improvements: • Mobile conversion rates improved 33% • Tablet conversion rates improved 105%

ZAGG IS THE POSTER CHILD FOR DEVICE TARGETING • We sell accessories for the very gadgets in question: iPhones, Android devices, iPads, etc. • The ability to target by device is crucial, and the measured success that we have seen is the proof. In the 365-day period after implementing device specific campaigns,

FUTURE OF DIGITAL ADVERTISING • Worldwide digital spending is $194B • Percentage of digital spend in India is 6%; anticipated to grow to 12% in 2017. Good to note that it is doubling; but TV media dominates in India currently • % of media spend in digital (29%) is coming close to TV ad spending (40%) in 2017. Great news for us as this implies that that traditional ad spending is slowly shifting to digital. Digital advertising market is going to grow significantly in our lifetime! • Key areas of growth are mobile, ecommerce, data and social

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