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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: BibinParukoorThomas



A short take on branding into the online world. Beginning from the conventional brand concept to what we see in the online world today. Have used many case studies, which according to me were the best i found :P

Who the Hell am I ?

03 Meet Me Bibin Parukoor Brand Ninja & Design Wiz Thomas • Co-Founder at Avocado Duku • Engineer turned Social Media Geek • Crazy Designer • Entrepreneur • Adventure Enthusiast • Tech Cruncher • Gadget Lover • Hardcore IEEE'ian

Online “Branding”

Brands are Everywhere

Brand is NOT • A logo • Corporate Identity • Advertising • Marketing

Brand IS • Confidence • Passion • Belonging • Marketing • Action • Security • A set of unique values

Brands are BIG business

Many things can be branded • Products • Services • People • Places • Religions

Brands can take you places

Brands • Guarantee QUALTIY • Evoke DESIRE • Help us BELONG

But now Brands work in a different way

Brands are • finding info (Google !) • sharing films (YouTube !) • selling stuff (eBay !) • making friends (facebook !) • adding to knowledge (Wikipedia !) IN WAYS WE NEVER COULD BEFORE !

Brands say ‘USE ME’

Brands are now YOURS

YOU make them

YOU un make them

Brands Create Magic

Brands fuel our IMAGINATION

Evoke Desire

Arouse Passion

Make us Aspire for more

This is what Brands do !

Most powerful tool of Brands ADVERTISING

Advertising • TV • Radio • Press • Billboards • Online Media • ALL HAVE CREATED SYMBOLS !

Changing World !

3 International Case Studies • Sandwich Experiment Walkers Chips, Sandwich, UK • Power with Billboards NedBank, South Africa • Democratic Car making Volkswagen Peoples Car Project, China

Brands REACH OUT to the common man

The Online Branding MANTRA

Online Branding A key marketing challenge in today’s multichannel, multi-device world is the integration of digital marketing opportunities into the traditional marketing mix.

Online Branding Leveraging the capabilities of the Internet’s network connectivity and interactivity to drive revenue is of paramount importance to today's marketer.

Crisis ? “Used to be, TV was the answer. The only problem was it stopped working sometime around 1987.” President GM North America “Broadcasting an ad on television or in a newspaper is admitting you have no idea who your customers are.” Gary Loveman, CEO, Harrah’s

Tactics • Immersion Immersed in a brand's influence • Advergaming •Turing ‘brick’ brands digital

Drive the Brand.. …websites need to be more than a communication channel to customers. they must be a proposition in their own right. …websites must be an extension of the products and services that a brand provides to its customers.

Drive the Brand …marketers must understand that as soon as content becomes digital, customers expect more from it. …you have to allow for co-creation and create “Prosumers”.

Drive the Brand.. The edge boundaries between content, advertising, and application have gone.

Brand building on facebook

The Whole Picture Advertising faces new challenges Attention, niche demand, value of social communication A new medium changes relationships From customer to guest From teller of stories to resource for stories

The Whole Picture Brand Value: Brand means authentic thought leadership (not one-way interruptions) Brand value depends on the amount (and maybe quality) of social communication

Sensational Content creates the online value

Best 3 Campaigns of last year • Dove – Beatty sketches • Red bull - Felix’s Jump from Space • Volvo – Jon Vaun Damn’s Epic Split

Brand’s • Engage • Involve • Entertain • Excite Let the BRANDS change your life !

Love your BRANDS !

Thank You

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