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Published on July 16, 2018

Author: LifPos


slide 1: Vastu Consultants Help Ignite Spark of Love in Your Marriage Has your marriage become loveless or boring Trying to infuse the spark of love in your marriage Well you need no love expert. You need Vastu consultants You may not know but there might be something wrong in your home or bedroom or even that cute little mirror that you placed on the wall. Love is the spark of the soul. Without love a relationship is lifeless. If you fnd yourselves arguing a lot with each other or if you feel the romance is gone stop blaming your partner. It could be a Vastu defect Contact the best Vastu consultant in the city and transform your love life in a way you had never imagined. Golden tips from a famous Vastu consultant The frst thing about love in Vastu is the bedroom. This is where you can make your bonding strong. The ideal place for a bedroom is North West or South West. In addition to this the following tips will help you strengthen the bond between you and your partner: • Your bedroom should be in a regular shape not irregular or bizarre corners please. Avoid sleeping on a metal bed. It can create tension between you and your partner. Use wood. • Paint bedroom walls light. Choose soothing colors to create a romantic ambience. • The female partner should sleep on the left side of her male partner for a great relationship. • Vastu consultants advise using shades of red in your bedroom decor because red is the color of love. Its an intense color. • Remove gadgets and gizmos from your bedroom. Make it a more spiritual place than an electronic one. • Use a single mattress for both of you. It should be wide and comfortable. Make sure it is frm so that your spine is in natural alignment. This keeps your energy fow in chakras balanced. According to consultants disturbance in chakras also creates disharmony in the relationship. • Your bedroom should be free of clutter. Keep it clean and beautiful. It attracts love. • Use beautiful lightings and scented candles to ignite romance. slide 2: Have you placed your bed in the center of the room A Vastu defect Move it today. Arrange it in a manner that it is neither facing the door nor is touching any wall. This is when you need Vastu Consultant immediately You have had a hard day at work. Yet you are not looking forward to spending a nice time with your partner. Instead you wish to hang out with friends at the bar till late and return home only to sleep. Bedroom for you has become a place for you to only sleep. slide 3: Even if you both come together in bed something happens and it repels you. An argument or a lack of romantic feeling leaves you frustrated. You simply grab the pillow and go of to sleep. This is not how it should be for a happy marriage. Who says marriages become boring or lack love after a period of time You can stay in love forever. Certifed Vastu consultants can help you fnd the root cause of your loveless marriage. Once you correct the Vastu defects watch yourselves falling in love with your partner once again Vastu for Home | Tips Straight from Top Vastu Consultant The word Vastu is of a Sanskrit origin meaning a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land. Vastu Shastra refers to the "science of architecture" originating from the traditional Hindu practices. These were written to organize the 3 basic necessities of our life: food clothing and shelter. It provides a description of the principles of design measurements layout and space arrangements. These principles and designs are such that they incorporate nature and its particles along with architecture. VASTU CONSULTANTS are generally well learned in Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Since time immemorial Vastu Shastra has been inculcated in the templates for Hindu temples layout for houses workplaces shops etc. The signifcance of the orientation of a building is to have a better house design which provides good health prosperity and wealth to the residents. Vastu believes that there are essentially two types of forces which are equal and opposite in nature. According to the science behind these principles there lies a correlation between the rotation of planets and the layout of the building and directions with respect to north. This helps in increasing the lifespan of the building and improve the condition of the occupants. There have been instances where the buildings have not been in accordance with the vastu and the result has been visible in the early decay of the space as compared to ones with match the requirements of the Vastu. This knowledge is known to be fuid and doesnt necessarily require diagrams for layouts. The system is an amalgamation of science of directions astronomy and astrology. Developed over the years by many a learned follower of this study Vastu Shastra has become a major factor on the basis of which decisions regarding houses and workspaces are made. Vastu for Home According to VASTU CONSULTANTS a proper house is a collaboration of rooms with precise entry and exit points. Some of them go to the extent of stating that your house is the architect of your destiny. Any FAMOUS VASTU CONSULTANT would emphasize the importance slide 4: of the direction of each and every door and window of your space along with its entry and exit. Though is it extremely difcult to build a single entity ideally following all the dictates of Vastu Shastra. While some of these errors can be altered by correcting the pattern of construction it is quite difcult to demolish houses with serious vastu faults. 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