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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: josephbulls



The Chicken and the Grasshopper

The Chicken and the Grasshopper Taylirre Mack RED6545 Online Actions in Reading

Common Core Standards  SC.3.L.15.1: Classify animals into major groups (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, arthropods, vertebrates and invertebrates, those having live births and those which lay eggs) according to their physical characteristics and behaviors.  LACC.3.SL.1.3: Ask and answer questions about information from a speaker, offering appropriate elaboration and detail.  LACC.3.SL.2.4: Report on a topic, tell a story, or recount an experience with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details, speaking clearly at an understandable pace.

Vocabulary mammals birds reptiles amphibians fish arthropods vertebrates invertebrates Create a word splash of what you already know about these terms. Discuss with your shoulder buddy.

One day Lucy followed her mom around the farm. Her mom collected eggs to make a great big breakfast for the next morning. “Mommy,” asked Lucy, “why do chickens have eggs?” Why do chickens lay eggs? What are baby chickens called?

“Well my sweet dear,” Lucy’s mom answered while she continued to pick up eggs, “because chickens are classified into a species of birds. And birds lay eggs.” Lucy thought for awhile. She became distracted as a grasshopper that hopped by. What are species? What kind of other animals can you think of that are in the birds species?

“Well what about me? Did I hatch from an egg? Am I in the chicken species? What about the grasshopper? Did it hatch from an egg? What about Roger?” she asked as her golden retriever ran by, “Did he hatch from an egg? Roger’s not a chicken or a bird.” Lucy’s mom looked at her for a second. “Let’s go inside Lucy, I will show you something.”

“Birds are a type of species who lay eggs. They have other characteristics, too. They are animals that have warm blood,” Lucy’s mom explained.

“Warm blood?” Lucy asked. “What’s warm blood?” What is warm blood? Discuss with your shoulder buddy why chickens may need warm blood.

Lucy’s mom thought about it for a second. “Well Lucy,” she started, “you and I have warm blood, too.” “So I came from an egg?” Lucy asked amazed. “I knew it!” “No, no, no, silly girl,” Lucy’s mom explained. “We are mammals. Mammals give birth to live young. Sort of like Roger’s mom gave birth to him.”

“Fish lay eggs. They live underwater and are coldblooded,” Lucy’s mom stated pointing to Bubbles.

“Oh that’s right!” Lucy exclaimed excitedly. “Bubbles is in the fish species.” “But since he’s cold-blooded maybe I should add some hot water to his fish tank to warm him up,” Lucy stated getting up to head to the kitchen. “No, Lucy,” Lucy’s mom laughed. “He can live in room temperature water and is a cold-blooded animal. That’s how nature made it.” Why do you think fish are cold-blooded species?

“Another cold-blooded species are amphibians. They lay many eggs and can live in land and water,” Lucy’s mom explained. “I can live on land and water too. I can swim and hold my breath underwater for a whole minute!” Lucy stated proudly. “Silly girl!” Lucy’s mom smiled and stroked Lucy’s hair. “Amphibians can live underwater. You can’t live in the water, you just wish you can!” Why can’t mammals live on land and water?

Just then a lizard runs by. “Is a lizard an amphiyun?” Lucy asked. “An amphibian,” Lucy’s mom corrected. “Close… but a lizard is a reptile.” We have a lot of lizards in Florida. Think about what you know about lizards. Share with your shoulder buddy some characteristics of reptiles based on what you know about lizards.

What are some differences between the three cold-blooded species? “Reptiles lay eggs and sometimes have live young. Instead of fur like Roger they have scales and dry skin. They are also coldblooded animals” Lucy’s mom explained.

Look at your word splash. Add any new information to what you now know about the vocabulary words. You can draw pictures. Share with your shoulder buddy. Do not include insects!

“So there are mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and amphibians?” Lucy confirmed. “Very good, Lucy!” Lucy’s mom said happily.

“But what about grasshoppers?” Lucy asked, reminded of the grasshopper that hopped by earlier. “Well Lucy, those are invertebrates. That means they don’t have backbones. Vertebrates are the species that we talked about earlier; mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, and reptiles.” Lucy’s mom explained. “Oh no, Mommy!” Lucy exclaimed. I will stick to chicken and verticles.” “Vertebrates,” Lucy’s mom corrected. “Yea those,” Lucy stated getting up to go outside. “Let’s go get those eggs for our breakfast tomorrow. Then you can tell me more about these grasshoppers and inverticles.” “Ok, silly girl!” Lucy’s mom stated, joining Lucy to go outside. Predict some creatures that may be included in invertebrates. Share with your shoulder partner.

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