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Information about OnID En

Published on October 4, 2008

Author: Aton

Source: slideshare.net


onID - the RFID tracking system

Aton’s Radio FrequencyIDentification: You Can Have RFaith in Us! Logistics & Traceability Solutions

RFID Technology

Scenario Everybody talks about RFID, but how mature is RFID?

Scenario 7824661 RFID, as all technological solutions, has got its own life cycle

Scenario Life cycle of a technology Initial enthusiasm “That’s the perfect solution for…” “Anything is possible!” Adoption “Nothing is working!” Disillusionment

Scenario At which RFID technology life stage are we today ?

Scenario Today we are here! Initial enthusiasm RFID TODAY Adoption Disillusionment

The Good RFID Integrator At this stage, a good RFID integrator should guide customer, evenbyimposingitselfproject a realistic RFID system not promise the impossible;-)always bebasedon proven experienceremember RFID cannotguarantee 100%!!!This is so, more than in other technological fields

guide customer, evenbyimposingitself

project a realistic RFID system

not promise the impossible;-)

always bebasedon proven experience

remember RFID cannotguarantee 100%!!!

An RFID System A step backwards…

An RFID System What must an RFID System do?

An RFID System RFID = Radio FrequencyIDentification Object Identification Technology by Radio Waves RFID System Identification of due objects in a given context in front of a certain event An RFID tag is attached to every object, thus becoming univocally identifiable in the system

RFID Detection System RFID Detection System The goodstobeidentified go throughreading area, usually under a gate, and are detectedbythe system via reading of tagsattached on objectswhich, under the fieldcreatedby the gateantennas, report theiridentity, i.e. their “tagid” Gate Detection Area

An RFID System Tag (or transponder) It is the element attached to items-to-be-identified, containing tag id Antenna Itis the HW part transmitting/receiving radio waves for RFID tag info reading RFID System Reader Connectedtoone or more antennas, it converts electricsignalsintodigitalones, interpreting some of the info read on the tag Sensors Detect people/objects passing through, in order to identify items inside detection area Middleware Manages the whole system, processes data and makes them available to users

The Tag The tag is an object composed by antennachipsupportantenna I.C. (memory, logic & TX/RX circuits) plastic support




Factors influencing RFID Which factors affect functioning in an RFID system? n x m x p = “RFID works”

Factors influencing RFID 1 Material on which tag is attached

Material on which tag is attached Wood => OK

Material on which tag is attached Metal = !

Material on which tag is attached Liquids = !

Material on which tag is attached Oily Substances = OK

Factors influencing RFID 2 Tag Density & Positioning

Tag density

Tag density VisibleTag InvisibleTags (no detection due to interference)

Tag positioning

Tag positioning VisibleTags Invisibile Tag (due toorthogonalfield lines)

Factors influencing RFID 3 Quantity of antennas / reader power

Quantity of antennas & reader power Qty. of antennas & reader power Antenna + - VS Antenna Reader Power Antenna

RFID Middleware

.onID Tag Writing Antennas Reader .onID manages the whole RFID system Sensors Detection Area

.onID .onID allows abstraction of HW under use Each reader becomes just a data source, all readers are roughly equivalent At the same time it is possible to profit from each reader peculiarities (e.g.: Alien’s ITR)

.onID Thanks to .onID it is possible to limit detection fieldssensor networks can bedirectlyinterfaced with .onID it is feasible to reducedependence from specific readers by avoiding their use as sensor “managers”

it is possible to limit detection fields

sensor networks can bedirectlyinterfaced with .onID

it is feasible to reducedependence from specific readers by avoiding their use as sensor “managers”

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