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Published on June 21, 2008

Author: instantdigitalprint


Slide1:  Variable Data >> Variable Data Printing >> Variable Information Printing Slide2:  Personalize every Print Material Variable data printing allows for printing customized promotional materials that could possibly double or even triple response rates. Variable text and images Printing, Personalized Printing, Mail Print, Direct Mail Marketing, Direct Mailer Slide4:  Our Digital Printing Press facilities are ideal for printing cost effective small quantities in short Time. Slide5:  Variable data printing allows for printing customized or Personalize promotional materials It's a fact. Personalization motivates shoppers. Build Customer Loyalty and Sales with Flexible, One-to-One Marketing Slide6:  With Variable printing , we can changing the salutation or name on each copy of Print Slide7:  Average response rates (%): Bulk e-mail:0.0002 Bulk elemarketing:0.0110 Bulk fax:0.0190 Mass printed mail:1.2600 Variable print mail:13.7000 We can change images, message without slowing or stopping the press. Slide8:  As direct mail becomes more personalized, the opportunity for growth expands. Innovative technology, unparalleled expertise lets you maximize your return by implementing micro-marketing strategies. Slide11:  Variable Data Printing (VDP) A digital print run where each printed page is somewhat different, with the variations usually determined by relating page content to customer information in a database. (Variable Information Printing or VIP.) Slide12:  where there may be differing amounts of customization for different markets, with text and images changing for groups of addressees based upon which segment of the market is being addressed. Versioning A form of short-run printing, where different versions of a document may go to different geographical areas or people with different income levels. Slide13:  Our digital printing studio offers our customers with a wide array of variable information printing to service all your needs at prices that is probably the lowest in the market Stan Art Print Pvt. Ltd Slide14:  Producing excellent prints that offers individual messages for each of the pieces is our companies’ goal in providing excellent variable information printing, at very low prices. Slide16:  Variability Printing, where the text and images can be altered for each individual Print or addressee. Slide17:  Created By

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