One Step Ahead’s Zoom Card - Startup Weekend York Region 2014

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Information about One Step Ahead’s Zoom Card - Startup Weekend York Region 2014

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: angelalagamba



With health being the #1 concern among North American boomers, One Step Ahead created the simple and stylish Zoom Card - “Your wearable health buddy." During Startup Weekend York Region 2014, our team conducted extensive industry & competitor research to determine a market need for this product.

Zoom Card consists of a wallet-sized card with a mobile app. This product can help you because of its:

*Simplicity – Simple to use, wallet-sized, thin
*Versatility – Can be used in a variety of physical activities & can be worn anywhere
*Affordability – Comparable pricing for 50+ health-conscious males
*Independence – Highest priority for boomer men to remain independent by managing health & wellness factors
*Discretion – Wallet-sized is easy to slip into pocket or attach to key chain for discrete use
*Customization - Targeted Online and Mobile Experience

Questions? Send a tweet to @AngelaLaGamba

One Step Ahead introduces the Zoom Card “Your wearable health buddy” January 24 – 26, 2014 #swyorkregion #zoomcard

Talented Team of Entrepreneurs Abigail Amponsah, environmental engineer Angela La Gamba, marketing & branding manager Lori Biasiotto, social service worker specializing in gerontology Matt Gray-Smith, endurance and fitness athlete & personal trainer

Meet Uncle Brett Health-conscious, male, age 55 Active, loves to walk & hike Somewhat tech-savvy, owns a smartphone Concern is health & longevity Short on time, wants to focus on family & meaningful relationships, and dislike complexity 9.6 million (29%) Canadians & 78 million Americans are baby boomers Boomer men (born between 1946-65) are 2x as likely to exercise daily as Boomer women More disposable income

The Problem: Unfit Boomers Health is the top concern among boomers “Exercise is as effective as medications…it’s as effective as three of the most commonly used medications to decrease the risk of death in people with coronary artery disease,” according to a recent British Medical Journal study “The boomer generation is less fit than their parents were at same age,” study JAMA Internal Medicine shows. Top 3 reasons people gave for using wearable fitness devices, study by Consumer Electronics Association (CEA): Motivation (52%) Monitoring the progress of exercise goals (47%) Gauging levels of physical activity or intensity (46%) Sources:!tjpaC

The Research: Unfit Boomers Team One Step Ahead conducting in-person assessment at the Running Room (Markham). Idea Validation: Survey Monkey distributed via emails, FB & TW In-person visit to The Running Room (Markham) to interview store manager & associates & interview runners Phone calls to physical trainers, rehab offices, doctors offices, and gyms Startup weekend mentors Market Research: Government databases Medical and industry journals

Our Talented Team Can Pivot Ideas Our industry & competitor research showed us we needed to stay agile and pivot on a dime this weekend: 1. Running shoe with smart technology 2. Insole for any shoe with smart technology to track fitness goals 3. Clippable monitor with wearable technology that can be worn anywhere 4. Speed laces with built-in technology Let’s see what’s next …

From Boomer to Zoomer Source: 013/02/04/canadas-babyboomers-in-denial-abouthealth-habits-needed-toavoid-disease-poll/

The Solution: Zoom Card & Mobile App The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Smart technology measures and tracks: • Pace • Distance / speed • Time • Steps taken • Calories burned Simple & user-friendly interface One Step Ahead: Zoom Card Eye socket hole Wallet-sized fitness solution for zoomers (size of credit card, 3 mm thick) so hard to lose Large display screen for easy viewing of fitness goals Buttons with large text for enjoyable user experience Green colour for connection to health & wellness (New Age mvmt)

The Solution: Zoom Card & Mobile App Mobile app includes: Tracker Page: Real-time data of overall fitness achievements Account Page: Comparable metrics Tips Page: Recommendations Networking Page: Encouragement, social aspect, meaningful relationships Larger text & bright colours for easier reading & fun user experience Wi-Fi transmission in real-time

What our future customers have to say… “It's nice to have the simplicity of 1 item instead of 2.“ - Tim Fujita, future customer “It's nice as a secondary item.“ - Bernie Hui, future customer "It has an interesting application for someone who doesn't want to wear something on their wrist.“ - Todd Sinclair, future customer

What our future customers have to say… “I would love this product to help improve quality and quantity of life. I see how this product would allow me to be on the road to a healthier me. Easy to use matrix to show progress and provide tips.” – future customer “I like that it is not a bulky object which can be an inconvenience when working out.” – future customer “I invest a lot in my training - this could provide new insight into areas of my performance and training I can improve.” – future customer

Our Customer Base: Zoomer Males 9.6 m (29%) Canadians & 78 m Americans are baby boomers Boomers exercise more, on average, than the average person Boomer men (born between 1946-65) are 2x as likely to exercise daily as Boomer women Health conscious, zoomer males, aged 45+ Somewhat tech savvy (carry smartphones) More disposable income Sample Persona: CBC Dragon Den’s W. Brett Wilson Source: _wilson_to_launch_risky_tv_series/brettwilson.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterbox.jpeg

Business Model Strategy Retail stores e.g. The Running Room, Runner’s Den, Running Free, Sportchek Direct to consumer e.g. e-commerce website, Amazon, Zoomer health show at MTCC Value-add services e.g. doctors office, rehabilitation offices - physical therapists, occupational therapists, fitness centers (Nifty After Fifty gym for older adults) “Every man desires to live long, but no man wishes to be old.” – Jonathan Swift

Customer Acquisition Strategy Strategy Approach In-Location Events • Showcase product at in-location, in-store events e.g. Running Room demos, GoodLife Fit classes, golf clubs • Workplace Get Fit promo campaign w/ product showcase Content & SEO • Social media (My Space & Facebook), WordPress website, mobile app • Stories & video demos to drive interest & traffic to website / mobile app • Feature articles -, Zoomer Magazine, Paid Search • Google AdWords campaign (PPC) Association Partnerships • National Association of Baby Boomers - • Canadian Association of Retired Persons – • American Association of Retired Persons –

Customer Value Proposition Simplicity – Simple to use, wallet-sized, thin Versatility – Can be used in a variety of physical activities & can be worn anywhere Affordability – Comparable pricing for 50+ health-conscious males Independence – Highest priority for boomer men to remain independent by managing health & wellness factors Discretion – Wallet-sized is easy to slip into pocket or attach to key chain for discrete use Customization - Targeted Online and Mobile Experience

Users Engaged: Social Media Twitter: 30 followers, 10 tweets @SWOneStepAhead Facebook: 29 likes!/page s/ZOOM-CARD/

Competitor Differentiators – 1

Competitor Differentiators – 2

Costs Shipping + Packaging + Manufacturing Costs = $20 Profit Margin Suggested Retail Price = $99-149

MVP Product Evolution Map

Our Team Needs Advisory board – lawyer, accountant, banker, fitness advisor Outsource – IT, tech, programmers

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