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Published on February 20, 2014

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The One Minute Manager Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D. Spencer Johnson, M.D. 1

Dr. Kenneth Blanchard (About the author) • Chairman of Blanchard Training and Development • An internationally known author, educator and consultant/trainer • Education: • B.A in Philosophy and Ph.D. in Administration & Management from Cornell University & • M.A. in Sociology and Counselling from Colgate University • Advised to distinguished corporations & agencies like US Armed Forces and UNESCO. 2

Spencer Johnson (About The Author) • International best selling author, • Originator and co-author of “One Minute Manager”, • Written many books of One Minute® series • His education includes B.A. in phycology , M.D. Degree from royal college of Surgeons.

The Search • A young boy looking for and effective manager • He wanted to be One • He wanted to work for one • Had been to every kind of office and spoken to every kind of managers 4

• Then he began hearing marvellous stories about a special manager • People liked his work • So he arranged a meeting with him • He was a bit surprised but didn’t know that his life was about to change 5

One Minute Manager • Manager called himself One Minute Manager rather than a participative manager • He further simplified it as it take only a Minute to get very big results from the people • He handed a list of 6 people to the young man who reported directly to him • But with leaving his cabin he learned something, that was…… 6

ΠPeople Who Feel Good About Themselves Produce Good Results Π7

• Manager’s secretary informed her that he can meet with them right now • He first went to Mr. Trenell • He then found there are total there secrets of One Minute Manager 8

One Minute Goals (The First Secret) • It is not just letting them know about their responsibilities • It is also about what we as a manager expects from them • A problem only exist if there is difference between what is actually happening and what we desire to happen • If we don’t know our desire then it’s just a complain not a problem 9

Summary • Agree on your Goals • Write Goals on a single sheet of paper in not more than 250 words • Read and re-read each Goals • Take One Minute of your time everyday to review your performance for that day • Check your behaviour if it matches your Goal 10

One Minute Praisings (The Second Secret) • Mr. levy a young man in his late 20’s or early 30’s told him about 2nd secret • They used to get clear feedback about their work if they doing good or bad • Manager wanted to catch doing something right (unlike other managers) • He use to praise if someone did anything right and let them know how good he felt. 11

Summary • Let people know your opinion regarding their work • Praise them immediately • Tell them what they did right • Let them know how good you feel 12

• Stop for a moment of silence to let them feel how you feel • Encourage them to do the same • Touch them in friendly way to let them know you support them • Tell them how valuable they are to organization 13

The Appraisal • He then went to meet Ms. Gomez • There he knew that One Minute Manager’s operations were more effective and efficient • He was more as a trainer than a Manager • Their workers didn’t need managers after two years of work with him 14

One Minute Reprimands (The Third Secret) • Next day Ms. Brown told him about the third secret One Minute Reprimands • Whenever she made a mistake she was reprimanded as soon as manager know about it • He used to confirm the facts first and then used to visit her • He let her know how angry and frustrated he was but it all took about 30 seconds 15

Summary • Let them know about they are doing wrong First half of the reprimands (30 seconds) • Reprimand people immediately • Tell people what and where they did wrong • Let them know how u feel • Stop for a second of uncomfortable silence to let them know how you feel 16

Second half of the reprimands (30 seconds) • Let them know that you are honestly on their side by your action • Remind them how valuable they are to you • Let them know that it is not them you are angry on, it is their work • Remind them when reprimand once over, its over • Nothing personal 17

WHY Now after all this the young boy was confused Why all this simple things work…… 18

The One Minute Manager then explains The Best Minute I Spend Is The One I Invest In People 19

Why One Minute Goals Work • He told him a lesson: Everyone is a potential winner some people are disguised a looser don’t let their appearance fool you • He then told him hire winners and set one minute goal, don’t depend on prayers 20

Why One Minute Praisings Work • The key to train someone to do new is, in the beginning catch them doing something approximately right until they can eventually learn to do it exactly right • He again gave examples to illustrate how praising is a motivation to achieve next goal 21

Why One Minute Reprimands Work • When managers deal with one person at a time, it seems fair and clear • It is the behaviour which is reprimanded not the person • He said Tough ‘n’ Nice is better than Nice ‘n’ Tough • He again gave examples to prove his point 22

• At last he offered him to work for himself but at that firm, which the young boy accepted • Later he himself became a One Minute Manager • Before he left Manager pointed on his favourite plaque and said “if you know this you will know the key to a really successful reprimand”. • It was mentioned on that plaque that…… 23

We Are Not Just Our Behavior We Are The Person Managing Our Behavior 24


A Gift Of Yourself • He had now time to think and plan • He had time to exercise and stay healthy • His workers enjoyed the same benefits • His department had fewer costly personal turnover • But the benefits were significant 26

A Gift For Others He was now spreading the lessons he learnt form actual One Minute Manager to those who were keen to learn and become a good manager 27

A Team Work Sandipan Shandilya Sayed Mohammad Amin Mohammadi Shefali Pandey Zaidullah Muradi 28

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