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Published on March 21, 2009

Author: rodbegbie



A compendium of bacon-related tweets, collated for BaconCampSF on March 21 2009

One Hour in Bacon BaconCamp March 21, 2009 Rod Begbie •

sarcastic_pulse cb

I just had a finger full of cream cheese frosting and a slice of bacon for a snack. Purrrrr sarcastic_pulse cb

graysky Mike Champion

Eating bacon prior to exercising dues not, in fact, lead to optimum performance despite what you may have heard. graysky Mike Champion

rey ʎǝɹ

Test-driving a spicy bacon sandwich rey ʎǝɹ

R_Post Ryan Post

wondering why a bag of jerky is okay but a bag of bacon isn't... R_Post Ryan Post

jayperoni Jay Peroni

No need to buy bacon or ham at the grocery store anymore...there's so much pork in those spending bills... 2010 change is coming! jayperoni Jay Peroni

No need to buy bacon or ham at the grocery store anymore...there's so much ! E pork in those spending bills... R I 2010 change is coming! T A S jayperoni Jay Peroni


Is there anything you can't put bacon salt on? emric

stevengsaunders Steve Saunders

Hell yes. I think I will make tacos again in a few days. With bacon. Yummy bacon. stevengsaunders Steve Saunders

diogocorrea Diogo Corrêa

Vontade de comer um mega hamburger lotado de bacon. Adoro bacon. Fome. diogocorrea Diogo Corrêa

Vontade de comer um mega big hamburger lotado a bacon. at de oe et irbacon. Fome. f Des Adoro ull o rf urge on. b ham bac love n. I aco b ger. Hun diogocorrea Diogo Corrêa

desicration desi cration

fyi- a bacon coma lasts approx. 3 weeks. i'm finally back! desicration desi cration


My student told me yesterday that he HATES Canada because Canadian bacon tricked him (he thought he was ordering bacon but he got ham). clweinst

TayCurtScott Taylor Scott

Dude, they have bacon for dinner!!!! TayCurtScott Taylor Scott

FakeJimmyFallon Fake Jimmy Fallon

@rainnwilson is better than slapping pretentious douchebag hippies with bacon while cart-surfing At Whole Foods. FakeJimmyFallon Fake Jimmy Fallon

greatbarstoolio Janey

Who put strips of bacon on Team USA? The WBC is makin' me hongry. http:// greatbarstoolio Janey

Who put strips of bacon on Team USA? The WBC is makin' me hongry. http:// greatbarstoolio Janey

barrysaunders barry MCs like a pound of bacon.... barrysaunders barry


@sophiaperennis happy birthday to you.! once @nickdawson figures out bacon scotch we'll send a bottle for your bday. ;D suze4405

BrookeeeB Brooke Buchanan

Smells like bacon? Does that mean I'm having a stroke? BrookeeeB Brooke Buchanan

blastercase Daniel K

for dinner i had bacon, 3 eggs cooked in bacon grease , one cigarette, and two bottles of bud. blastercase Daniel K

HelloKiKi Kierstyn

Everyone loves bacon. Vegans love bacon. Jews love bacon. Bacon is the key to world peace! HelloKiKi Kierstyn

One Hour in Bacon Rod Begbie @rodbegbie



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