One Hen: Sparking a Generation of Social Entrepreneurs

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Information about One Hen: Sparking a Generation of Social Entrepreneurs

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: annperham



Kate Smith Milway, workshop at the MSLA Conference 3/10/14

Sparking a Generation of Social Entrepreneurs MLSA Conference: March 2014 One Hen

2 It all started with a book about microfinance and a vision to inspire kids to global citizenship Teach Microfinance & Entrepreneurship to Harness Kids as a Force of Hope in the World The Vision

3 …and a website so kids could learn through participation Through interactive games and aggregated lessons plans, kids are able to discover, first-hand how they can be agents of change with no more than their lemonade-stand earnings

A teacher and volunteer movement grew quickly around these resources

5 One Hen, Inc. was born: Our intended impact… Financial responsibility Personal initiative Youth Philanthropy Global Awareness Success Giving back To help kids become global citizens who marry success to giving back

6 ….and theory of change Financial responsibility Personal initiative Youth Philanthropy Global Awareness Website creates interactive online community for teachers and students Curriculum offers resources for innovative activities aligned to core subjects Network Trainings equip volunteers & educators to adopt & adapt learnings One Hen equips educators with stories and interactive media to help kids learn, play and make a difference for others and for themselves Financial responsibility Youth Philanthropy

Why Teach Financial Literacy? 40% of Americans say they live beyond their means 45% of college students are in credit card debt Ages 8-14: Kids form life-long spending and saving habits

“10 hours of instruction can change students’ spending and saving habits.” Children’s Financial Literacy Network

Fulfilling 6th Grade ELA Common Core Alignment A particularly strong alignment to the Speaking and Listening Strands of the ELA Common Core Alignment A strong potential to align with ELA Writing Standards, including Text, Types, and Purposes (W. 1-3), and Researching to Build and Present Knowledge (W. 7-9) A strong potential to align with ELA Reading of Informational Texts standards, including "RI.1-3: Key Ideas and Details” and and "RI.7-9: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas"

10 Let’s look at a one of the modules - How Business Works: What was Kojo’s Business?

Chicken Farmer: Dr. Kwabena Darko (Kojo)

How Did Kojo’s Business Work? Got a Loan Bought a Hen Paid Back Loan Sold Eggs Bought More Hens/ Started Loan Fund Saved Money Cared for Hen

What Are Business Terms for This? - Costs - Interest = Profit + Revenue

Questions: How should you set your price? How does your revenue connect to GDP? How can you estimate revenue?

What Can You Do With Profit ? - Spend/Invest -|+ Give + Save

What Will You Do With Your Profit? Picture of Concord Academy kids?

Pocket money market of kids 4-12 in N. America. What could .5% of this do for good?

1818 Phase 1 Kids learn the story and key lessons Phase 2 : Kids learn how business works, form a Company and explore the needs in their community Phase 3: Kids produce, market and sell One Hen Academy Today Phase 4: •Tally profits, repay loans, give to a good cause

One Hen Program Results • 100% of students felt confident they could succeed as entrepreneurs • 92% of students could compare the economies of the US and Ghana • 70% of students could use the financial terms “cost, profit, and revenue” accurately

Inspiring Global Citizenship & Giving Back • On average, One Hen NHA schools raised $350 for various charities • Majority of students learned they can effect social change in the world • A third of students report having an expanded worldview, realizing that others are not as fortunate as them

21 What One Hen Classrooms Funded 21 Hazel’s shop in Philippines Estefani’s laundry biz in Colombia Athumani’s kiosk in Tanzania Local Needs: Food Banks, Eco-Projects School Foundations Health Care Community Aid

The broader movement: Impact in US of One Hen Academy Programs 2009 2013 6,000+ 100 kids resources used around the world: 17,000+ in 100+ countries $100,000+ in microloans and other giving

One Hen Academy in Action at Home  Students at Dever McCormack School in Dorchester fill out their business plans with E&Y professionals

…and Abroad  Students at Concordia International School of Shanghai marketing their One Hen products

26 ABC Video of Dover & Canton School Programs 26

27 What Hasn’t Changed Since Launch – Learning with Educators 27 “Consider making a powerpoint of how you make your product and market it. Share it with other schools on”

Scaling Thru Technology 28 How are we increasing our Impact? Scaling Through Networks of Educators Network- to - Network School-to- School Teacher-to- Teacher Student-to- Student …Around the globe Scaling thru Networks of Volunteers Peninsula Bridge

Good Luck Growing Good!

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