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Published on March 19, 2014

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One Earth is a direct sales company that sells unique products from around the world.
Our mission is to change the lives of people in an environmentally friendly and ethically positive fashion around the earth by sharing and showcasing amazing products and services to each other.
We believe we all share One Earth.

Our Morocco Collection Connecting It’s About

ONE1EARTH.COM 2 Our Mission: To change the lives of people around the earth in an environmentally friendly and ethically positive fashion by sharing and showcasing amazing products to each other. We believe that we all share One Earth. It is with gratitude that we welcome you to One Earth. One Earth is the product of finding your passion and following it. We believe together we can make change. We invite you to explore and embrace our launch spotlight country, the Kingdom of Morocco. Enjoy a piece of Moroccan culture, learn what you can about their lives, share it with your family and friends, purchase some ethically produced items & get to know us. We look forward to bringing you more high quality, ethically produced products from other countries. Thank you for being part of change & for joining us. Mal & Terri-Lynn, Co-Founders Co-founders Mal Woodhouse, Terri-Lynn Woodhouse & Our Director of Moroccan Operations Mohammed Bahadou

leather tannery, fez woven art, fez leather art, marrakech Boots & Shoes, marrakech poufs, marrakech Kaftas, Marrakech the process It’s About

WWW.ONE1EARTH.COM 4 THEY SAY THAT NO OUTFIT IS COMPLETE UNTIL IT IS ACCESSORIZED WITH PRETTY PIECES THAT ALLOW THE WEARER TO SHOWCASE THEIR INDIVIDUALITY AS WELL AS THEIR SPIRIT. Our Jewellery Pieces are handcrafted in the Medinas in the ancient city of Marrakech. Our fabric pieces use vibrant colours and are made using coloured twine and thread. Each is very unique with a bit of the Artisans flair included. The threads are hand dyed using traditional methods which includes using vegetables, teas and herbs to gain the brilliant colours you see without the use of chemicals. Each detail is hand crafted with a little bit of love from Morocco. Our Jewellery Collection is a true collaboration between cultures. One Earth is a Canadian Company, our Artisans are Moroccan - together we have created some beautiful and one of a kind pieces. Each one tells a story before it arrived to your door, it will also have a very unique story as part of your collection. Enjoy your handcrafted pieces. Diversity Bracelet- 29.95 each hamsa tassels- 19.95 each or 2 for 35.95 Jewellery 8” long

ONE1EARTH.COM 5 THE HAMSA IS A PROTECTIVE SIGN. IT IS SAID TO BRING ITS OWNER HAPPINESS, LUCK, HEALTH, JOY & GOOD FORTUNE. THE HAMSA SYMBOL USED IN MANY OF OUR JEWELLERY PIECES IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF MOROCCAN CULTURE. Our Hamsa Earrings are made by hand in the Medina in Marrakech. The beads used are light purple and the accents are silver in colour. They truly brighten up any outfit with both style and tradition. Our Twist Bracelet is the picture of subtle charm. Its strands can be worn flat in a band formation, as shown or ‘twisted’ to form a thinner, tighter band to vary the look. twist bracelet- 29.95 each hamsa earrings- 19.95

ONE1EARTH.COM 6 WE BELIEVE THAT THE SPARKLE OF THE STONE CATCHES THE SPARKLE IN YOUR EYE. A GREAT PAIR OF EARRINGS DOES THAT. It is hard to decide which pair we like better. We ask you the age old question- do you prefer pink or purple? Our Sparkle in Pink & Sparkle in Purple Earrings are sure to be the hit of the season. Whether you are out on the town in an evening gown or catching a movie in jeans, these earrings will brighten your look. Handcrafted in the Medina in Marrakech these earrings are the perfect blend of sparkle, shine & sophistication. sparkle in purple earrings- 22.95 sparkle in pink earrings- 22.95

ONE1EARTH.COM 7 RIBBON IS THE PERFECT CANVAS TO DESIGN A BRACELET Whether you prefer the fun and colourful pink or the sophisticated black both are stunning! Adorned with two Hamsa symbols and many silver beads our Hamsa bracelets are an Artisans dream. Each fits any size wrist as the band size is changeable. SIMPLICITY IS MORE THAN A WORD, IT’S AN ATTITUDE YOU BRING TO LIFE Our Simplicity bracelet set is perfect to wear as a set or divide into special friendship gifts. Each strand is lovingly strung with black sparkly beads and three gold coloured Hamsas. Each strand stretches to fit a variety of wrist sizes. hamsa bracelet- 29.95 each simplicity bracelet set (of 3) 19.95

ONE1EARTH.COM 8 Starting your own One Earth Business is about helping you and your family all while helping others around the world. We offer: Up to 30% in Commissions A preferred discount rate on One Earth Merchandise Ongoing support, systems & processes Start Up and Ongoing training packages designed for your success & growth Unlimited potential for growth including a career path Flexible working hours Recognition, exciting incentives & rewards Join Us, Be Part of Change your dreams It’s About Starter Kit - $149

ONE1EARTH.COM 9 OUR LEATHER GOODS ARE PRODUCED EACH AND EVERY STEP OF THE WAY BY HAND, USING TRADITIONAL METHODS All of our leather items begin in Fez, Morocco at a Leather Tannery. In Fez, our leather is prepared, softened and dyed the old fashioned way-without chemicals. The hides are cleaned several times using a water wheel and limestone, they are then softened, dyed and dried under the Moroccan sun. The dyes used are chemical free. Vegetable roots, teas & herbs are used to reach these vibrant colours. After being dyed and softened the leather used for our Casablanca Flats is hand embossed with the amazing patterns pictured. Our Marrakech flats are hand stamped to cut out the most delicate of patterns. casablanca flats- 44.95 marrakech flats- 44.95 Leather Goods

ONE1EARTH.COM 10 OUR LEATHER SHOES ARE WORKS OF ART Once the leather is ready to be used our Artisans make by hand each pair of our shoes. You will see on the bottom of each pair an embossed stamp to signify that they were made in Morocco. Our shoe selection is unique, high quality and comfortable. The colour, patterns and styles will get you compliments. The comfort factor will make you smile. The fact that you wear them, knowing they were produced ethically is amazing. Experience the pride of supporting ethically produced, hand made, products - that are beautiful. ankle wraps- 44.95 desert flats- 44.95

ONE1EARTH.COM 11 TRULY, TIARAS FOR YOUR FEET! LOVINGLY HAND STITCHED GLITZY SLIPPERS WITH STUNNING SEQUIN & BEADED DETAIL. Our entire selection of Babouche slippers are made for us by very talented Artisans located in the Medina in Marrakech. We work with family-run workshops to bring you these beauties. Each is hand made, as a result the stitching, sequin or bead detail & colour may vary slightly. They are made of 100% sheepskin and are for indoor use only. Available in a beautiful array of colours; brown, dark pink, dark purple, silver, light pink, light purple, white and blue. Ladies sizes are Small- 38/39 cm, Medium- 40 cm, Large- 41/42 cm & XL- 46 cm ladies babouche slippers- 29.95

ONE1EARTH.COM 12 A FAMILY THAT WEARS SLIPPERS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER Our selection of slippers for the little people in your life make the perfect gift and are the right conversation starter about Moroccan life and the ethical production of goods. As comfortable & warm as they are beautiful and stately. The stitching, sequin or bead detail & colour may vary slightly as each pair is hand crafted. They are made of 100% sheepskin and are for indoor use only. Recommended sizing for little boys & little girls are: small- ages 1-3, medium- ages 3-5, large ages 5 & 6. Girls colour choices are: dark or light pink, dark or light purple and blue. Boys colour choices are: red, black, brown, green & blue. Our Mens Slippers are for indoor or outdoor use in either brown or black. boys babouche slippers- 24.95 mens slippers- 34.95 girls babouche slippers- 24.95 Mens Sizing: small- 38 cm med- 40 cm lge- 42-44 cm x-large- 48-50 cm

The Dainty Bag the dainty bag- 169.95 grab & go Bag- 69.95 leather & Lace Bag- 89.95 big city bag- 199.95 w9.5 h11 d10 w9 h11.5 d6 w17 h22 d10.5 w13.5 h12 d18

ONE1EARTH.COM 14 OUR SELECTION OF LEATHER BAGS ARE IRRESISTIBLE TO THOSE OF US WITH A PASSION FOR EXQUISITE CRAFTSMANSHIP AND AN EYE FOR DETAIL Handcrafted from the finest quality leather our designs include cross body bags, messenger bags, satchel bags & travel bags. We work with our highly skilled artisans to create our collection using natural, organically tanned and hand- finished leathers. The beauty of superior quality leather bags is that the leather becomes more supple and develops more character and patina with age and wear. Bags to be loved! Because we use natural hand produced leather without the use of chemicals you may see markings that have occurred naturally in the hide, these make up part of the character of the bag. Our Berber Boots are a mix of old & new. Hand woven material worked into leather equals comfort & love. The Boho Bag boho bag- 199.95 berber boots berber weave boots- 169.95berber upscale boots- 169.95 w15 h16 d16 w15 (round) h10 w15 (round) h10

See The Earth Satchel see the earth satchel- 199.95 see the earth satchel- 199.95 see the earth satchel- 199.95 w15 h20 d20 w15 h20 d20 w15 h20 d20

ONE1EARTH.COM 16 WHEN YOU THINK MOROCCO EITHER MINT TEA OR POUFS COME TO MIND. We love our selection of poufs for a few reasons: 1) they appeal to everyone, 2) they dazzle up any room inside or outside your home, 3) they are perfect for hidden storage and 4) versatility, they can be a table, a chair or a pretty accent in any room. Our leather poufs are handmade of the finest hand finished leathers in Morocco. The stitching detail is pretty & pronounced. Leather Poufs are available in black, white or light purple. We are proud to also carry a collection of vegan friendly poufs. Our silver & light pink poufs are both vegan friendly and as elegant or funky as you would like. Our poufs come traditionally, unstuffed! They are very easy to stuff and can be used as a memory chest of baby clothes and blankets as they often do in Morocco or with spare towels, old clothes or really anything. Visit our website or ask your Consultant for tips to stuff your pouf. leather pouf- 149.95 leather pouf- 149.95 vegan friendly pouf- 149.95 vegan friendly pouf- 149.95 w20 h12 w20 h12

WWW.ONE1EARTH.COM 17 WE LOVE FUNCTIONALITY SO WE DISGUISE BASKETS IN BEAUTY... Our selection of handwoven baskets is growing because we love them so much! Whether you use them as a purse, an overnight bag or a splendid holder of children's toys or extra blankets or firewood in your home. Our Everything Baskets are handwoven and hand sequined in the villages just outside Marrakech. Each is adorned with dark brown leather accents. The handles can easily be worn over your shoulder or used as a hand bag. Our new Love Basket is available with either pink wool accents (as shown) or mint green. Each basket is hand woven, a silk overlay is placed over the entire basket, finally the artisan uses hand dyed wool and sequins to exquisitely finish your piece of art. Just like our Everything Baskets, our Love Baskets are adorned with dark brown leather accents. The handles can easily be worn over your shoulder or used as a hand bag. everything basket- 64.95 love basket- 74.95 Baskets & suchw18 h10 d10 w18 h10 d10

ONE1EARTH.COM 18 NATURAL BEAUTY ALWAYS SHINES THROUGH Our Natural Baskets are the hottest item in not only home decorating but as shopping baskets. Our Natural Baskets are adorned with beautiful dark brown leather accents with handles that are designed only to be used by hands not shoulders. natural basket- 54.95 w20 h14 d14

ONE1EARTH.COM 19 A GOOD SCARF CAN CAMOUFLAGE, A GREAT SCARF CAN MAKE YOUR DAY, AFTERNOON & EVE. Our Moroccan Silk Scarf is sophisticated with an earthy flair. Each is truly one of a kind as our artisans use only the finest hand coloured Moroccan silk threads making it near impossible for a perfect colour match. Our fall scarf is in recognition of our love of colour, versatility and diversity. Each is made using a foot powered loom, line by line by line in Fez, Morocco. Our Berber Scarves are made by hand in small Berber Villages close to the Sahara Desert. They are beautiful with generous sizing - they can be used for just about anything, ask your Consultant for ideas. Available in yellow, purple, pink & traditional blue, each is hand dipped & no two are alike. moroccan silk scarf- 44.95 berber scarf- 34.95 Scarves w22 h65 w30 h84

It’s About the people the cracked argan nut berber women cracking nuts the argan tree nadia & Terri-Lynn

ONE1EARTH.COM 21 body clay, red or green- 37.95 Spa Products black soap pot, orange blossom or eucalyptus- 34.95 Care Cream with argan OIl 37.95 Night Cream with argan OIl 37.95 Face Cream with rose extract 37.95 black soap squeeze bottle- 34.95 argan oil with essential oils 44.95 argan oil, natural 44.95 orange blossom or eucalyptus Argan Oil, Natural- 100 ml, Argan Oil w/ Essential Oils- 75 ml, Face Creams- 60 ml, Black Soap Pot- 240 ml (8 oz) Black Soap Squeeze- 240 ml (8 oz), Body Clay- 240 ml (8 oz), Bar Soap 100 g Hammam Set available for only $109.95 (Includes black soap, body clay, oil & kessa glove) *Black Soap products come with a kessa glove argan bar- 8.95 each or 4 pack, 32.95 rose, orange blossom, jasmine, musk, amber, arnica, eucalyptus, lemon, gardenia, lavender, vanilla & carrot argan oil with essential oils- 44.95, each Our Spa Products are all made by a Woman's Co-op in Morocco. These Co-ops help women gain valuable work skills, confidence and their own source of income. We are proud to work with Nadia & her team! Ask your Consultant about them!!

WWW.ONE1EARTH.COM 22 It’s About the tea oslo glasses- 19.95 merlin tea pot- 29.95 glass tea infuzer- 19.95

ONE1EARTH.COM 23 organic teas- prices vary Our Large Tea Pot holds up to 8 cups, our Medium Pot holds 4 cups & our Small Pot holds 2 cups. Our Tea Tray is 16 inches in diameter. Our Moroccan Tea Glasses come in a set of 6 and hold 4 oz. medium tea pot- 44.95 small tea pot- 24.95 large tea pot- 64.95 tea infuzer- 10.95 tea filters- 10.95 moroccan tea glasses(6)- 34.95 tea tray- 49.95 Tea set special- 134.95, includes large teapot, tea tray and moroccan or oslo tea glasses Tea Products MOROCCAN TEA GLASSES ARE SUCH AN ELEGANT PIECE TO EITHER DRINK FROM OR DECORATE WITH- WATCH FOR OUR MOROCCAN TEA GLASSES TO CHANGE- COLLECT THEM ALL.

ONE1EARTH.COM 24 OrganicTeas African Carnival Tea (Herbal Tea) embodies the smells & flavours of the African Festival Season. A must try with green rooibos, rose petals, mango, calendula, orange peels, apple & natural essences. 85 g $14.95 Red Chocolate (Herbal Tea) inviting & rich, the smell of chocolate greets you as you settle in for a cup of this comfortable tea. Rooibos, cacao nibs & natural essences are the only ingredients in this cuppa. 100 g $15.95 Cinnamon Matcha Latte (Green Tea) is a delicious blend of super healthy Matcha and sweet cinnamon powder, excellent any way, but we love it as a latte. 30 g $12.95 New

WWW.ONE1EARTH.COM 25 WE SAY KAFTA YOU SAY BBQ SKEWER Made by hand and measuring 17” tip to tip, you really can’t go wrong with introducing this traditionally Moroccan cooking staple into your home. Whether used for meat, shish-kabobs, fruit, vegetables or desserts these are a beautiful piece to add to your collection. They are hand crafted and hand painted, the handles are a beautiful combination of light and dark woods. HENNA CANDLE CUBES BRING SUCH A LOVELY GLOW TO YOUR SPACE The frames are bent into formation, the goat skins are stretched and dyed and finally the Artisan makes his mark on the canvas using henna as his paint. Each is adorned with a different set of symbols and vision - no two are alike and each stunning. Whether you use them to brighten up a space or place a tea light inside they will warm your room and heart. henna candle cubes- 34.95, each Moroccan BBQ Kaftas, set of 12- 44.95

WWW.ONE1EARTH.COM 26 We invite you to host a One Earth Party at your home or place of business or place of learning. You earn wonderful rewards including free products, 50% off items and can earn Host or Hostess Incentives. Talk to your Consultant or visit to learn more and book your party. You and your friends or colleagues will learn about the Moroccan Culture, the traditional methods used to hand craft our products, have Fun & More. the experience It’s About Consultant Contact Information We are proudly Canadian All prices in Canadian funds and do not include taxes. Prices may change without notice. All rights reserved. 1-888-552-2901 OE Head Office Due to the production method colours and styles may vary slightly.

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