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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: thomaslynch3979

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This presentation is about high tech innovation.

I originally thought I would be speaking about innovation in Asia, but after the presentation was finished it was clear that this applies anywhere.

(*) the 'teacher' on page 41 is chopped out of a cartoon by Paul Taylor and modified a bit. The opening is a video on powers of ten, but it does not come through on this site. Slide 55 is an out-take of a video on cognitive education, well worth watching, see http://live.wsj.com/video/teaching-math-to-spark-creative-thinking/AC03BCF2-3298-4801-80E6-78A6EE76E57C.html#!AC03BCF2-3298-4801-80E6-78A6EE76E57C

Innovation In Asia Thomas Lynch CEO/founder Reasoning Technology Presented at NTU 2013-12-20 Thomas.Lynch@reasoningtechnology.com www.thomaswlynch.com

Innovation In Asia Thomas Lynch CEO/founder Reasoning Technology Presented at NTU 2013-12-20 Thomas.Lynch@reasoningtechnology.com www.thomaswlynch.com

About Mr. Lynch ● Participated in the design of a dozen microprocessors variously as individual designer, tools developer, manager, and architect, [ including the Am29000 (test), 29050 (12 instructions, fp support), Sonic (clock and smart card interface), Am187 (device library analysis), Am486, K5 (t-func develop, tech management), K6 (fp test platform), K7 (fp and tech management), a PIC variation, Neptune, Chromatic FP, Quicksilver radio node (entire processor architecture, logic design, and tools) ].

About Mr. Lynch ● I've had a consulting practice since 1996 where I have worked with the startups Quicksilver Technologies and NetEffect. Developed microcode for Chromatic Computers. Created intellectual property for startups and for Intellectual Ventures. Created business plans including for Enreagle and 21st Century Telephone. I proposed smart phone technology in the 90s, and social media technology in the early 2000s.

About Mr. Lynch ● 29 issued patents in the U.S. with a number of related international filings, and a similar number of active applications. These area of: computer security; digital rights management; social media (relationship rings); high performance computing architecture, logic, circuits, and packaging; user interface, and telecommunications.

Current Projects ● ● ● Reasoning Technology – a new intuitive way to apply theorem proving to arguments in law. New Memory Architecture ● Implications to databases (developing db) ● Implications to processor architecture Computer Security ● A better way to limit viruses and other OS security threats ● New Media Compression Algorithm ● New Discrete Optimization Algorithm

What Is Innovation? Invention Ingenuity Creativity

An innovation is simply something new and not seen before. A good innovation is something that improves people's lives or pleases them. We are going to talk about profitable innovations, i.e. those make the innovator money.

Companies which survive in the fashion industry innovate profitably most every season. Famous artists of all ilks are often known by their innovations. Innovations are rare in religions and the practice of ancient arts. In this talk we focus on innovations that affect the profitability of technology companies.

Tech Sector Innovation Business Processes (Productivity) Manufacturing Product Design Product Attractiveness Product Ordering and Distribution

Where Art/Fashion Fits In Making the product and/or packaging appear more attractive or pleasing to the buyer. In simulating the company's vision for the future (capturing the dream for everyone to see). In marketing communications, including website design and advertising material.

The Magnitude of Innovation Disruptive Innovation – creates new a new market typically one which displace old ones. Surprising Innovation – takes competitors by surprise, captures most of the existing market, may be so interesting as to expands the existing market. Sustaining Innovation – makes a company more competitive while leaving the distribution structure and market in tact.

Why We Innovate Market Share Productivity New Markets

Buckminster Fuller: 'Technology enables us to have more with less.'

Roger's 'Diffusion of Ideas'

revenue 0 First to Market Everyone Else

Disruptive Innovators are First To Market make the most money the earliest define the product under its company name creates the brands establishes the intellectual property (others must license) Disruptive Innovators Rule!

total revenue drops as price falls through floor and/or customers find a new product/version revenue Disruptive Innovator Price and Margins (commodity) Player Sustaining Innovator time

Disruptive Innovation Companies Typically Don't emphasize on Keeping Costs Minimum, but rather they emphasize getting a product out. Sustaining Innovation Companies are Typically Very Good at Making Improvements At Somewhat Lower Cost Commodity Companies Have Very Low Costs and Margins. Features will be Old Hat. If the Revenue curve levels off then these companies make revenue for a long time

Continuous Surprising Innovation revenue time

Continuous Surprising Innovation Carries Customers to Better New Models Requires a Vision with a Technology Road Map that remains confidential, or that the competition cannot follow along. Sustaining Innovator Can turn into a Surprising Innovator, mitigated by intellectual property.

What We Should Invent Things that make profit Things that replace expensive imports (not inexpensive ones) Of apples and shirts ..

About Innovators and Startups Risk Work Payoff

Would You Hire This Person For Your Startup? As a young boy his teacher said he was: “too stupid to learn anything.” As a teenager he burned down the family barn. He was publicly whipped for it. He would later start a fire on a train. He said both were accidents. He was dismissed from his first two jobs for being unproductive. He often failed and admitted it. [http://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/celebs-who-went-from-failures-to-success-stories/6/ misc.]

Thomas Edison: “I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

Carl Bass CEO Autodesk: “Innovation is about taking risks and breaking the rules.”

Steve Jobs CEO Apple: “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Fact: One of our ten startups succeed.

Chad Oliver: “In any aborigine group there will be a headman. The group will typically Periodically meet and form a circle to discussion issues. However, there will invariably Be one guy who sits to the side doing something else. The rules just don't apply to him.”

Charles Goodyear Sold the furniture from his house and put his family in boarding so that he could work on vulcanizing rubber in a laboratory in an attic for five years. One of his children became sick and died, perhaps as a result.

Traits of Innovators – Work on things they think are interesting or deem important while being oblivious to everything else. ● ● ● ● Ignore rules Ignore risks Go without pay Incredibly persistent – Fail often. – Well educated if for no other reason then constantly working and researching. – Are creative.

The Culture of Innovators is a Frontier Culture Frontier People accompany strangers to a place they have never been and work with others, without pay, to build a legacy because they care about their families and friends.

Working Class Values God Job Avoid Risks Family First

Educated for Working in the Factory – School looks like factory with students lined up in nice patterns and teacher inserting parts. Emphasis on Following the Rules and Conforming (as all machine parts must) Teacher as Authority Figure – Students disciplined for not staying on curriculum – – (not to be confused with Confucian system of civil service exams)

When I was in second grade, I invented a new way to subtract numbers. Instead of subtracting I “added the difference from 10 and throw away the carry”. 51 -27 -------- ==> 51 +73 ------24 I explained it was better because you only had to know differences from 10, and didn't have to learn a new algorithm. It differed from the curriculum she had taught for years, and though I consistently got the right answer she didn't understand how that could be. Confustion then changed to anger. My teacher became very upset! I was punished.

● Think about your family. ● Get a real job with a big stable firm. ● Don't ask too many questions. ● ● If you are not getting paid for your work you're being robbed. Fight to win. (view most group work situations as competitive not co-operative).

Working Class Values is a Military Culture Conformity and following rules is important for the functioning of the system. By following well designed orders from those who have earned positions of respect we all survive.

Culture Clash God Job Avoid Risks Family First

Work for a big company Work for a no-name startup with 9/10 chance to fail Don't ask questions Brainstorm and Dream Follow Directions There are no directions, it hasn't been done before Don't break the rules Break the rules Play it safe Don't let the boss rob you by not paying for your work Comfort and safety Take risks Work because you love the topic and hope equity will pay later (chances are 1/10) Roller coaster ride

Ideas Easy to Kill ● Ideas are sand castles any one can shoot one down. -example of the UWI sign proposal

Innovators Lose in Turf Battles ● ● ● Ideas are easy to shoot down, so the innovator can show no value. Innovation proposals are always further out in the future. Innovation progress is not measurable.

Phases of a Company mature

Not the ideal, but perhaps too often the case: ● ● ● ● Seed Stage – Innovators slave for free, management is nil Growth Stage – Innovators applauded, management concentrates on marketing the tech IPO stage – Innovators may not fit in with new management as it becomes a 'conventional company' Mature stage – Managers are the top of their class in business school, they know their business and want to beat the competitors, disruptive innovators represent risk and a threat to their own jobs

Current Programs God Job Avoid Risks Family First

In Taiwan – – – – – – – 163 Colleges and Universities 98 have innovation incubators 11 corporate funded incubators Many R&D achievements fed into industry Familiar with building cities were there were none (frontier mentality) Strong SME presence Government policy support, Industry Technology Research Institute, APEC Center for Technology Exchange and Training, Small Medium Enterprise Administration *University-Industry Business Incubators, Wang, Hung & Wang, Open Journal of Business and Management

Incubators US and International There are many .. http://blog.launch.co/blog/ complete-list-of-incubators-and-accelerators-like-y-combinat.html

Inno Grant Program at EPFL Switzerland – seeding startups – – – – Offers professors $150,000 to make their research commercially viable Feeds these results into incubator building next door to the university Incubator matches up Swiss companies with research projects Modeled on the MIT Despande Center Incubator grants for commercialization of research

Google 20% rule ● ● Google employees were allowed to work one day a week on independent projects, which resulted in such things as gmail. The program has now been cut back.

Lower Grade Education Changes

Proposed Programs God Job Avoid Risks Family First

University 'Do' Classes ● Students contribute to free software projects for class credit – like the old Berkeley model. – – – – NTU language compilers NTU database code NTU linux version NTU ray tracer

University Interdisciplinary Courses – Business school Law school – CS – together to do projects

● ● Industry Guest Lectures – Industry guy prepares a lecture on a subject he works on and gives it to a class Industry Guest teaches class or assists in lab class

● Teach Brainstorming as a class at the University level – counters the 'think too much' effect

● Professors visit perhaps teach on days in lower school classes, often enough to know the students and their talents – counters the 'teacher authoritarian' and 'suppressed talented student' effects.

● Greater awareness of social bullying – counters the 'kick the sand castle' effect.

● Participants in the incubator are working for the sponsoring industry in name until the incubated company takes off, or if it fails, the person goes to work for the company proper – Gives the employee credibility with the parents – Gives the employee a landing pad in case the incubated company doesn't make it.

● More contract request work for designs, programs, etc. – a website market place for placing and buying contracts. Allows small businesses to thrive.

● Website market place for patents where the patent license is standardized – that way buyers can 'pick-and-use' immediately.


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